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Chapter Fifteen

It was getting closer to Christmas and no one had bought any gifts. So everyone got up and went to the mall one day. They all got there around 10 o’clock. “All right, so we shop and then we meet back here in 5 hours.” Olette said, then everyone hurried off.

First off, Kairi. My best friend since day one, Naminé said to herself. Then she went to the clothing department and found a cute pink and blue top and a matching jean skirt with some pink on it. Then she bought a matching pair of shoes.

“A Christmas present for your best friend?” the clerk asked.

“Yeah, how did you...”

“A ton of girls had been in here shopping for clothes for their best friends.” the clerk said. “Gift wrap is free.”

“Okay.” Naminé said. She left the store with Kairi’s present in hand. Olette. Hmm, what to get her, Naminé said to herself. She decided to get Olette a 50% off coupon for the beauty parlor. Selphie would probably like an iPod, since she’s been talking about wanting one since forever. Naminé stopped off in the electronics department and got Selphie a yellow iPod. Everything Naminé had bought so far was gift wrapped.

What to get Allie? This is really hard, Naminé thought and thought and thought. Allie had never, EVER asked anything from anyone. Oh great, some friend I’ll be when she doesn’t find a present from me! This just sucks. What do I...? then Naminé felt a pain and she had to rest for a little. She began having a vision like Allie’s.


“Princess, er... ALLIE!” Naminé called as she watched Allie fall. What’s going on? Naminé thought to herself as she watched the princess fall. The war was going on as she was pushed to the wall of the palace by one of the fighters. She could’ve sworn it was Roxas.

Allie fell and landed safely in the arms of... Who is that? Is that Riku? Wait, all my friends are here? Naminé asked herself.

“GET IN HERE!” a familiar voice said to her as hands pulled her into the window of the palace. It was Kairi, Olette and Selphie!

“What’s going on?!” Naminé asked them, confused about everything that was happening.

“Don’t you remember? We are fighting the darkness, because darkness is trying to gain total control of everything. Since we are the kingdom that stands guard over Kingdom Hearts, the darkness is going to go through us if it has to.” Kairi said.

“What’s with all the white dresses?” Naminé asked. She looked at her friends was Allie was pulled through the window.

“'What’s with all the white dresses?' Don’t you remember, Lady Naminé? Every time a war arises we are to wear white. Besides, we all look good in white.” Kairi said.

There was a flash of light and everyone was gone.


Naminé woke up back in the mall. She still had three hours left before she had to meet her friends. She got Allie the greatest gift of all, a friendship bracelet and the gift of friendship. When she finished finding things for the boys she took a rest. By the time she woke up she only had an hour left. Great, and I still have to get Roxas a gift. Naminé said to herself.

She got up from her spot and started walking around to look for ideas. Nothing looked good enough. Great, I could’ve spent my time looking, but instead I FELL ASLEEP, Naminé said to herself.

Then, something hit her, literally. The door to the sports shop opened out of nowhere and hit the blonde in the nose. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry! I didn’t see you there!” a girl said as she helped Naminé up and helped her pick up her presents.

“It’s okay,” Naminé said as she twitched her nose and got up, “I was heading here, anyway.” she added.

“Finally, another customer!” the girl said.

“Another?” Naminé asked.

“I just opened this place up and so far only 5 people have been inside.” the girl said.

“Oh, okay. Well, I’d be happy to be the sixth customer.” Naminé said.

“Great, come on in.”

Naminé finished all her shopping and went to where she was suppose to meet her friends. She was the first one there. Allie came after, but she looked worried. “Allie, are you okay?” Naminé asked.

“I don’t know.” Allie replied.

“Here, sit down. I’ll go and find the others.”

“Hey, Naminé, where is Allie?” Kairi asked as they started to approach the bench where Naminé had left Allie sitting with the Christmas gifts.

“Oh no.” Naminé gasped. They saw Allie running out of one of the store exits.


Why does he keep coming after me? Allie asked herself as she started running after the person that has been chasing her in her visions. Wait, where did he go? He was here a minute ago, I swear of it.

“Looking for someone, Princess?” asked a familiar voice that always sent chills up Allie’s spine.

When she turned around, the figure was gone. Then when Allie looked straight ahead she saw him. When she ran towards the figure and stopped in the middle of the road, he was gone. What? Where did he... She felt a sudden burst of pain. She landed on the pavement and her head hit the ground. She was hit by something but she couldn’t see what it was because everything was going dark. Black. Everything disappeared.


“Hey what’s with the crowd?” Olette asked as they approached a large group of people. As they squeezed through the crowd they saw Allie lying there, alive but badly injured.

“Did anyone call 9-1-1!?” Naminé yelled as she and all her friends bent down over Allie.

“Yes,” someone answered.

“Well, where is the ambulance!?” Naminé yelled frustratingly. Then the sound of sirens were heard.


“Your friend was very lucky, she could have been hit by a car. She has no wounds, just some cuts.” the nurse said.

“Really?” Kairi asked.

“Really. She’s just unconscious. She was hit pretty hard, I would’ve guessed she was hit purposely. Do you know who could have done this?” the nurse asked.

“No, not really.” Naminé answered.

“All right. You can go in and see her if you'd like.” the nurse said, then she walked away.

“Naminé! We could’ve said it was Georgia. Then she would get in so much trouble...” Selphie began but Naminé interrupted her.

“Selphie,” Naminé said as she stood up from her seat, “We don’t know for sure that it was Georgia. We can’t get her in trouble for no reason. Besides, if I told her who we thought it really was, they wouldn’t believe us. They’d put us in the nut house.” Then she disappeared into Allie’s room and everyone followed after her. They left the gifts that they had bought in their seats.

As everyone entered the room, a flash of light sucked them into the time when Princess Allison Sasha Marie Ultima was their age.


“What’s going on?” Naminé asked.

“I don’t know but this is getting weird.” said Olette.

“Hey, why are those girls wearing white?” Selphie asked.

“Who knows. I have just one question, where’s Allie?” Kairi asked.

“Uh-oh.” Naminé said as she pointed to a falling figure falling from the palace. “Wait, I thought we already went through this?”

“What?” Everyone looked at her.

“Oh, uh, nothing. C’mon!” Naminé said as she ran toward Allie, who was falling from the top of the palace again. This is all getting way too weird, Naminé thought to herself.

Just as they were getting closer to the palace, soldiers came running up from both sides. “Uh-oh.” Olette said.

“Hurry, split up!” Naminé said. Boys went to the left and girls to the right.

“AH!” Naminé said as she tripped over a rock.

The other girls were still running. “Hurry, Naminé!” Kairi said as she and the others helped her up. They started running towards the palace again. When they arrived inside the palace, Selphie noticed that Naminé wasn’t with them.

“Look!” Olette said as she pointed to Naminé, who was watching Allie fall to her doom.

“Get in here!” Kairi said as she pulled Naminé through the window.

“This is getting weirder and weirder!” Naminé said as she regained her balance.

Allie had landed on the ground safely and had climbed through the window. “Hurry!” she said as she ran through a door and ran up a hundred flights of stairs, trying to reach the highest tower. “HEY!” Allie yelled at a figure in black.

“Why, Princess, a very excellent landing.”

“Shut up! You have no business here!” Allie yelled angrily.

“Allie…” Selphie said.

Allie paid no attention to her friends, she disappeared. “Over here.” Allie called from the highest tower of the palace. They had to look up to see her.

“Call off your soldiers or I’ll make sure that Kingdom Hearts is destroyed!” Allie yelled.

The figured turned his back on Allie and watched the battle continue. Allie jumped off the tower and started running toward an even bigger palace a good distance away from Ultima.


Everything disappeared again and Allie regained consciousness.

“Whoa, is that why you two space out all the time?” Pence asked.

“Unfortunately.” Allie and Naminé answered in unison.

“C’mon, I want to get out of here and go back to the hotel.” Allie said.

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