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Chapter One: Summer Should Never End

"Excuse me..." a blonde girl said as she was inside her school. She was in a crowd of students and she was trying to ask if they could lead her to her first class. "Could you..." another student ignored her. The bell had rung and all the students started for the elevator, stairs or down halls, leaving the girl in the middle of the hallway, clueless and looking very stupid. She started wandering down a hall.

'Why me? Why a new school? I was doing just fine at my old school!' she said to herself as she continued down a hall, this time, this one had windows, so the bright sunlight made her figure look like it was brighter than bright almost. The heat from the sun, which had it's reflection glow through the window for a while, warmed up her body as she walked through the bright colored squares on the floor, which made the floor appear brighter.

The blonde haired girl was walking down the hallway when suddenly she was pushed to the ground. Her stuff fell from her hands and she started tumbling a little ways away from all her items. "Hey! Watch where you going! You shouldn't be running in the hallways!" she yelled at who had knock her down, which was a boy with dirty, spiky blonde hair.

"Well, you shouldn't be going so slow!" he retorted.

The blonde haired girl felt anger running through her body. She wanted to yell something at the boy as they both started picking up their stuff. They had the exact same books so it was hard to tell whose was whose. They started reaching for one book and their hands touched. They both retracted their hands. "So, what's your name?" the boy asked as he looked through the History book that they were both reaching for.

"N-Naminé," the girl said. "My name's Naminé." she replied as the boy with dirty blonde haired tossed the History book over to her and got the other History book which was a little ways to his right.

"Naminé? That's an interesting name." he said. "I've never seen you around here before." the boy replied.

"That's because I'm new." Naminé retorted.

"Well, Naminé, my name's Roxas." he said.

"Nice to meet you," Naminé said as she and Roxas both stood up, looked at each other, and shook hands. 'His grip is so firm, ' Naminé thought. "Erm, I guess I should be finding my way around." Naminé started saying as she looked around the halls.

"What's your first class?" Roxas asked.

"It's Math with..." Naminé started to say as Roxas looked over her shoulder at her schedule.

"I know where that room is. That's why I was running down the hall." Roxas said over her shoulder, a hand behind his head. He was blushing, but slightly. "I could show you, if you like." he added, still in the same position.

"Okay, sure!" Naminé said. She was turning a really bright pink.

The two students started walking down the hall. It took a few minutes because they were walking slow and talking. "So, how long have you lived here in Twilight Town?" Naminé asked Roxas.

"Pretty much my whole life." Roxas replied. "Where did you live before you moved here?" Roxas asked her.

"Well, I remember living her as a little girl. But then, for some reason, my parents and I moved away. Then my mom died, so me and my dad moved back." Naminé replied.

"Oh, sorry I asked." Roxas said apologetically.

"It's okay, you didn't know." Naminé said. She was now looking down at the ground. A few moments later the bell rang. First hour was over. "I guess I'll never know what I missed during first hour!" Naminé laughed softly.

"What's your next class?" Roxas asked.

"Social Studies." Naminé replied.

Roxas took a look at her schedule. "We have the same schedule. So maybe I could give you a tour for the day?" Roxas said to her.

"Oh," Naminé said, feeling her face warm up and turn different shades of pink and red.

"If it's all right with you!" Roxas said immediately.

"Oh, no! I didn't mean that in a bad way, I just meant that... Er, well, I don't know WHAT I meant, actually." the blonde girl sighed. "Anway, that would be nice." Naminé replied as they both stopped walking.

"All right, c'mon." Roxas said.


Soon, the two arrived in the Social Studies class, merely five seconds before the bell rang. They found seats near the back and sat next to each other. While the teacher was taking role call, an auburn haired girl and two brunettes, one with short hair and one with her hair tied into braids, and a brunette haired boy, a boy with black hair, and a blonde all looked at them.

"So, Roxas, why weren't you in first hour?" the brunette with her hair in braids asked.

"And who's your friend?" the blonde haired boy asked.

"HAYNER!" the brunette with her hair tied in braids hissed.

"Kairi?" the teacher called.

"Here!" the auburn haired girl replied.

"My name's..." Naminé started.

"Naminé?" the teacher called her name.

"Here!" Naminé replied.

"Oh, Naminé, you're new aren't you?" the teacher said. Naminé stood up and nodded. "Why don't you come up here and tell us about yourself after I finish taking attendance." the teacher said. Naminé nodded and sat back down.

"I like that name, Naminé." Kairi said as she stared off into space.

"Kairi?" the spiky, brown haired boy said.

"Sora?" the teacher called.

"Here!" he replied.

"Sorry, Kairi doesn't always stare off like this," the brunette with short hair replied.

"It's okay," Naminé said.


Attendance was over and Naminé started down the row of desks where she knew her new friends were staring at her, and so were all the other students. She heard whispers and giggles and felt like she was being watched like a hawk. When she reached the front of the class, the teacher stopped typing and looked at her with a smile. "Okay, sweetie, why don't you tell us just some simple things about yourself." she said.

"Okay, I guess." Naminé said. She stared at the class and her eye caught Roxas'. She felt her palms sweat but didn't pay attention to it. She started looking at all the other students.

"M-My name's Naminé. I grew up here when I was little, and then I moved to Hallow Bastion, now Radiant Garden." Naminé started. "M-My mother died when I was 8 and living in Radiant Garden, leaving me and my father alone with my grandmother while my dad got over the loss. The two of us moved back here recently." Naminé said. She noticed her hands were clasped in front of her. Then she took in a deep sigh. She looked over to the back corner and saw Roxas.

"Anyway," Naminé added, a smile coming across her face. "I, myself, have gotten over the loss of my mother with the help of counseling and keeping notes and thoughts in my diary. I'm not telling you anything other than I call her Daisy. It's like the name of my inner conscience. My mom gave 'Daisy' her name." she added. "..." Silence came from her. It was quiet in the room.

The teacher broke in. "Oh, well now, sweetie, why don't you tell us some of your hobbies?" the teacher said.

"My hobbies? Um, I like to draw," Naminé said.

"What kind of things?" Kairi asked.

"Pretty much anything." Naminé replied.


Right after Naminé had answered Sora's question, the bell had rang. Kairi and Selphie brought her stuff over to her. "I'd like to get to know you a little better, Naminé," Kairi said to the blonde as the group started walking down the hall to their next class. "So, maybe we could all hang out at the Market Place later?" Kairi said.

"Sure, that'd be fun!" Naminé said as they arrived in the English classroom.


School ended at 3 o'clock that day. And thank goodness! Naminé was beat and she had a lot of homework. 'Why do we have to get soooo much homework?' she asked herself as she lay on her bed in her mansion in Twilight Town. Then she stood up. 'ICK! I don't wanna wear this thing for the rest of the day!' she said to herself as she looked at herself in her full-length mirror. So, Naminé got dressed in a white dress with straps, and sky blue sandals. "Better. Much better!" she said as she started posing in her 'out-of-school' ensemble.

The doorbell rang and Naminé quickly rushed downstairs to see who it was. 'Who could it be?' she wondered.


Naminé was at the Market Place laughing and talking and walking and looking through store windows. "Wow! It's been soo long, I forgot where everything is!" Naminé said as she stared around the Market Place.

"I'd be happy to help you remember where everything is," Roxas said.

Naminé was looking around. She was happy she was back at her old home. Unfortunatley, her father was hardly ever home.

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