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Chapter One: Loathing in a Bar

Pushing back her hair, she called for her sister. ‘Namine? Where are you?’ She darted nimbly through the tight crowd of drunks, searching for Namine’s ash-blonde hair and white dress. Oh no, Namine is so malleable and easy to persuade! Innocent too! Someone could be raping her because she was tricked or something!

She saw a flash of white and pale blonde appear and disappear abruptly. ‘Namine!’ she screamed, fighting to be heard over the booming music and the screaming of the drunks.

Then there was a riot involving about eight or nine barely conscious teenagers. She watched as it spread quickly, like wildfire. She felt a sharp, stinging pain on the top of her head and just before she passed out, she saw shocking, electric blue eyes that belonged to a teen boy who was resting her in a secluded and safe place.

‘I saved you from Seifer.’

And then everything went black.


Let’s backtrack a moment and find out a little about this lovable, passed out, searching sister and how she got stuck in this ugly little situation that either means rape or rescue.

This girl’s name, no, whole name is Kiatae Berinna Lafleur. Do you know how to pronounce it? No, I should think not. Get off your high horse and listen to the proper pronunciation: Kee-ah-tae Bare-in-uh Lah-fluhr. However, everyone calls her Tae. Looking in to the future: Don’t call her Catty Cat.

Kiatae is quite pretty. In fact it’s startling how pretty she is. She is petite, slender and curvy with a slim body and waist. She has long pretty little arms and legs. Her chest has ever-so-slight lumps protruding from it. A great burden to carry, no? A high school girl’s worst nightmare: A flat chest. She has dainty, tiny hands and feet.

Tae has a heart-shaped face, perfect lips and a long, delicate nose with freckles dusted lightly across the bridge of her nose. Her cheekbones are, according to Namine ‘to die for’. The most beautiful part of her are her eyes. They are big with long, dark lashes and brows. Tae’s eyes were an incredibly vivid, alluring emerald green mixed with jade and olive. If you looked for her in a crowd, look for those simply marvellous eyes.

Tae had a great personality. She was funny, sarcastic, brilliantly smart, sharp and kind. A perfect, delicate little angel, right? Wrong! She has a fiery, blazing temper and can be really devilish. When angered, she slipped in to half a British accent with all those ‘blimeys’ and ‘blokes’ and mates in her language. When Tae got really angry her eyes turned a demonic red.

Tae absolutely, positively loves reading, writing and art, in that order. She’s rather tomboyish but she still has good taste in clothes. Despite her looks, she’s a black belt in karate and is great with building and mechanics. Tae is great at running and can speak French, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish as well as English.

Also, never, ever, ever, EVER call Tae, Catty Cat. She’ll castrate you and beat you to a bloody pulp if you do call her that. Well, verbally at least. She won’t fight unless its self-defence or a challenge or gym. But she will tackle you and hit you. Not too hard, don’t fret over breaking your nails, boys.

Tae and Namine are twin sisters although they don’t really look alike. Namine is a day older and she just turned sixteen. Unlike Namine, she hasn’t quite matured about the ‘boys are major perverts’ thing you get at your awkward, pre-teen stage, even though everyone knows it’s true. Namine dates a lot of people but Tae hasn’t. Not one perverted, rowdy boy. She has a tiny, very slight British accent. 5’1.

As for Namine, well she is pretty. Her ash blonde hair is mostly tucked to one side with a few locks over that side’s shoulder. She has piercing lavender eyes and is incredibly pale. Her full lips were a light, pale pink. She almost always only ever wears white or light blue. She had sprouted breasts when she was twelve and poor Tae had only the slightest lumps. Namine was thin and not particularly curvy.

She was averagely smart, unlike child genius Tae but even though Tae was good at art, Namine was Leonardo Da Vinci, Emily Carr, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso all in one. She is always drawing and actually taught Alae how to draw.

Namine’s voice is like honey and sugar, sweet as Tae’s sweet, high, cutesy voice. She is quiet and shies away from people she doesn’t know very well. However, when she loosens up she’s fun and outgoing and not the goody-two-shoes you’d expect her to be. She’s reckless and surprisingly enough, drinks a cup of wine sometimes. Obviously, Namine’s been going to too many bars to talk to her friends, Kairi, Selphie and Olette. Not that she’s in with a bad group. God knows Seifer is. By the way, her name is Namine Memora Lafleur, thank you very much! That's Nah-mee-nay Meh-mor-uh Lah-fluhr, she is 5’2.

Seifer and his gang had been trying to catch Tae and Namine for their ‘pleasure’. Fuu had lured them in but Tae had quickly realized this and convinced Namine to believe her. That was typical, trusting Namine, always thinking the best of people. Seifer was tall, blonde and rude, he drank and smoked and swore in almost every sentence.

Tae, Namine and their dad had moved at the end of the third week of summer, and summer was over in a day, so they were familiar with the friendly, bustling town, where everybody knew everybody. Well, at least each person knew one quarter of the town anyways. Tae and Namine were soon to attend Sunset Private Boarding School. The uniforms, at least looked a little better than most. For the uniforms, you had a choice of blue and white or green and white. Namine chose blue, Tae chose green. After all, they looked best in those colors!

Their dad, Charlie Saomin Lafleur, was a horrible cook and relied on Tae’s gourmet skills and Namine’s ableness in finding all twelve ingredients in sixteen seconds flat. Yeah, they rock, don’t they? His daughters called him Charlie, while everyone else called him Sao.

Charlie was a towering 6’5 and he was lean and muscular. He was actually pretty young, onsidering he had a fifteen year old and a sixteen year old on his hands. But then again, they grew up at the same time, right? He was only 34 years old. Although, he still played a mean game of foosball. He had dark hair and maroon eyes.

Anyways, back to the story!


‘Urghh...’ blinking her eyes open blearily, Tae moaned softly.

‘Whoa!’ she started when she realized the shocking blue eyes from before were peering into hers.

‘He, he, sorry to scare you.’ When the boy moved back, his face came in to focus.

Groaning, Tae heaved herself off the makeshift bed. ‘Wha...? How’d I get...oh, yeah, I remember now.’ Blinking at her surroundings, she said, ‘Care to explain what happened?’

‘Well, um, you see, you’ve been unconscious for a couple of hours. Do you remember that riot? Well Seifer started it over you and Namine so I had to conk you out and drag you away.’

‘Blimey, you didn’t have to knock me out!’ Tae said slipping in to her half British accent in her anger.

‘Well, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you!’

‘Damn straight! With good reason, too!’

‘You are so stupid!’

‘Shut up!’



He sighed. ‘We should at least get to know each other a little.’


‘Because we’re going to the same school.’

‘How do you know that?’

‘Your sister Namine told me.’

‘This is going to be one heck of a year, isn’t it?’ sighed Tae slipping out of her accent.

‘Anyways, my name is Roxas DeLeon. I love to skateboard and I wanna be a film director, a lawyer or an accountant. I like math and science a lot, and besides, they’re my strong points. My favorite bands are The All-American Rejects, Billy Talent, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Metro Station. Too many favorite shows and movies to list. I also like running, soccer, tennis, football, golf, Karate, Tae Kwon Doe and baseball.

I’m fifteen. I’m part of a band called The Rejected. I’m lead singer and guitarist. Although lately, we’ve been looking for a female singer.’

‘Well, I’m Kiatae Lafleur. Call me Tae. I’m in high school and I’m fourteen instead of fifteen because my birthday’s late in the year. July 7th, to be exact.

I really, really love reading and writing. They’re my forte. I have a black belt in Karate and I like dancing, singing and art. My sister Namine taught me how to draw. Every school year, I get tons of date and/or phone number requests. I turn them all down, because honestly, I don’t even know most of their names! I’m pretty sarcastic, really.

My fave bands are Paramore, The Artic Monkeys, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hot Hot Heat, Ok Go, Mika, Metro Station, Natasha Bedingfield and The Veronicas. My fave authors are all equal and are J. K. Rowling, Carl Hiassan, Diana Wynne Jones, Stephenie Meyers, George Orwell, Eric Walters, Jerry Spinelli, Jane Austen, Gordon Korman, Cornelia Funke, Blue Balliet, David Sedaris and Louis Sachar. My favorite books are all equal and are Stargirl, Maniac Magee, Loser, Jason and Marceline, Twilight series, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, The Merlin Conspiracy, Archer's Goon, Hoot, Flush, Nineteen Eighty-four, Animal Farm, Son of the Mob, Son of the Mob 2: Hollywood Hustle, Camp X, Camp 30, Elixir, Wayside School, Wayside School Is Falling Down, Harry Potter series, Inkheart, Inkspell, Me Talk Pretty Someday, Running With Scissors, Chasing Vermeer, The Wright 3 and America the book. My favorite TV shows are The Colbert Report, Doctor Who and The Simpsons.’

‘That’s a lotta books and authors...’

‘Mmm-hmm!’ chirped Tae.

‘I still hate you, though.’ they said in unison.

‘Good to know, asshole.’ in unison again.

‘I like bananas.’ said Roxas randomly.

‘I hate bananas.’ she responded.

‘Oh.’ he said.

‘Oh.’ she said.

‘Oh, yourself.’

‘Speaking of bananas, I should get Namine her daily bana — wait, Namine!’ Tae sprung up from the makeshift bed — two armchairs pushed up against each other — and sprinted for the door.

‘Don’t go out there, it’s like a crazy frat party!’

‘I need to find Namine!’ these were her parting words as Tae burst out the door.

The crazed, sex-hungry drunks outside registered a beautiful and powerless looking honey blonde. ‘Ah, an easy opportunity.’ They thought thoughtlessly. So, my friend, in conclusion, they charged.

Her eyes flashing red, Tae proved why she so deserved that black belt in Karate and that winning medal in gymnastics. A combination of Karate and Gymnastics knocked them out and got her to the door across the room. As she reached for the knob, Tae performed a spell with her—

STOP! Wait! I need to explain their clothes to you! And what Roxy dear looks like!


Here we go!

Tae is wearing a casual, strapless sundress that went down to an inch or two above her knees. The dress was striped horizontally green and white. The green stripes were wider then the white stripes. There was a white ribbon with green sparkles and shimmers around her waist. A bow was tied at the back. The hem was lacy and white.

Tae was wearing white leggings that went down to just below her knees. The leggings were in case someone tried to ‘look’, if you know what I mean... Her necklace was short and half choker, half necklace. It had a thin black chain and a real, small, oval emerald was there, surrounded by real, tiny, blue sapphires. This was set in real silver. Tae wore her favourite, trusty shoes. They were All-Star Converse sneakers that were light green with white spots on them. Her hair was down.

Roxas wore his usual outfit. You know, black and white, and all checkered... He had cobalt/cerulean blue eyes that were like, a blue blue. He had high cheekbones and hollowed in cheeks. Roxas had a long, thin nose, perfect lips and totally flawless, angelic features. He was lanky, lean and muscular. He was a towering 5’12. A human skyscraper of awesomeness. Roxas had a black stud earring thingie in his left earlobe.

Namine wore a simple white dress with a complicated, doily-ish hem. The dress was a deep blue at the hem and got lighter and lighter, ‘till it faded to pure white at the top, like the layers in a Shirley Temple. Her white matching, ankle-strap sandals with the shuriken-like stars on the fastening straps, or whatever you call ‘em were on her feet. Namine wore black star earrings and a black choker. Eyeliner, mascara and pale pink tinted lip gloss.

Damn. Charlie, too? Fine. Black t-shirt, white cargo shorts, Adidas white, black and blue sneakers. Don’t ask for any details.


When Tae reached the door at the other end of the room, she gripped her necklace and murmured a healing spell. The drunks’s bruises and scrapes disappeared and they shifted slightly, groaning sleepily. Tae flung open the door. It was the only one apart from the washrooms and the room where Roxas had taken Tae.

She gasped at what she saw. Namine was tied to the headboard and a shaggy pink-haired man was approaching her. Namine was crying for help.

‘I don’t want to give up my virginity to some drunk!’

‘You won’t have to.’ muttered Tae as she snuck towards the man silently.

‘Silence is golden.’ snorted Roxas quietly.

‘Boo.’ Tae whispered into the man’s ear.

‘Heeyyy!’ he shouted drunkenly, whirling around.

‘Get the hell away from my sister.’ growled Tae, taking a stance. Her growl sounded like a tiger’s, low, deep and dangerous. It seemed to come from deep within her chest.

‘Yah!’ shouted Tae, doing a one-handed handstand whilst performing a skilled roundhouse kick.

‘Oomph!’ uttered the man as he was knocked unconscious by the blow.

‘Nami, are you okay?’ Tae sprinted swiftly towards Namine, attempting to untie the huge clump that the man must have called a knot. Improvising, Tae drew her weapons. They appeared in her hand. They were twin, crescent-shaped blades almost as long as her arm. A smaller crescent crossed it near the middle. There was a loop where you fit your wrist through; it was loose, but tight enough to keep the blades on her arms. The loop was covered in a soft, worn cloth. The blades were a sparkly white with green emeralds and a handle near the loop.

With one expert twirl of a blade, the knot was cut in two. The blades disappeared, leaving stardust and sparkles in its wake.

‘Oh, god!’ sobbed Namine.

‘I’m glad you convinced me to come with you. If I hadn’t, you would’ve been molested, Kairi and Selphie would’ve accidentally gotten drunk, and Olette would be forced to give in to that Hayner guy she hates.’

‘Yes, it’s very good I’m so persuasive, isn’t it?’ teased Namine weakly, cracking a weary grin.

‘Mmmm, you’re right.’

‘Pshh! Wait ‘till I tell perverted Hayner that Olette hates him!’ Roxas burst out suddenly.

‘Oh, Roxas! Didn’t notice you were there!’ shouted Namine joyfully. Roxas pecked her on the cheek.

‘I see...’ said Tae thoughtfully.

‘You like Roxas, Roxas likes you, you’re dating each other and Roxas and I hate each other.’ said Tae.

‘Hate is a very weak word. We strongly detest each other.’ corrected Roxas.

‘That’s weird, Tae, you usually always agree with my boyfriends.’ said Namine.

‘Yeah, well, there’s a first time for everything.’ Tae scowled at Roxas.

‘Just don’t fly off the handle with him.’

‘Too late!’ retorted Tae.

‘Aww, whatsa mattuh, Catty Cat?’ asked Roxas in a baby voice.

‘You are the matter. I hate you.’ said Tae slowly, fighting the urge to pulverize him.

‘Likewise.’ smirked Roxas. Now Tae’s breathing was becoming ragged. Her eyes were flashing red death to Roxy.

‘Demon witch.’ Roxas enunciated slowly.

‘Gaahhh!’ screamed Tae. She charged and did a flip before pausing it very, very briefly so she was doing a handstand and then pushing her legs down in a kick towards Roxas. It all happened very fast then. They were throwing punches and kicks, matching each other move for move. Their defenses were impenetrable.

‘Stop!’ shouted Namine, throwing herself between them. To avoid cartwheeling Namine, Tae had to flip abruptly to the side while Roxas somersaulted backwards.

‘Lightning reflexes.’ grinned Tae.

‘More like turtle-slow brain, blondie.’ snorted Roxas, rolling his eyes.

‘Blondie cannot be used as an insult against me because, quite obviously. You are blonde and so is Namine. So, in conclusion, you are insulting yourself, Namine, Cloud, Demyx, your mom, your dad, my mom, Charlie, Jessy from the Accessory Shop, and most of your ex-girlfriends.’ stated Tae matter-of-factly.

‘Shut the hell up, smart ass.’

‘Is that your only, meager defense?’ Tae smirked victoriously.

‘Yes. Now shut up, Medusa!’

‘For your information, Roxas, almost everyone I’ve ever seen has complimented my hair. And Namine’s, too, of course.’

‘They complimented you ‘cause they’re blind freaks.’

‘Oh, my, Roxas! You just called your girlfriend and her dad blind freaks! Not to mention, probably most of your ex-girlfriends and schoolmates. Besides, I know quite a few people who complimented Namine and I. And not just on our hair. You know, I think your friends did. Wait ‘till I tell them you think they’re blind freaks.’ Tae said smugly.

‘You know Hayner, Olette, Pence, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Selphie and Tidus?’

‘No, only Kairi, Selphie and Olette... Although, I think I’ve seen Pence, Sora and Riku before.’

‘I hope you don’t start squealing and becoming obsessed with Riku.’

‘Ha, I’m not that kind of girl! Although, he is sorta cute. I’ve only said 'hi' to him two or three times. Sora and Riku are really good at surfing. I almost beat Sora once.’ Tae pouted a bit when she said that sentence.

You gotta admit, Catty Cat’s pretty hot. Wait, no! BAD THOUGHTS, ROXAS! Evil Catty, making me lose some faith to Namine...

‘Hey, Roxas, you okay?’ Tae placed her cool hand on his forehead.

‘Rox-as! Wake up!’ sang Namine cheerfully.

‘You’ve got a really bad headache and a cold.’ murmured Tae.

‘Then we’ll take him to our place! I need to introduce Roxas to Charlie, anyway...’

‘But, he’ll give you the Sex Talk again!’ gasped Tae. ‘That means I'll have to endure it again too!’

‘I’ve already gotten the Sex Talk.’ smirked Roxas, brushing his messy, gravity-defying hair out of his eyes.

‘What’s with your hair, anyways? Do you gel it?’ asked Tae, poking one of his dark blonde spikes.

‘Nope, it’s natural.’

‘No, way!’ exclaimed Tae with a cute, shocked face.

‘Yes, way.’ grinned Roxas. ‘You know, your reaction was just like Namine’s.’

‘Oh? Well, we are sisters, dummy!’

‘F**k off!’ swore Roxas.

‘Such foul language, Roxy dear!’ smiled Tae in her sweet, high, cutesy voice.

‘Just shut up...’ groaned Roxas. ‘I think I have a hangover.’

‘Had too much to drink?’ asked Namine worriedly.

‘He shouldn’t even be drinking, Nami.’

‘I know...’

‘It was only two smalls.’ said Roxas. ‘Not that much!’

‘Enough to get you tipsy. Anyway, we should be getting home and Roxas needs medical attention.’ said Tae.

‘How do you know? I bet you’re one of those weird plant-formula healers.’ asked Roxas.

‘She is. And a REALLY good one at that. She can cure meningitis in only twenty minutes!’ said Namine proudly.

‘Hah! Yeah, right!’ laughed Roxas.


‘Whoa...’ muttered Roxas. ‘How’d ya do that?’

‘Experience, skill, know-how, tools and ingredients.’ said Tae smugly.

‘Hey, I’m gonna go now.’

‘M’kay, bye, Rox.’ Tae waved goodbye to him.

She exited her large, pretty greenhouse and ascended the stairs to her room. First, she washed up and changed in to her PJ's; a white tank top and black shorts. She entered her room and closed the door behind her.


Now to describe the house.

It was large, spacious, beautiful and modern. Tae’s room was on the top floor of their house; the third. It was circular and had green shelves on most of the wall space. Books were organised neatly in alphabetical order. Her cherry wood bureau was neat with a lamp on top.

Her bed was a four-poster. Tae’s numerous pillows were green with brown spots and she had striped green, yellow, brown and white sheets. The walls were a light, french green.


Tae reached into one of her bureau drawers and pulled out a thick book. It was bound in black leather and the hard cover was green with white, sparkly twinkles. She unlocked and opened the book to where a dark green ribbon marked her place in the thick volume. Tae grabbed a fancy white and black plaid pen that wrote in green ink and started scribbling down the date and the day’s events with a few realistic, detailed sketches.

After one and a half pages, Tae closed the book. She gripped her necklace and a white, green-tinted beam shot from it into the lock. Tae placed the book in the top, locked drawer in a white box that had beautiful, green carvings. Tiredly, she fell into bed, anticipating the first day of school and dorms.


Author’s Note: I’ve never written fan-fiction before so I don’t have a lot of experience.

Disclaimer: Don’t own this, that, yadda, yadda, yadda. I do own Kiatae though. And Luke-wuke. Never forget the –wuke part.

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