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Chapter One: The New Girl

Olette: "And this is the cafeteria... Hope you like Twilight Academy!"

Lexi: "Thanks, Olette."

Olette: "Don't mention it. Now let's grab something to eat, I'm starving!"

Olette is holding her stomach. She and Lexi grab their lunches. On the way to an empty table they bump into Kairi, Sora, and Riku.

Olette: "Hi, guys!"

Kairi: "Hey, Olette. Who's that behind you?"

Lexi: "Oh! I'm Lexi."

Riku: "Well, nice to meet you. I'm Riku. This is Kairi..."

Kairi: "Nice to meet you, too."

Sora: "Oh. Sorry, my name is Sora."

Lexi: "Do I know you, Sora?"

Lexi looks into his eyes.

Sora: "Huh? I don't think so..."

Lexi: "My bad, my mistake."

Kairi: "Let's go sit down."

They all sat together and soon Namine and Roxas show up.

Namine: "Kairi, I've been looking everywhere for you!"

Roxas: "Riku, the coach is going to get mad if you don't show up for practice!"

Riku: "Well, my French fries will have to wait. Let's go, Roxas!"

Riku and Roxas run off down the hall.

Namine: "Kairi, we have cheerleading try-outs. Come on."

Kairi: "I forgot... Sora, will you come and watch?"

Sora: "Can I finish my food first?"

Kairi: "I guess. But when you finish you'll come, right?"

Namine: "Kairi! Less talking, more running!"

Kairi: "Come, okay? Sora... promise me?"

Sora: "Promise."

Kairi gives him a kiss on the lips.

Olette: "Aww, so cute!"

Namine and Kairi start running.

Olette: "I'm going with you guys! Bye Lexi, bye Sora! Wait for me!"

Olette runs off after them.

Lexi: "You and Kairi are so cute together!"

Sora: "Not you, too!"

Lexi: "I'm just trying to make you blush."

Lexi and Sora start laughing.

Sora: "So, you think you've seen me before?"

Lexi: "I guess, but not in person, in a dream..."

Sora: "I see. I think I've seen you, too. In a dream..."

Lexi: "Wow. This is strange and confusing. How..."

Sora can feel a deep connection between Lexi and himself, like with Kairi, but the feeling between Lexi and himself is more powerful. They both look deep into eachother's eyes and somehow they both black out. They begin to enter the realm of darkness.


Sora sees Lexi laying on the ground. She looks like she has fainted.

Sora: "Lexi? Lexi!"

Unknown: "Sora? Sora? Where are you, Sora?"

The voice sounds like that of a child. There is a flashback where he can see a little girl calling for him. The girl seems to be about four years old and so is he. They are at the island in their secret place.

Girl: "I don't wanna leave Destiny Islands without saying good-bye. Sora?"

She walks into the small cave, looking scared.

Young Sora: "Boo! HAHAHA! Got you!"

Girl: "Th-th-that wasn't funny! You know I'm scared of being alone in here!"

She starts to cry. Young Sora walks over and hugs the girl. The girl hugs him back.

Young Sora: "I'm sorry, Lexi..."


Sora widens his eyes. They are still at the realm of darkness but the flashback has ended.

Sora: "That girl was Lexi?"

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