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Chapter One: Welcome To Destiny Islands

"Are we there yet?" asked Raine, she was growing impatient. For five hours she had been sitting in the car with her mom, dad, and her older sister Hazel. Every one ignored her as usual. No one listened to the emo girl anymore. She sighed and turned up the volume on her iPod. Her family had moved to Traverse Town for her dad's new job. Since there was no public school in the town, Hazel and Raine would be going to a boarding school that was on Destiny Islands.

"Perfect." thought Raine, "A huge school filled with people who already know each other and I'll just sit back and watch them live their happy lives. Hazel will be popular, as usual, and will fail to speak of my existence."

"Alright," said her dad. "We're here!"

"FINALLY!" yelled Raine. She looked around, "Ummm, where are we exactly?"

"The islands are over across the water." said Hazel in a know-it-all voice.

"Sorry if I can't comprehend your intricate wisdom." said Raine, sticking her tongue out and flipping her bangs out of her face, they just went back as always. Raine had black hair with purple streaks at the ends where her bangs met her face. She was pretty and had a nice figure which she hid under baggy clothes and sweatshirts. She had the most piercing blue eyes in the world.

"Why can't you two get along?" asked their mother.

"She's been impossible ever since..."

"HAZEL!" they yelled in unison, "You know you're not suppose to talk about it!" yelled her dad. Raine looked out the window so they couldn't see the tears that were swelling up in her eyes.

While they waited for the ferry they sat in silence. Raine thought about that day five years ago, when she failed to save her brother. Finally the car loaded onto the ferry. Raine jumped out and leaned over the edge of the boat, looking out at the water. She looked as if she was in a trance.

Suddenly someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned and saw a group of people stand behind her. The person who tapped her shoulder was a boy about her age with long silver hair and aqua eyes. Behind him was a boy with spiky brown hair and a boy with gravity defying blonde hair. "Hi, I'm Riku," said the boy who had tapped her. "That's Sora and Roxas. We just talked to your sister and she said you're coming to the boarding school."

"Oh, my name's Raine." she said turning back to the water.

"We were thinking that maybe we could show you around, since your new and all, and maybe you could hang with us and our friends." said Sora.

"Uhhh, I don't know." whispered Raine. "I need to get all of my stuff to my dorm, so maybe after."

"Ok, that'd be great! When we get to the school we'll figure out a place to meet!"

"Whoa, he's a little hyper..." thought Raine.

"Oh, here come Kairi and Namine." said Roxas. It was the first time he actually spoke up.

Raine looked behind her and saw two girls. One girl had shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes, the other had redish colored hair and violet eyes. "Raine, that's Kairi and Namine. Kairi and Namine, this is Raine."

"Hi, nice to meet you." said Namine. Raine smiled a little bit and returned her gaze to the water.

After a long silence Kairi spoke up. "So, Raine, where are you from?"

"Hollow Bastion."

"That's pretty far."

"Don't remind me. I had to spend five hours crammed in a car with my sister and only an iPod to drown out her voice." she sighed. "On top of that, I had to leave my best friend behind, lost my favorite necklace somewhere, and forgot to visit my brothers gra-" she paused. "Nevermind."

"Look! We're almost at the islands!" yelled Sora.

Whoopdey-friekkin-do! thought Raine. Well, Destiny Islands, whatever you've got in store for me, bring it on!

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