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Chapter Six

Monday came too quickly.

Naminé woke up. She saw the ceiling. She saw the end of her bed. She saw the door. Then she turned her head to her right and saw Roxas, sleeping in his bed…still. Then she turned to see what time it was. The room digital clock said 8:00 A.M. Oh, no, she thought We’re so late! Then she got out of bed, got out a clean uniform and went into the bathroom. When she got out she shook Roxas awake.

“Roxas, c’mon, wake up… Roxas, wake up!” Naminé whispered trying to wake him up. Nothing happened. He was sound asleep. "Wow, Sora was right, he is a heavy sleeper," she said to herself.

“Hey, Naminé you up, yet? Class starts in ten minutes,” Kairi called through the dorm room. Kairi and all the others didn’t know that Roxas and Naminé shared a room, and they hoped their friends wouldn’t find out anytime soon.

“Naminé?” Kairi called and started rattling the doorknob.

“Coming!” Naminé called. He’ll have to wake up on his own, she said to herself then grabbed her white messenger bag and grabbed her house keys and ran out of her room.

“Ready?” Kairi asked.

“Yeah,” Naminé said as she locked the outside of her room door with her keys.

“Okay,” Kairi said. Then she and Naminé walked to their first hour class with Selphie and Olette.


“Uh-oh, Miss Hiss herself,” Olette said as she turned her head to the door.

“Ugh, she is so last season,” Selphie said trying to mimic the who was going to enter the classroom, it was the same girl who ‘accidentally’ dropped her pencil.

The four girls giggled. Then a shadow was over their desks. It was the girl. “Ugh, what are you losers doing in our seats?” she demanded to know as she pushed her hair out of her face. Her lips shining with the fresh coat of lip gloss that painted her lips.

“For your information, we can sit wherever we please,” Naminé said.

“Oh, really? You’re the new girl, right?” the girl asked.

“Yeah,” Naminé replied.

“Well, listen, you don’t want to get in my way, if you do, you won’t win, and I’ll crush you like a bug,” the girl said.

Then, while Naminé stared angrily into the girls eyes, and she returned the stares, something clicked. Her flashbacks kicked in and she remembered the day of her party.

“All right, kids, time for dinner!” Naminé ‘s mother called as she informed the kids that the barbeque dinner was all set outside. All the kids rushed out of the house like crazed lions about to pounce on their prey.

“All right, who wants first servings?” Naminé could remember her father calling as he lifted Naminé up onto a white patio chair next to him so she could serve her friends food.

“Me! Me! Me!” Kids shouted as they gathered around in a group. The first one in line was a little boy with spiky brown hair.

“Now, what would you like?” her dad asked.

“A cheeseburger, please!” the little boy said with a smile.

“All right. Coming right up. Sweetie, you ready?” her dad asked with his spatula in his hand.

“Ready, Daddy!” the younger version of Naminé said as she got down from her chair and ran back a little ways from her dad.

A cheeseburger went flying a ways back. When it landed it hit the bottom bun and Naminé put the other bun on top. She ran the plate back to the little boy and everyone applauded.

The next person to be served was a little girl with blonde hair darker than Nami’s that went all the way down her back. She was a bad little girl. She was bad to the bone. She pretended to be Naminé’s friend so she could learn more about the little boy with blonde spiky hair so she could date him when they got older. The little girl hated the attention Nami was getting that she thought she rightfully be hers, when no one was looking, she pushed Naminé down and caused Naminé to break her ankle.

“I remember,” she whispered as her eyes turned away from the girls.

“What are you talking about?” the girl asked.

“You’re that girl, you caused me to break my ankle when I was four years old.” Naminé said.

“I don’t know what your talking about,” the girl said.

“I think you do, I thought you were my friend, instead, you used me, you hated all the attention I got at my own going away party and hurt me.” Naminé shouted.

“You, you’re that girl…” the girl said starting to remember Naminé.

“Yeah, and you’re Georgia Leah Harper, the spoiled brat who I thought was my friend.” Naminé said.

“Puh-lease, I was never your friend, I just used you.” Georgia said.

“Used me? Used me for what?” Naminé demanded to know.

“Please, like you don’t remember. He’s like one of your best friends…” Georgia said.

“What are you talking about?” Naminé said.

“The boys name was-” before Georgia could finish the bell rang and students got to their seats.

Roxas, Sora, Riku, Hayner and Pence were the first students to come into the classroom and the only other students to see Naminé and Georgia about ready to punch each other. Then they turned their bodies to their seats.

“What was that all about?” Roxas asked as he sat in the seat in front of Naminé.

“No-” then out of the corner of her eye she saw Georgia take the seat next to Roxas. “Bye,” she said then went to the to other side of the classroom and felt fire blaze in her eyes.

“Okay?” Roxas said confused as he watched Naminé walk over to a seat at the other end of the classroom. Then there was a tap on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about her, Roxie, she’s just a loser anyways,” Georgia said trying to sound sweet.

“That ‘loser’ happens to be our friend!” Kairi said to Georgia.

“Whatever, you all had your chance at being cool, then you hung out with her.” Georgia informed them.

Naminé overheard what Georgia said and started feeling bad. If I hadn’t come, Kairi, Olette and Selphie would be cool? They would’ve been able to do all the things that cool people do. Then I came along and messed it up for them. Wow, I am a loser.

“Take that back!” Olette hissed.

“Yeah, Nami’s a great friend!” Selphie said.

When Naminé heard the name ‘Nami’ another dream happened.

“Are you feeling better?” the little boy asked as he and her other friends came into her hospital room.

“Just a broken ankle, I can get back to my regular life soon, I just have to be in a wheel chair since I can’t really use crutches.” the little girl said.

“We made you a card so you would feel better quicker, my mommy gave us the glitter.” a little with short dark red hair said as she handed the little girl a card they had made by themselves, their names almost spelled wrong.

“Thanks you guys, I’m starting to feel better all ready.”

“Your welcome!” they called back to her.

“Naminé,” the teacher called taking attendance.

“Huh? Oh, here,” Naminé replied coming back into the real world.

What… happened? she asked herself.


“Hey, Nami, why did you blank out like that?” Selphie asked.

Naminé stopped short.

“Please, don’t ever call me, ‘Nami’,” Naminé said.

“Oh, okay,” Selphie said.

“It’s just that, well….” before Naminé could finish the guys showed up.

“I can’t wait for third period to be over!” Hayner said.

“Oh yeah, today’s a half a day!” Sora exclaimed.

“Yeah, but we still have to the death class.” Riku said gloomily. Everyone shuddered at that statement.

“Yeah, but on the bright side, I have already started working on my homework that’s due at the end of the year.” Naminé said.

“Hey, that’s probably the nicest thing she has ever done for us, giving us a heads up on our homework and making it due at the end of the year,” Kairi said.

“Yeah,” everyone agreed except Naminé, since she didn’t know the English teacher had been mean before.


During third hour the English teacher allowed the students to go to the library to look up what they needed for their report. Where is it? Naminé asked herself.

“Whatcha doing?” Kairi asked in a whisper.

Naminé jumped. “Don’t scare me like that!” Naminé replied in a whisper.

“Sorry,” Kairi replied in a whisper.

“Hey, did you guys find anything yet?” Riku asked as he and the others came walking over to Kairi and Naminé.

“Not… wait,” Naminé said then got the ladder that would help the students find the book from the higher shelves. Then she climbed the ladder and got out a big brown book. The cover ripping off from old age and the spine half way ripped off.

“What is that?” Selphie asked.

“A book.” Naminé said. It felt like talking to a baby.

“Oh,” Selphie said.

“We are allowed to work in a group,” Kairi said.

“All right,” Naminé said. Then she took the book to a table.

She read it aloud, [I am just making this up okay, people.] “A Princess, cursed into a deep slumber, she lives in the highest tower of the castle. Alone. Years later reborn into a child. The child is yet to be discovered, but if recorded pictures help, the Princess’ reborn self should be found soon.” Naminé read, then they looked at the picture. “Does she go to this school?” she asked.

“No, not that I know of. Wait a minute,” Kairi said then went into an aisle of books and got out a school yearbook. “Yes, she does. Her name is Jamie Victery.” Kairi said as she looked at the school year book and found a picture of the girl who looks exactly like the Princess in the story.

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