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Chapter Twelve

It had been an hour and Jamie was already on the news broadcast. Her stunt got her on all the channels. Every show was interrupted for her. “That’s right folks! You heard it here, a young girl who has been identified as the relative of Princess Allison Sasha Marie Akina Anidori Isilee is about to jump off a hospital building.”

Three hours passed and every time someone tried to take a step closer, Jamie threatened to jump.

“C’mon, Jamie! Please, don’t do this!” Yuna called to her.

“Jamie, get off the ledge!” Aerith said.

“Jamie, get off! It’s too dangerous! You could really get hurt!” Yuffie called.

“Please don’t do this Jamie!” Selphie said.

After five hours, the FBI agents devised a plan to pull Jamie off the ledge. It backfired and Jamie jumped.

“JAMIE!” Naminé shouted as she and the others ran to the ledge to try and grab her.

Jamie’s hands crossed over her chest and grabbed her shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she looked calm. There was a flash of light when Jamie was halfway down. A black and white dragon appeared and caught her on it’s back. She crawled over to the back of it’s head and petted it.

“That’s right everyone, you saw it live...”

“That was the Ultimate Dragon!”

Then the dragon and the girl were out of sight. “C’mon!” Naminé said as she and her friends ran down the stairs and out of the hospital . The press had pressed them with questions but they pushed through.

They reached the park in time to see the dragon land. Jamie rolled off the back of the dragon and landed right next to him. Then the dragon vanished into thin air.

“C’mon!” Kairi said and they ran to Jamie.


“Jamie? Jamie, wake up... Jamie...” a voice called. Everything was a blur.

“Huh? What? Who’s there?” Jamie said as she sat up in her bed.

“Good, you're finally awake!” Naminé said in relief.

“I don’t feel like myself.” Jamie said.

“Don’t worry, just get some rest and you’ll be fine.” Kairi said.

“Good. I need it!” Jamie said. She went back to sleep.

Naminé walked out of the room and sat outside in the hall on the floor. The door opened, Roxas came and sat next to her. “Busy day.” he said.

“You’re telling me! I don’t even want to sleep because of all the excitement!” Naminé said, which caused her and Roxas to laugh a little.

“With everything that’s been happening, I’ve been wondering about... Well, what it would be like if it weren’t us.” Roxas said.

“Same with me.” Naminé replied. “The only things I’ve been able to draw lately are like memories of things that I think my great, great, great, really great grandmother saw. I have dreams about her.” she replied.

“That’s weird.” Roxas said.

“Jamie is probably more confused than ever.” Naminé said as she stared off into space.

“Probably.” Roxas said. Then he looked at Naminé and she looked at him. They were smiling at one another.

Uh oh, I think we’re having a moment. Should I be worried? Happy? Angry? Upset? What? Naminé thought to herself.

Then there was a scream. The two shot up and ran into the room. “What happened?” Roxas asked.

“A bird flew into the window!” Kairi said.

“Ugh! Kairi!” Naminé said.

“What? It scared me!” Kairi said.

“Is it okay?” Naminé asked and looked out of the balcony.

“I don’t see it anywhere.” Roxas said as he looked onto the ground.


Later, when everyone was in their rooms, Naminé and Roxas couldn’t sleep. “Roxas,” Naminé said.

“Yeah?” Roxas replied.

“About today, in the hall...” Naminé said.

“What about it?” Roxas asked.

“Well, I was just wondering... Nevermind.” Naminé said.

“Okay.” Roxas replied and tried going to sleep.

Oh no! Am I, am I falling in love with Roxas? What’s going on? It’s probably all of this ‘Princess’ stuff with Jamie, Naminé thought to herself. Then again, what was with that anger that I felt when Georgia sat next to Roxas?


The next day Roxas and Naminé seemed to be spending more time with each other. “So, who’s your favorite music artist?” Naminé asked.

“Hard to say.” Roxas replied as the two entered the food court area of the mall.

“Same here, all music is amazing!” Naminé said.

“What can I get for you two today?” the female waitress asked as she came to their table.

“A cheeseburger and fries.” Roxas and Naminé said in unison as they looked at the waitress and then at each other.

“Okay, to drink?”

“Coke.” they said again.

“Okay.” the waitress said.

“Wow, that was weird.” Naminé said.

“Yup.” Roxas agreed.

There was a sudden breeze of cool air. “Whoa! That was just a little too cold.” Naminé said as she rubbed her hands together.

“If you want, you can have my jacket.” Roxas said.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” Naminé smiled.

“Okay.” Roxas said.

I think I really do like Roxas. Not just like him as a friend 'like him', but 'like him' as in like him like a boyfriend, Naminé said to herself.

“Here you go.” the waitress said as she brought out their orders.

“Thanks.” they both answered.

When they left the mall it started snowing. “Okay, this may sound weird. I hate the cold but I love it when it snows.” Naminé said.

“Why’s that?” Roxas asked.

“Well, for one... the cold makes me cold, of course.” Naminé said. “And the snow, well, after it covers the ground it makes everything seem so beautiful.” Naminé said.

“Really?” Roxas asked.

“Yeah.” Naminé replied.

When they got back to the school Kairi and Olette came running up to them. “Guess what? Our parents got us reservations at the ‘Holiday Vacation Spot’!” Kairi said.

“No way! That’s like the coolest holiday hotel ever. It’s always booked and my parents can never get reservations!” Naminé said.

“Well, ours just did! Get packing, we leave tomorrow!” Olette said.

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