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Chapter Seven

“Hey, how about we go and meet her?” Selphie asked.

“Should we?” Kairi asked.

“I don’t know, what would we say, ‘Hey, are you the Princess that is being talked about in this book?’” Naminé asked.

“Hmm, you have a point,” Sora said.

“No, really?” Kairi asked sarcastically.

Then, the girl walked past them and their table she went down the big aisle of books and looked around, then she vanished into the next aisle. “That was… weird.” Kairi said.

Then the sound of a ladder rolling along the floor was heard. Everyone snuck around to see what Jamie was doing, she was climbing up the ladder to get a book with a red leather cover. “Ah ha,” Jamie said looking at the book. Then, high up on the ladder, she lost her balance and slipped on a step. “AH!” she screamed as she fell. Then she stopped, something caught her.

Jamie looked up. it was Riku. “Th-Thank- you,” she stuttered. Everyone, as in, Naminé, Roxas, Kairi, Sora, Olette, Hayner, Selphie and Pence sighed with relief.

“You're welcome,” Riku said as Jamie let go from his grasp. The two were blushing.

“I have to…um… go now,” Jamie said holding her book.

“Oh, um, okay,” Riku replied. Then Jamie was out of sight.

“Riku has a crush,” Selphie said.

“Shh,” Olette said putting her hand over Selphie’s mouth.

“Okay, um, our research is to be continued, for now, lets go to the mall district and get a corndog,” Naminé said.

“Sounds good to me,” Roxas said.

Everyone left for their rooms so they could get dressed and be ready to go to the train station and take the train to the mall district. When they boarded onto the train they noticed that Riku was acting weird. They were about to ask him questions but just then the train stopped at the mall district.

As they all got their corndogs, they saw Jamie running away from something. What was that all about? Naminé asked herself, confused.

Then everyone, Roxas, Kairi, Olette, Selphie, Riku, Sora and Naminé were knocked down by some weird force. “Ow,” Naminé said as she and the others sat up.

All the people who were in the district went into hiding. There were strange noises coming from an alley nearby. “Let’s go check it out!” Pence said.

They all rushed to the alley and saw Jamie fighting off some weird creatures. “Get away!” they heard Jamie cry.

“We should help her,” Kairi said.

“How?” Olette asked.

Then one of the strange creatures went flying out of the alley and disappeared.

“Stay away from me!” Jamie cried yet again, this time taking out a group of the weird creatures.

"We have come for you, Princess." one of the creatures said.

“Princess? Princess this! HI YA!” Jamie said as she ninja kicked some of the creatures out of the alley.

“All right, I’ve seen enough,” Naminé said. She then picked up two stones and threw them at the backs of two of the mysterious creatures’ heads. “Hey, come pick on someone else for a change!” she cried. All of her friends were hidden along the walls.

The mysterious creatures looked from Jamie and Naminé. "Mistress," they said to Naminé.

“Uh-oh,” Naminé said. Then she started running away from the half that started chasing her while the rest fought Jamie.


Jamie was able to jump over the half that chased her. Then she ran to the park where she met up with Naminé. “Thanks for taking half of them away earlier,” Jamie said, panting for breath.

“No … problem…” Naminé replied, panting.

The beings caught up with them and the two started attacking.

"Princess, you are stronger than you were before. Mistress, you are of great protection to the Princess," one said to them.

“Hey, leave them alone!” Kairi called as she and the others caught up with them.

"Workers of the Princess, all of you shall come with us," they said to the friends.

“All right, all of this has got to stop!” Naminé said, exhausted. Then she felt a pain. She was attacked and knocked unconscious.

“Naminé!” her friends called to her.

“Nobody messes with my friends!” Kairi said. Then she got really mad and started attacking everything in sight.


Naminé awoke to a soft humming noise. She looked around and noticed that she was inside a dorm room. She was in Jamie’s dorm room. There was a humming bird fluttering over her.

“Good, you’re up.” Jamie said, her head facing her laptop screen. She was typing at least 90 words per minute.

“What happened?” Naminé asked as she sat up.

“Don’t get up. You were hit in the head pretty badly and your arm was cut.” Jamie informed Naminé.

“Oh, great,” Naminé said then laid back down.

“Don’t worry about a thing, Nami… er… I mean Naminé. Jamie patched you up.” Selphie said.

“Then why is there a humming bird flying over me?” Naminé asked confused as she continued to watched the humming bird.

“Who? Sparx? He’s just examining you to see if anything else was hurt.” Jamie said.

“Sparx?” Naminé sat up. Then the humming bird looked her straight in the eye.

“Tweet, tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet…tweet.” Sparx said to Naminé.

“Huh?” Naminé asked, puzzled.

“Oh, he said, ‘Get some sleep. If you don’t I’ll poke your eyes out,’.” Jamie said.

Everyone started laughing and Naminé laid back down.

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