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Chapter Eight

A few weeks later, after all the excitement, Jamie became best friends with Naminé and the others.

“So, what was all that about them calling you ‘Princess’?” Olette askedm using air quotes around the word princess.

“Oh please, I know that you guys did some rumor research in the library.” Jamie said. “And I don’t blame you, I was intrigued when I studied that book, too.” Jamie said.

“So, are you Princess Ashlee?” Selphie asked in a soft talking voice so none of the other students would over hear.

“Apparently.” Jamie replied.

“So, what now? Do we start calling you Princess Ashlee? Ashlee? Or Jamie?” Sora asked.

“Well,” Jamie said and stopped in front of her new friends. They stopped, too. “Stick to calling me Jamie for now, at least until we can prove I’m Princess Ashlee.” Jamie replied.

“All Hail, Princess!” Naminé joked.

“Ha ha.” Jamie said.


It was getting close to the football homecoming and everyone was very excited. “This is going to be so cool!” Kairi said as she and the other Junior girls hung out in Naminé’s room.

“I know, I am so excited!” Olette said.

“All right, a week until homecoming and this school still hasn’t selected a Homecoming Queen for the Juniors.” Selphie said.

“Well, out of all of us, who do you think would make the best Homecoming Queen?” Naminé asked.

“Jamie!” all the girls, except Jamie, said and then laughed.

“Knock it off!” Jamie giggled.

“We’re truly sorry, your majesty!” Kairi giggled.

“I accept your apology, Lady Kairi.” Jamie joked.

“As am I, my queen.” Naminé playfully curtsied.

“Thank you, my dear lady-in-waiting, Naminé. You are all forgiven.” Jamie joked. Then all the girls started laughing. Jamie laughed so hard she fell back on a nearby beanbag chair.

Then the door opened. It was Roxas. “Hey… Roxas…” Naminé said, trying to catch her breath from all the laughing. Every one of their friends knew that Roxas and Naminé shared a room because Jamie entered the room and accidentally saw Naminé and Roxas face-to-face fighting.

“Sorry, just came back for my skateboard.” Roxas said.

“It’s okay. We were just fooling around, anyways.” Jamie replied from the beanbag chair. “By the way, did I already tell you guys how truly and deeply sorry I am for barging into your room like that last week?” Jamie said.

“We already told you, we forgive you.” Naminé said.

“Yeah, don’t worry.” Roxas said as he grabbed his skateboard and left.

When he was gone, Olette, Kairi and Jamie started giggling.

“What’s so funny?” Naminé asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Kairi giggled. Naminé replied by throwing a pillow at her head. “Okay, okay. Well, we think that you and Roxas make a very cute couple.” Kairi said. Then she, Olette and Jamie started laughing.

“Shut up.” Naminé said and she fell back on her bed.

“Hey, no time for rest. We have to figure out what we are going to wear to the dance.” Olette said.

Then Selphie came panting into the room. “Selphie? What’s wrong?” Kairi asked as she and everyone else sat up.

“Fuu. I, uh… got her a wee bit ticked.” Selphie said.

“Selphie!” Kairi, Olette, Naminé and Jamie groaned.

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