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Chapter Ten

On Monday the school was still buzzing about Homecoming. “Oh my gosh, that’s her.” some girls said as they pointed to Naminé as she and her friends walked down the hall. They were even talking about Jamie and Riku. Some students were amazed that Roxas had been crowned Prince because he didn’t even sign up to be on the Homecoming Court.

Jamie wasn’t with her friends, though. She was in her room with a cold. Sparx was taking care of her.

“I hope Jamie’s feeling better.” Selphie said.

“I do, too.” Kairi said.

“I’ll be back, I told Jamie I’d check on her before I went to lunch. I’ll be back soon.” Naminé said to her friends and she walked off towards Jamie’s dorm room.


“Thanks...for coming...Naminé...” Jamie coughed between words.

“No problem. Here, I brought this from the cafeteria.” Naminé said as she set a bowl of chicken soup down on the table by Jamie’s bed.

“Chicken so…so…sou…ACHOO!” Jamie sneezed.

“Whoa! I should duck and cover or I’ll be blown away.” Naminé teased.

“If Riku saw me like this, I’d die!” Jamie coughed. Her nose was red and her hair was dull and unbrushed. She was wearing baby blue pajamas with golden retriever pictures on them.

“Aren’t those your dogs on your Pajamas?” Naminé asked.

“You're just making me feel worse!” Jamie said as she hid under her blankets.

Sparx slipped under the crack of the door. He held a little medicine capsule by the claws of his bird feet. “Tweet.” Sparx said to Jamie.

“No.” Jamie said from under the covers. You could tell her nose was stuffed up by the sound of her voice.

“Tweet.” Sparx said again.

“Fine, I’ll take it you stupid bird. Just stop nagging me, you’re starting to sound like my mother.” Jamie said. She took the capsule and swallowed it with water.

“Well, I think I’m going to go now. Bye Jamie, feel better. Take care of her, Sparx.” Naminé said as she walked out of the room and back down to the cafeteria.


“Well?” Kairi asked.

“Well, what?” Naminé responded as she sat down to eat her lunch.

“How’s Jamie feeling?” Olette replied.

“A little better. Sparx marked that her temperature went down. It's almost back to normal but she still is congested and all.” Naminé said.

“Hey guys, we hear Jamie’s sick. How’s she feeling?” Yuna asked as she and the others sat with their Senior friends around the Juniors.

“She’s congested but her temperature is down. She’s feeling better.” Naminé said as she swallowed her tuna sandwhich.

“Well, we hope she’s feeling better soon.” Rikku replied with a smile across her face.

“ACHOO!” someone sneezed. Jamie had come down from her room. Her hair was brushed so it was back to it’s straight, relaxed shininess. She was wearing a pink shirt, black pants and pink converse shoes. She had put powder over her nose so it looked like her nose wasn’t red.

“Quiet, Sparx!” Jamie hissed at Sparx as he flew around her.

“Jamie?” Naminé said as she sat next to her.

“Don’t worry. Sparx gave me some medicine so my congestion would go away for a bit. I will end up sneezing some, though.” Jamie replied.

“Okay. Well, just don’t get me sick.” Naminé said as she and the others scooted away from her. Then the song, ‘The Sweet Escape’ by Gwen Stefani started playing. It was Jamie’s cell phone.

“I’ll be right back.” Jamie said as she got out her cell phone and walked out of the cafeteria. She walked in front of a window that was in front of her friends but she forgot about the window as she answered her phone. “WHAT?!”

A sudden scream was heard. Naminé and the others looked out the window at Jamie. Right as they looked at the window Jamie fell to the ground. “Oh gosh,” Olette said. Everyone at the table rushed outside to see if Jamie was okay.

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