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Chapter Eight: Appearances and New Heartless

Syra rolled over and groaned. She opened one of her eyes and looked around as best as her position allowed her to. She groaned again when she sat up against the side of the chair she was next to and rubbed the side of her forehead gingerly. "Is everyone all right?"

Misty was still slumped forward in her harness, while Khryistal was shuddering as she opened her eyes. "I guess... What happened?"

"I dunno. I was just slammed into the armrest of this chair and I must've blacked out. I think Misty might need our help, though." Syra stood up and staggered as she tried to walk along the angled floor over to Misty.

Misty stirred slightly and coughed. "Ow... That hurt... a lot." she pulled back against the harness as Syra reached her. "I'm fine I think, but my chest hurts from the impact. Man, what had us? I felt like something was grabbing the ship... I wonder what could have done that?"

Khryistal undid the straps holding her in the seat and stood up, rubbing the center of her chest bone. "I don't know but at least we are all in one piece. That’s better than being killed at least."

Syra helped Misty undo the strap holding her in and she staggered sideways as the gummy ship shifted underneath them. She caught herself on the edge of Misty's seat and muttered under her breath, "Why am I getting the feeling that something bad is about to happen?"

As Syra said that the entire ship slid down a hill with all three of them screaming and clinging to the chairs.


Riku was in Narnia, leaning against a wall catching his breath after running non-stop through the castle, dodging strange and deadly creatures patrolling the halls. He leaned up the side of the wall a little further and gasped as footsteps started ringing in the hallway from both directions. He took a deep breath and though quickly. When the footsteps almost reached both ends of the short corridor he muttered under his breath. "Aeroga!" Immediately he rose up to the ceiling and stayed there waiting to release the spell.

Both squads had ten members each. As Riku watched them from above, he grabbed onto one of the rafters and held onto it in case the spell wore off before he could release it, and listened to the squads talk. From Riku’s position he could listen to whatever was going on below. One of the Minotaurs in one of the squads was arguing with a Mino boar who was apparently the leader of the other squad. The Minotaur grunted then turned away to face the rest of his squad then sniffed the air.

Riku felt the spell wear off and he fell limply against the rafter and struggled to pull himself up onto it as the minotaur below him looked up at the spot where he was just mere seconds before. He lay shivering against the frozen rafter trying to remain as still as possible. He heard the minotaur grunt something and he drew a breath as he watched the two squads go off in the way they came from.

Riku stayed on the rafter for a few more minuets, then dropped down and leaned against the wall again. That was too close, way too close. He went down to the end of the corridor that the Mino boars’ squad went down and looked around the corner. When he saw that the corridor was empty he took off running again down it to the end and skidded to a stop out side of a stairway leading down, deeper into the base of the castle.

He hesitated at the top of the stairs them looked around him briefly before taking a step down. When nothing occurred he continued down the stairs and reached the bottom of the stairs in a curving hallway with nine barred doors along the opposite wall. As he stepped down from the last step he heard footsteps approach from his left, so he ran to his right and around the corner before anyone could see him. He pressed himself against the wall when he thought he was exactly opposite the staircase. When the footsteps faded away he sighed in relief then stiffened when he heard someone say his name.

“Riku? Is that you? The door won’t un-lock for me.” Kairi appeared at the cell door with her teeth chattering and rubbing her arms to try to warm herself up.

“Kairi! Are you okay?!” Riku summoned Road to the Dawn and pointed the tip of the keyblade at the lock on the cell door. He heard the faint click as it unlocked. The door creaked open and Riku walked in and hugged Kairi.

“I’m fine, I guess. But what about Sora and the kids? Did you find them?” Kairi was shivering worse than Riku was and he tried to warm her up as best as he could. “There isn’t anyone else here. The only thing I know about what’s going on is what that woman Jadis told me when I woke up. She told me that Syra was going to be killed by someone and that nothing could stop this from happening. It scared me.”

“It’s all right, Kairi. Syra is safe for now. Sora and I found her in Twilight Town with Hayner, Olette and their daughter. But the two of us were caught by someone and brought here. Only problem is Sora was the one who was conscious the whole time. I was knocked out by something.” Riku released Kairi as she stopped shivering.

Kairi looked at Riku briefly before looking behind him and going still with a look of fear on her face. She whispered quietly, “Riku don’t make any sudden movements. There is something watching us and I don’t know what it is.”

Riku nodded slightly and slowly turned his head to look over his shoulder. Behind them was what Riku believed to be a werewolf. It was white and looked like it was blind with its cloudy yellow eyes. It was growling low and foaming at the mouth. Riku’s eyes widened when he saw a heart shaped symbol beneath its head. He turned his head back towards Kairi and whispered to her. “I think it’s a Heartless. It has the mark on its throat.”

As he said that the heartless lunged at the two of them. Kairi moved quickly since she saw it crouch, Riku was facing her and he wouldn’t have had time to react. She summoned Flowering Strength and slashed sideways across the Werewolf's body. It vanished in a puff of black smoke and a pink crystal heart floated up and through the ceiling. Kairi and Riku watched the heart disappear then took off out of the doorway and around to the front area of the dungeons before more showed up. A small shadow was close behind them.


“Is everyone okay?” Khryistal opened her eyes and saw Syra looking at her. “I think we really shouldn’t have moved at all. That was bad, very bad.”

“Gee, ya think? I don’t want to go through that ever again, remind me to pull up the next time something like that happens, okay?” Khryistal stood up slowly from her crouch next to her chair.

Misty let go of her chair and slid down the back and stood up. “I will. It should be pretty easy to remember that. Any idea where we are?”

Syra shook her head and looked at Khryistal. Khryistal looked at the dash board and pressed a button that had a map pop up on screen. “We are on a world called Nomanisan. There isn’t much on it other than a few superheroes in hiding after someone called Mr. Incredible saved someone who didn’t want to be saved. Hmm, sounds like a weird world to me.”

“Yeah, it does. Who wouldn’t want to be saved, anyway? What kind of nut job would do that?” Syra was looking over Khryistal’s shoulder at the screen and shook her head at the picture on it. “Kinda figured he would look like an idiot.”

“Yeah, well, we’d better go out there and take a look around at least. C’mon guys.” Misty popped open the hatch and walked out through an invisible barrier. Khryistal and Syra shrugged and followed her out.

“Holy?!” Khryistal looked at Syra and had disbelief written all over her face.

“You should say the same thing for yourself, Khryistal. You’re wearing a skirt!” Syra laughed while she was watching Khryistal look at herself in the window’s reflection. Syra was now wearing a knee length black skirt with a spandex tights and thick heeled dark blue boots that went half way up her calves with a lot of laces. Her top was a dark purple and she was wearing an even darker violet cape on her back. Her hair was in a high ponytail instead of a braid and a black mask covered her eyes.

Khryistal was wearing a short lime green skirt and had knee high dark green boots on. Her top was short-sleeved and a light yellow with green patches like camouflage. On her back was a short mottled green and brown cloak with a hood. There was a black mask like Syra’s covering her eyes, as well. “You ever tell anyone I’ve worn this and I will knock you into next week, Syra. The same goes for you too, Misty. Hey, where is Misty?”

“Next to your foot, and can you please get off of my tail?” Misty was the size of an actual mouse and was tugging on her tail trying to get it out from under Khryistal's boot. She was all black and her ears were a lighter black. Khryistal lifted her foot up and Misty quickly pulled away from her and held her tail in her hands. She looked up at the two of them and they both leaned down to look at her. “I feel so small now...”

“Misty, I think you look fine. At least this way you can hide easily if something happens or you need to find something.” Syra held out her hand to Misty and smiled. You can ride on my shoulder if you want to.”

Misty looked at her hand then muttered under her breath and climbed onto her hand. “Don’t drop me, please. To me it feels like I’m a thousand feet above the ground.”

When Syra had put Misty onto her right shoulder she giggled as the mouse shifted and her whiskers tickled her ear. “Please don’t do that. It tickles.”

Misty sniffed and crossed her arms across her chest. “I think that is something I can us to my advantage with anyone who decides to irritate me. Thank you for the tip, Syra.”

Khryistal went still listening to the air around them after hearing a loud crash off in the distance. “Guys, I think that there is something else on this world. I heard something over there.” She pointed and they watched as a tree fell towards the direction that they were standing in.

Misty tilted her head slightly and listened for a few seconds before shouting. “MOVE, BOTH OF YOU!" Syra bolted to her right with Khryistal right beside her. As they ran another tree fell behind them.


Meanwhile in Narnia, Sora looked up as the gateway to his cell slammed open. His face showed his contempt for the girl in the doorway. “What do you want?”

Parin just smiled and stepped into the cell. “Just to tell you something. I don’t think you will like what you’re about to hear, though. Your daughter, Teyla, knows me as a friend and wants to find out what happened to Jaden. I’m helping her, for now at least. By the way, where is your friend Riku?”

Shock flitted across Sora’s face before he gritted his teeth. “None of your business. I don’t even know where he is. Anyway, even if I knew where he was I still wouldn’t tell you.”

Parin smirked and shook her head. “Hmm, pity. I would have taken the chance to lose that band around my wrist if I were you. Oh well. I’ll be back.” She turned on her heel and walked back to the gateway and paused, saying in a mock pity voice, “Your other daughter is going to die soon. I just felt like you should know before it happens.” Parin left the room laughing with that barely visible shadow behind her. The gate slammed shut and a key turned in a lock.

Sora waited until Parin’s laughter faded out before he turned and slammed his fist into the icy wall behind him in frustration. “Damnit! Riku, hurry up!” He pressed his forehead against the wall and tried to calm down.

Hey Sora, are you okay? Roxas’ voice echoed through his head.

Kind of, I guess. What that girl just said has me upset. I don’t know what to think now, I’m worried about both Teyla and Syra. Sora pulled away from the wall and started pacing around the cell.

I know, Sora. I’m worried, too. But something she said has me worried even more. What did she mean by 'I’m helping her, for now at least.' ...?

I don’t know but it can’t be good. I just hope Syra finds Teyla before something bad happens to either of them. Have you had any luck finding out what is on our wrist? Sora looked down at it and sighed.

No, I can’t figure out what it is, but I do know that whatever put it there knew what it was doing since it affects me through you. I also know that it is nothing but darkness. I’m surprised it hasn’t broken through the barrier that’s holding it back yet.

Yeah, same here. I’m gonna try to get some rest again, let me know if you find anything out.

Okay. I will. Roxas’ voice faded and Sora laid down next to the wall with his left hand behind his head and his right next to him. He closed his eyes.

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