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Chapter Two

When the bus stopped at the school, Naminé, Kairi, Sora and Riku all stood up as well as a few other people who were on the bus and got off at Twilight High Academy. Roxas…why does that name sound so familiar? Why in the world do I keep thinking about that name?

“Naminé…” Kairi said.

“Huh?” Naminé said as she kept on walking, and then ran into a lamp post.

“Naminé!” Kairi shouted as she, Sora and Riku ran to their new friend.


Wh-where am I?

Your in the Realm of Darkness where darkness rules all.

The Realm of What?

The Realm of Darkness. A realm where only darkness lives.

Right…? Okay, well, I’m going to go find my friends…


The unconscious Naminé awoke gasping for air.

“Naminé! Are you okay?” Kairi asked.

“Yeah…I-I think so.” Naminé said as she inhaled and exhaled air sharply.

“Good, you really had Kairi going for a minute.” Sora laughed. Kairi playfully pushed him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you guys.” Naminé said as she apologized to her new friends. “How long was I conked out for?” she asked.

“About five, ten minutes.” Riku said.

“Wow…it felt more like one.” Naminé said as she stood up and grabbed her bags.


“Here you go Naminé, your class schedule, school map, locker # and combination. The staff her at Twilight High Academy hope you and everyone else here enjoy your stay.” the principal said as he handed Naminé her school gear.

“Thanks.” Naminé said as she got her school supplies and went down the hall and looked around the big school. “Whoa!” Naminé said as she looked up and around the whole school. Next thing she knew, someone had ran down the hall and bumped into her. It was mostly her fault for standing in the middle of the Grand Hall of the school, but instead she started yelling at the person who bumped into her.

“Watch where your going!” Naminé yelled as she started picking up her books.

“Sorry, but it was your fault too for standing in the middle of the hall.” the boy said.

“Well, you could’ve at least warned for me to look out!” Naminé said fiercely as she stood up as the same time as the boy.

“Touché.” he said and then ran off down the hall.

“Boys.” Naminé said as she walked the other way.

“Girls.” the boy said as he was out of sight.


Alright room 101... Hmm, looks like my roommate has already unpacked. Naminé thought to herself. Guess I better do the same. she thought as she unpacked all her things.

All of a sudden the door opened and in came Kairi. “Hey, cool room!” Kairi said to Naminé.

“Thanks.” Naminé said as she put her clothes into a dresser which was next to her bed.

“Need any help?” Kairi asked.

“Um…sure, I guess.” Naminé said.

“Okay.” Kairi said as she came in and helped Naminé unpack all her belongings.

After about two or three hours of unpacking, the girls had finally finished unpacking and putting away all of Naminé’s belongings.

“Whew! It took us long enough!” Kairi said as she fell onto Naminé’s bed.

“You’re telling me!” Naminé said as she fell onto the bean bag chair that came from her home.

“Okay, how’s about we go look around the school, I can give you the grand tour.” Kairi said as she sat up.

“Okay.” Naminé said as she sat up and walked out the door with Kairi.


“Alright so, where would you like to go first?” Kairi yelled over the roaring voices of the hundreds and thousands of students at Twilight High Academy.

“I don’t know.” Naminé shouted back.

“Well how about we go check out the library?” Kairi shouted a reply.

“Okay!” Naminé said as she and Kairi walked to the library.


“Ah, the library… such a quiet place.” Kairi whispered to Naminé.

“Wow.” Naminé said in a whisper as she looked around the big, tall library building.

“Hey, look, there’s Yuffie!” Kairi said as she pointed to a girl with short black hair.

“Shh!” the librarian said to Kairi.

“Sorry.” Kairi said in a whisper and then pulled Naminé over to her senior friend who was actually reading a library book.

“Hey Kairi.” Yuffie said. “How was your summer?” Yuffie asked. “Oh, and who’s your new friend?” she added.

“My summer was fine, Yuffie. This is my new friend, Naminé.” Kairi said.

“Hi.” Naminé said shyly as she waved hello to Yuffie.

“Hey Naminé, nice to meet ya.” Yuffie said. Then a girl with brown hair with a big red ribbon tying it up came up to them.

“Hey Kairi, Yuffie… Who’s your new friend, Kairi?” the girl asked.

“Naminé, this is Aerith, Aerith, this is Naminé.” Kairi said.

“Hi.” Aerith said.

“Hello.” Naminé replied. Then all four girls started chatting.

“Well, time for us to go exploring some more.” Kairi said. “See ya’ll at lunch!” Kairi said as she pulled Naminé to the next place.

When they got through the whole school they went back to Naminé’s room. “Oh my God…who knew school would be THIS much fun!” Naminé laughed.

“You’re telling me!” Kairi giggled.

Naminé then turned her head from Kairi to her room and say the boy who she bumped into and then quickly pushed Kairi out the room. “What are you doing?!” Kairi said.

“Huh? Oh, how about we meet at the mall… I feel like taking a nap.” Naminé said as she faked a yawn, and then when Kairi was gone she went back into her room and looked at the boy.

“What are you doing in here?!” Naminé yelled.

“Me?! What are you doing in MY room?!” he asked.

“Your room?! You must me crazy, this is MY room.” Naminé said to him.

“Wait... your room? Come with me.” the boy said as he grabbed Naminé’s right wrist and took her to the principal.

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