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Chapter Eleven

“So are we allowed to see her or not?!” Naminé said fiercely to the nurse who had just come out of Jamie’s hospital room.

“Not with that attitude, young lady.” the nurse replied.

“Attitude!?” Naminé said angrily. “I’ll show you.” then she started mumbling because Kairi and Olette had place their hands over her mouth and pulled her back into her seat.

“Don’t worry, ma’am. We’ll calm her down.” Selphie said as she stepped between Naminé and the nurse.

“Very well, make sure she doesn’t disturb the other patients. I’ll go and see if you can visit your friend.” the nurse said as she walked down the hall and into the elevator.

“Whew!” everyone but Naminé said silently.

“What were you thinking?!” Kairi asked as she and Olette took their hands off Naminé’s mouth.

“I don’t know. It’s just, with what happened to Jamie a few weeks back, I’ve been acting strangely.” Naminé said.

“Yeah. Who knew we, of all people, were friends with a PRINCESS.” Sora said.

“It’s a little spooky.” Olette said.

“Well, we can find out more. I brought my laptop and a few books I borrowed from the school library about the Princess.” Naminé said.

“The whole thing got me interested, too. I brought some books I borrowed from the town library.” Roxas said.

“Wow, Roxas! Who knew you actually went to the library! I’m surprised you even knew where it was and WHAT it was!” Hayner joked.

“You have mail!” Naminé’s laptop pinged.

“You can all visit your friend.” the nurse said as she came over to the group.

“Thank you!” everyone said as they quietly left their seats and went into the room across the hall.


Jamie was asleep. “Hey, Jamie... Jamie, wake up.” Naminé said as she lightly shook Jamie awake. Sparx was sleeping on a nearby lamp table on a pile of tissues.

“Huh? What?” Jamie said as she woke up. She got a look at her friends. “Hi.” Jamie said as she sat up on her bed.

“Hi, sleep well? What did the doctors say?” Naminé asked.

“Hi! Yes. And um... Hmm... Oh, they said it was nothing serious. They just gave me some antibiotics. They think it was from the cold that I had in my system. It is winter, after all.” Jamie said.

“Ok. That’s good.” Naminé said.

“So, how’s it been these past few hours?” Jamie asked.

“Boring!” Kairi, Olette, Selphie and Naminé replied.

“Tiring.” the five boys said.

Jamie giggled.

“You have mail!” Naminé’s laptop pinged.

“What’s that about?” Jamie asked.

“Well, I found this website dedicated to the Princess a.k.a. you,” Naminé said, “and I signed up for the newsletter for updates on the Princess.” Naminé said.

“People are actually dedicating things to Princess Allie? How sweet!” Jamie said.

“Allie?” everyone asked in confusion.

“Yes, Allie. That was my Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great GREAT Grandmother’s name. Besides, she was and still is, Princess Allison Sasha Marie Ultima, so, I shall take on her name and become Princess of the land of the Ultimate Dragon.” Jamie said.

“Whoa, long name.” Hayner said.

“Well, she was named after her grandmothers and her mother.” Jamie said.

“Then your name would be Princess Allison Sasha Marie Akina Anidori Isilee Ultima because of your mother and Aunt?” Kairi asked as she looked from Naminé’s laptop to Jamie.

“So, what now? Do we start calling you Allie?” Sora asked.

“There she is officers, Princess Allison Sasha Marie Akina Anidori Isilee Ultima!” Georgia said as she burst into the hospital room. “And look, her royal servants.” she added.

There was a flash of light. Jamie was out of bed and into a green turtleneck tank top, green matching arm wears, brown pants with a brown belt and a metal hook, brown sneakers, silver hoop earrings, brown sunglasses and her brown hair was tide in a ponytail. “HI YA!” Jamie said as she kicked away the FBI Agents that had been looking for her. She and her friends ran down the hall and into the elevators. They made their way to the top floor.


“This is all my fault!” Jamie started crying and then fell to her knees.

“C’mon, we can’t let them get you!” Naminé said, tugging on Jamie.

“Ah ha! All right, I gave em’ to ya, now you have to give me my reward.” Georgia said. Then one of the agents handed Georgia a suitcase filled with $1,000,000 dollars. Georgia was gone in a flash.

“Step away from the Princess.” one of the agents said.

“If you want her, you’ll have to get through us!” Riku said as he and the others guarded Jamie.

“Don’t forget about us!” a familiar voice said. Then all the Seniors came to help.

The agents were ready to attack the high school teens. “No! Leave them alone or I’ll jump!” Jamie shouted from the ledge of the hospital's roof.

“Jamie!” all her friends shouted.

“Stay back!” Jamie yelled.


“Don’t anyone dare make a move. I swear it, I will jump!” Jamie yelled fiercely.

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