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Chapter Thirteen

The next day everyone arrived at the hotel for Christmas break and got settled in their rooms. “Don’t tell us you’re already settled into your bed?!” Naminé joked to Jamie.

“Oh, shut up.” Jamie replied.

“C’mon, let’s go wait for the boys in the lobby. Jamie said she’s going to be paying for dinner tonight.” Kairi said, then the girls went down into the lobby.

“All right, the only reason I offered to pay for dinner tonight, was because I have a special announcement to make,” Jamie said to her friends. “I am now going by Allie. Jamie was the name my mother had given me but since I am actually the reborn version of Princess Allison Sasha Marie Ultima, I am to be known as Princess Allison Sasha Marie Akina Anidori Isilee Ultima.” Jamie said softly.

When everyone got back to the hotel Olette informed them that her parents even paid for a special cabin behind the hotel, so they could have their Christmas party there. “This is going to be so cool!” Selphie said.

“Right now, I want to sleep! I'm exhausted from eating all that food!” Jamie said and fell back onto a chair.

“I think we’re all tired. Tomorrow we spend the day in the indoor pool!” Kairi said. Then everyone went up to their rooms to get some rest.

“I can’t believe Jamie talked the manager into giving her her own room!” Olette said.

“Well, she is Princess Allie Sasha Marie Akina Anidori Isilee Ultima, heir to the throne of the country of Ultimate, afterall.” Naminé said.

“Good point.” Olette said.

“I wonder what it would be like, you know, being a Princess.” Kairi said.

“I don’t. It’s probably a really big job. It’ll get annoying to her soon enough.” Naminé said.

“I wonder if those weird creatures will come back and try to kidnap Jamie again.” Selphie said.

“I’ve been wondering about that, too.” Kairi said.

“Everyone has. C’mon, let’s get some sleep. We’ll need the energy for tomorrow.” Naminé said.


Jamie couldn’t sleep a wink that night. She kept tossing and turning because of some dreams she’s been having. “She won’t answer.” Naminé said as she turned from Jamie’s room door to her friends.

“Jamie! C’mon, Jamie, wake up!” Kairi said as she knocked on the door. Still no answer.

Naminé looked around in her backpack until she found a bobby pin that she always carried around for emergencies. “Please work,” Naminé said as she tried picking the lock on the door. “Yes!” she said as the door clicked open. They walked quickly into the room. “Jamie,” Naminé called as they went into the bedroom.

Jamie was still asleep. She looked calm and fine but she wasn’t. She was in a deep slumber like Princess Allison Sasha Marie had been. “I knew this was a bad idea.” Naminé said. Naminé tried waking Jamie again but something happened when she touched Jamie’s hand.


"What’s going on?"

“Naminé!” Jamie shouted and ran over to her. The scene was a beautiful palace area on a grassy pasture with tons of flowers.

“Jamie, where are we?” Naminé asked, confused.

“I think we’re in the world of Ultimate.” Jamie replied.



"Darkness shall rule all!" a deep voice said.

Jamie and Naminé looked up. On the highest tower of the palace stood a figure. “Who are you and what do you want with my country?!” Jamie yelled up at the figure.

"Princess Allison..."

“It’s Allie, and don’t make another move!” Jamie yelled.


Naminé fell back gasping for air. “What happened?” Kairi asked.

“I don’t know. One minute we were in a green pasture behind the palace and the next minute she was talking to some weirdo.” Naminé said.

“We? She? What?” Olette asked.

“Jamie and I, Jamie and then darkness.” Naminé said.

Then Jamie woke up. “That was weird. I remember seeing a stranger and fighting him off, but it didn’t stop him from going after my grandmother.” Jamie said.

“Don’t worry, Jamie. Whatever it was, it was just a dream.” Naminé said as she stood up.

“No, it wasn’t just a dream and it isn’t over. It’s all just beginning.” Jamie said then she got out of bed. A flash of light surrounded her and she was dressed. “From now on I’m going by Allie, not Jamie.” she added and walked out of her room.


They all went to the pool around 1 o’clock that day. The girls went into the girls locker room area near the indoor pool and got changed. Jamie, now known as Allie, was wearing a bikini top and her bikini bottoms were hidden by the swimsuit shorts that came with her swimsuit. Olette wore and orange bikini and Kairi a pink one. Selphie wore a yellow one piece, because she had forgotten to pack her bikini. Naminé was wearing a white bikini, but wore a white t-shirt over it.

The guys showed up and they were the first in the pool. Allie just sat on a bench that was on the right side of the pool. “C’mon Allie, the water is absolutely wonderful!” Naminé said and dove underwater.

“No thanks, I think I’ll just sit.” Allie replied.

“All right, have it your way.” Olette said and dove in with everyone else.

A few minutes later Allie was purposely splashed with water. It was Riku who got her wet. “RIKU!” Allie yelled. She stood up from the bench and dove into the pool. She swam to the surface to take a breather and wiped the water out of her eyes. When she caught up with Riku she replied by splashing him with water. Soon everyone was splashing each other.

Allie dove underwater and swam to the other side of the pool. Allie went back underwater after she took a short breather. She left her eyes open. It was a little blurry but she could tell what everything was. Naminé felt a force push her into the water. Roxas had dunked her. When she got her balance back she splashed Roxas.

Allie swam back to her friends and coughed up some water. “You okay?” Riku asked.

“Fine... I... think...” Allie coughed. Then she swam back to the other end of the pool again, her friends continued their water fight. Allie tried swimming to the surface but didn’t have the energy to, and so she sank to the bottom. While Allie sank, she had another dream.


What’s going on? she asked herself as she landed on the top of the highest tower of the palace. A war was going on below. Oh no, Allie thought. “STOP!” Allie yelled above the clash of swords and the screams of pain and war cries.

It’s no use, Lady Allison.

“I told you once before, I’ll tell you again, my... name... is... ALLIE!!” Allie yelled angrily at the person. Her fist started glowing and she ran to attack the person. The figure disappeared. “SHOW YOURSELF, COWARD!” Allie yelled.

I thought you knew your manners by now.

Allie turned around sharply and started walking backwards. “You’re a demon that should never have come to the surface!” Allie hissed.

Tsk, tsk my lady. I thought you would know who I am by now.

“Stay away!” Allie shouted and climbed up onto the ledge of the palace.

Go ahead, jump, but the palace will be turned over to me when you die.

Allie jumped. She was wearing a white dress. She crossed her arms over her chest and her hands clasped her shoulders. She closed her eyes and fell, fell to the bottom of the palace.


A white light came from the far end of the pool and Allie was gone. It was like she just disappeared. Everyone got out and the girls went into the locker rooms to find that Allie’s things were gone, too.

“Hurry, she’s heading outside!” Sora said as he banged on the door.

The girls rushed out. They all got dressed as quickly as possible and ran after Allie. She was gone by the time they were outside in the snow. “Look!” Olette said and pointed to a figure in the distance. It was Allie. She fell to the ground and landed in the cold snow. They all ran to her. She was wearing the long white dress that she was wearing in her dream. Riku carried her back to her room.


“Thank goodness you called me when you did. Otherwise, your friend would have been seriously ill.” the doctor said.

“Thank you so much, doctor.” Naminé said as she shook his hand.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine by tomorrow.” the doctor said.

“No, she won’t really.” Naminé whispered as the doctor left the room. Roxas came up to her. Naminé cried as she hugged him. “This is just the beginning!” Naminé cried. She didn’t care if all her friends were looking, she knew tht they were all too worried about Allie to care.

“Don’t worry. Allie has the power of the dragon, remember? She’ll be fine.” Roxas said as he hugged Naminé to help calm her down.

What’s this warm feeling I feel whenever I’m around him? Naminé asked herself as she cried.

Allie was resting but she felt too hot and decided to wake up. When she did, she noticed the white dress right away. What?! No way, not possible! Allie said to herself.

When she walked out of her room and into the living room of her hotel suite, she noticed all her friends. “I just want this to stop.” Allie said and she started crying. Riku walked over to her and tried comforting her, so did all her other friends. Riku hugged her to stop her from crying. Everyone else left, they were all tired.

“Allie, don’t worry. Everything’s going to be fine.” Riku said.

“No, it’s not! Everything’s just getting worse!” Allie cried even harder.

In the girls’ suite, they were talking. “You know, Allie and Riku are starting to make a perfect couple.” Selphie said.

“We’ve known that since the day we met Allie, stupid!” Olette said.

“Well, no one told me!” Selphie said. Kairi, Olette and Naminé sighed. “What?” Selphie asked.

“You’re as blind as a bat when it comes to love.” Kairi said. Selphie replied by throwing a pillow at Kairi’s head.

Back in Allie’s room, Allie and Riku were sitting on the couch. Allie had cried herself to sleep and was leaning on Riku’s shoulder. He picked her up, carried her back to her room and gently put her on her bed. Then he covered her up with blankets.

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