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Chapter Nine

Friday had arrived much too fast. Outside it was pouring down rain. It was dark, cloudy and it was very loud because of the thunder and the lightening. It was around 4:30 p.m. and Naminé was in her room reading a book when there was a knock on her door. Roxas wasn’t in the room to answer it because he was with the guys, so Naminé got up and opened the door to find all of her friends in the hallway, dripping wet and shivering. They were holding a clothes hook with a black plastic bag covering Naminé’s costume for the dance.

“No way.” Naminé said.

“Oh, yes. C’mon Naminé, the clothes that you have so do not go with this is beautiful mask.” Jamie said as she and the others came in. She held a white sequined mask up to her face.

“Still, I don’t think I want to go. After all, I still don’t like dances.” Naminé said.

“C’mon, Naminé, that was one time!” Kairi said.

Then Naminé had a flashback about what happened at the Welcome Back to School Dance. “Oh yeah, I remember that.” Selphie laughed. Naminé glared at Selphie. “Sorry.” Selphie quickly stopped laughing.

“Well, I’m still not going.” Naminé said.

“All right, you don’t have to go, but then I guess you’re going to have to sit in this cold room and listen to Roxas say how great it was to dance with Georgia.” Olette said, trying to trick Naminé.

“Let’s get ready.” Naminé said as she sat down her book, gathered the clothes she was going to wear, and went into the bathroom.


At the dance the boys were waiting for their friends. “What’s taking them so long?” Hayner asked as he fixed the mask he was wearing over his face. “And why did the homecoming dance have to be a Masquerade Dance?” he added, agitated with his mask.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be here.” Sora said.

Then the door to the gym opened and in walked three girls. One with red like hair who was dressed as an angel. She wore a pink dress and white wings with a tint of pink on the feathers, a pink mask covering her blue eyes. Next came a girl with brown hair tied into pigtails wearing an orange tank top, orange hip huggers and black shoes. She was wearing an orange mask and a microphone ear piece on her right ear. Next was a girl with short brown hair. She had a yellow mask on her face and was dressed like a princess. “Hi, guys.” the pink angel said.

“Hi, Kairi.” everyone except Sora responded. He just looked, wide eyed.

“Hi, Sora.” Kairi replied. He still just looked at her.

“Kairi?” Sora finally responded.

“Yep.” Kairi said.

“Hey, where’s Naminé?” Roxas asked.

“And Jamie.” Riku said.

“Don’t worry, they're coming… soon. Maybe.” Olette said.

Then the lights went out. “Ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to announce this year's homecoming King and Queen from all of the classes, Freshman to Seniors!” the Principal said. Everyone cheered. “But, as you all know, we also have a Prince and Princess to announce!” the Principal added. The students cheered again.


“And now, since I went in the wrong order…” The students laughed. “Our Junior Homecoming Queen is… Jamie!”

Then the gym doors opened again. Everyone turned their heads as Jamie entered. She was wearing a white sequined mask, like Naminé’s, a white gown with thin white straps, and high heeled sandals. Her brown hair was curled and she walked along the red carpet that led from the doorway to the stage. She was crowned. “Now, for our prince.” the Principal said. Then the spotlight shined down on Riku.

“Go!” Kairi, Olette and Selphie said as everyone pushed him to the stage. He joined Jamie and was crowned Homecoming King for the Juniors. Jamie stood and looked at him, smiling. The little tiara was glistening from the light of the spotlight.

“Now, for our Prince and Princess. Our Princess, Naminé, please come out.” the principal called.

The door opened and everyone turned. Naminé was wearing a white sequined mask, a white spaghetti strap sequined tank and a blue sequined skirt. Her sandals were the same as Jamie’s, except Naminé’s were blue.

“Whoa.” Roxas said.

Naminé was crowned, her tiara was similar to Jamie’s. “Her Prince…” the principal began.

Then there was an ear piercing scream. It came from Georgia. “I’m supposed to be the Princess! I’m always the Princess!” Georgia yelled.

“Uh-oh.” Kairi said.

Georgia ran up to the stage and yanked the crown from Naminé head, her hair got all messed up. Then Georgia crowned herself Princess. “Georgia, you better put that crown back on Naminé’s head!” Jamie yelled.

“Why should I listen to you? You shouldn’t even be Homecoming Queen!” Georgia said as she bumped Naminé back. Naminé fell and landed on her back.

Rikku, Paine and all of the other seniors wanted to go and punch Georgia but Yuna held them back. “Look.” Yuna whispered to them. They did. Naminé stood up.

“That doesn’t belong to you!” Jamie said fiercely.

“It does now.” Georgia said.

Jamie started walking over to Georgia from the right corner of the stage but Riku grabbed her arm. “Just wait.” he said.

Jamie took a step back and watched as Naminé slowly approach Georgia from behind. She tapped Georgia on her shoulder. “What do you want?” Georgia asked, her hair flung into Naminé’s face as she turned around.

“First of all, you can get a hair cut,” Naminé said, “Second, you can give me the tiara back, because you do not deserve it.” she added. All of the students started laughing and Georgia’s face turned red.

“Georgia, give the crown back to Naminé.” the principal said sternly, Georgia ignored her.

“Naminé! Naminé! Naminé!” Kairi started chanting. Then Selphie chimed in and finally Olette. Then the boys started chanting with them. Riku and Jamie followed, then the seniors, the other Homecoming Kings and Queens, and the rest of the students. Georgia started turning bright red in the face.

“You heard them.” Naminé said while the students chanted her name. “They want me, not you.”

“Fine, take the stupid thing. Who needs a dumb old tiara, anyways?” Georgia said. She threw the tiara to the floor and stomped off the stage. Naminé walked over to the tiara and picked it up. Some of the diamonds had fallen out when Georgia threw it but Naminé didn’t care, she put the tiara back on her head.

“This has been one of the weirdest Homecomings in Twilight High Academy’s history, but who cares? Our Homecoming Princess is Naminé. Now, our Prince is…. Well, you all should be excited for this. Roxas, Come on up!” the Principal said.


After Roxas was crowned Homecoming Prince for the Juniors, the Homecoming Royals shared a dance. Soon every couple joined in.

[Author's Note: We do this thing at my school, where every homecoming, the youngest grades have a Prince and Princess instead of Homecoming King and Queen, because the youngest grades are too young to worry about Homecoming King and Queen. So that’s where I got the idea.]

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