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Chapter Fourteen

It’s happening again isn’t it? My dreams.

“I like your sand castle.” the little Naminé said.

“Thanks.” the little boy said.

“You’re very welcome.” the little Naminé said. “There, finished! My sand castle is complete!”

“Mine is, too!” the little boy said.

“I shall conquer it then!” Naminé joked.

“Then I shall conquer yours!” the boy said. They went and ‘conquered’ each others castles and then they started laughing.

“Kids, the ice cream truck's on it’s way!” Naminé’s mother called to them.

Naminé woke up to the sound of her radio/clock playing the song ‘Passion’. I was just about to learn who he was, Naminé said to herself. Then she got dressed.


When everyone got downstairs they saw Allie sitting on the lobby couch reading Seventeen Magazine’s January article for next month. “Hey, how are ya’ feelin’?” Naminé asked as they sat around Allie.

“Better,” Allie said, “I had another dream,” she added.

“Okay, so what was it about?” Olette asked.

“Yesterday, when I was underwater, I had what some people might call a ‘day-mare’. It was about me meeting the stranger. Remember, Naminé? And, well, I fell off the ledge of the tower just like I did at the hospital and the dragon came and caught me before I hit the ground.” Allie said.

“Cool.” Selphie said.

“It just goes to show you, the dragon is my gaurdian.” Allie said.

“Great. Now can we go and eat? I’m starving!” Sora said.

Then Allie’s stomach started grumbling. “Me too.” she said. They all went out to breakfast.


“That was good!” Allie said.

“You’re telling me! I don’t think I could even chew a stick of gum because I’m so full!” Naminé said.

“The bill must’ve been a lot of cha-ching.” Selphie said.

“Actually, it was only about 100 munny.” Allie replied.

Then the nearby clock struck 12. “Wow, lunch time already?” Kairi asked.

“Geez. Well, I’ve had my lunch.” Allie said.

“Same.” Naminé agreed.

It started snowing again. Allie ran a little ways ahead of the group and spun around on the side walk. She was acting a little childish, because not only was she spinning around, but she stuck out her tongue and tried to catch a snowflake in her mouth.

“Allie,” Naminé said.

“What?” Allie asked.

“Try and catch this in your mouth!” Naminé said as she threw a snowball at Allie.

“AH!” Allie said as she put her arm in front her of face and had the snowball hit her arms. She threw a snowball at Naminé and they all chased each other into the park.

A little ways into the fight, Allie was levitated into the big oak tree. “Allie, how did you get up there!?” Sora asked.

“Huh? What are you... AH!” Allie screamed as she noticed she was up in the tree.

“Jump down!” Naminé called.

“Look out below!” Allie called and jumped from the branch. Her eyes were closed. She jumped by doing a few flips while falling and then landing on her feet.

“Whoa, how did you do that?” Hayner asked.

“I don’t know.” Allie said.

“I got some shots of it.” Pence said as he handed them pictures of Allie falling, inch by inch, with his camera.

“Whoa, I did that?” Allie asked.

“Yeah, it was cool!” Selphie said.

“Burr. Speaking of cool...” Olette said.

“Yeah. I’m getting cold, too. Let's go back to the hotel.” Allie said.

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