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Chapter Six: The Journey Begins at Last

Watching her father and uncle disappear before her eyes made Syra scream in rage and pain as she lunged at Parin's fading figure. Syra went through her and felt something snap inside her heart as she landed in a heap on the floor sobbing.

Khryistal came running down the stairs. She saw Syra on the floor and Misty with her hand on Syra's back trying to calm her down. "What happened?"

"Sora and Riku are gone... Taken by a girl about our age, maybe a little older.” Misty answered. Syra was burying her face into her arms. "We don't know how, though. It all happened so fast. One minute Sora was laughing with everyone, the next... he had something black growing along his arm. Riku was thrown against the wall somehow and then he was unconscious."

Syra stopped crying but was still snuffling as she lifted her head up and turned to sit on her butt. "It was the same girl who tried to take me last night. Last night while everyone was asleep I heard a loud thunk from upstairs and went to look in your room, Khryistal, but it was just you. You fell out of bed. I backed out the door and turned to come back down, then a hand clamped over my mouth. I was pulled out of the window and into the street. I fought against her grip but she proved much stronger physically and she dragged me through the streets to the station. She had removed her hand from my face after I bit her pretty hard and I tried to pull away again."

"When I did I told her to let me go but she slapped me across the face and I tried retaliating by punching her. She caught my fist and spun me around with my arms pinned to my back and a black hole opened up in the air ahead of us. My father showed up at that moment and tried to attack her back. The hag spun me around to face him and he stopped mid-swing, inches from my chest. My uncle came at her from the back and she didn't turn fast enough to put me in his way so she let me go. I got away from her and went to my father's side. She disappeared shortly after that, she only said that someone would have loved to see me." Syra was hugging her knees to her chest with everyone gathered around her.

Khryistal stood up and bit her lip. "I know what we have to do Syra, we need to find your family."

"Khryistal, thanks." Syra smiled slightly through the tears coating her face.

Hayner and Olette looked at each other and Olette nodded. Hayner stepped next to Khryistal. "Khryistal, you can go with her but you have to come back to us no matter what. It'll be too quiet here without you."

Olette looked like she was going to cry. "Don't forget to call over to Joey and Zoey's and tell them you're leaving. They'll probably be torturing the two of us while you're gone."

"Khryistal, are you sure you want to go with me? I don't know when the next time we'll be back here is." Syra wiped the back of her hand across her face, clearing away the tears. "You really should think about it before you jump into it. I'm forced to go after them. I have no choice, but you do."

Khryistal looked at Syra again with intensity burning in her face before she replied. "I'm going no matter what. I have my own Keyblade now, and I want to help where I can. That includes helping your family."

Syra smiled slightly. "Okay then, if your heart is settled we need to get around. Misty, Dewey, Max, you three don't mind if I travel with her right?"

Max and Dewey were grinning at each other. Misty was looking a little sad but she smiled. "Go ahead, we can see if we can get a gummi ship for you from our home. It may take a while for it to arrive here, though."

"All right then. Thank you for letting the four of us stay here. I promise I’ll try to get Khryistal back as soon as possible." Syra hugged Hayner and Olette.

Olette didn't let her go for a few seconds, not until Syra had dropped her arms. "I know you will. Please keep her out of trouble, it seems to find her where ever she goes."

"I will, Olette. I promise." Syra smiled at her then turned to Khryistal. "We'd better get our things rounded up while we wait. Thanks again for lending us a gummi ship, Misty. Take care of yourself out there."

Misty smiled. "Don't worry, we will. And thanks for helping us last night with the Heartless. We will probably be coming back here in a few days to rest. Oh, and try not to wreck the ship. Chip and Dale will probably kill us if we ruin the ships."

"I'm gonna go take a shower." Syra picked her bag up and walked up the stairs to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and let it heat up. After a few minuets of looking at her reflection in the mirror she took off her clothes and climbed into the shower.


Sora was thrown against the wall in Jadis’ dungeon and he slid down it clutching his right arm tightly to his side. Riku's unconscious form was thrown next to Sora. Another burst of heat ripped through the darkness clinging to Sora's skin causing him to yell in pain once more before it subsided and returned to a thin, black, pulsing band around his wrist.

He was breathing heavily as a taller woman than Parin appeared at the door to the cell. "Humph, I thought it would've taken Parin longer to return with the two of you in tow. She was right, you both are pathetic. Good job though, Parin. Can you leave so that I can talk to the great Keyblade masters alone?"

Parin's face crept into a smile. "Sure, I'll go talk to my new friend. Ta-ta, Sora." Parin turned and walked off.

Sora caught a glimpse of a large shadow following her out before the bars swung shut. Sora let his left arm drop as he looked at the woman in front of him with a look of sheer hatred etched into his face. "What do you want?"

"My name is Jadis, and it should be obvious what I want. I want Kingdom Hearts, of course. What else would there be that I want other than to have that wretched lion, Aslan, dead. You, Riku, and your wife were in my way. I needed you two to disappear without anyone else knowing it. I sent Parin to fetch you, she did, and now that you are in my possession I don't think you'll be able to use that Keyblade of yours at all. There is one problem taken care of. Now for the other..." She raised her sharp pointy ice wand above her head and plunged it towards Sora's face. He closed his eyes tightly, waiting for something to happen.

Kairi, I'm sorry I failed to find them... A sound of breaking glass penetrated the air and a yell ripped through Sora's head making it pound. The first thought that crossed his mind was Roxas. Sora opened his eyes slowly to see the wand held right in front of his face and a soft blue glow surrounding him.

"How...? How did you stop it?" Jadis was trying to force the wand through the light but to no avail.

Sora backed against the wall. He leaned against it and started to laugh lightly. "If you really knew a lot about me, you would have known what happened to me when I was my kid's age. I rescued my wife and lost my heart in the process. I have a Nobody, he saved me."

Silently he thanked his Nobody and heard the reply, Don't worry about it, Sora. I'll try to figure out a way for that band to be removed from our arm.

Jadis pulled back her wand and looked down her nose at him. "Fine, you may live then. Ginnabric!"

A short dwarf waddled in wearing a fur coat and a red stocking cap that had a pom on the end. He had a long marble beard and beady black eyes that were creased from all of the evil smiling he had done in his life. "Yes, my Queen?"

"Chain these two to the floor. Only their feet though, it won't matter if their hands are free. I want you to then go to the chamber and summon everyone for a brief meeting." She never took her eyes from Sora's face.

Sora never looked away from her face, feeling the rage building up inside of him. When she turned away the dwarf chained his feet and Riku's to the floor and took the key with him. Sora crawled over to Riku and rolled him over into his back. He saw the large bump on his forehead and winced slightly.

Sora looked around and tried to summon his Keyblades. Nothing appeared, instead a burning sensation ripped through his body again and he fell back onto the floor from the force of its power. When the pain dulled Sora sat up and clutched his arm. Any luck yet, Roxas? Sora called out in his head waiting for his Nobody to respond.

Sora, that last jolt hurt me, too. And no, no luck yet. Its only been about five minutes. Roxas' voice echoed through his head, sounding a little peeved.

Sorry. It's just that I want this thing off of my wrist soon. I think that if Jadis wanted to she could have it cover my entire body. Sora shifted his position and released his arm. If that happens... I don't know what'll happen.

Don't worry, Riku doesn't have one on his wrist. There might be an upside to this ordeal. As long as he can summon his Keyblade we should be fine. I hope...

Thanks, Roxas. Let's just hope that he wakes up soon. Sora looked at Riku then closed his eyes and laid against the wall to get some rest, if it would come at all...


Teyla was laying on her wide bed looking out her window at the frozen lake and forest. She was thinking about the thing that had appeared in Syra's hand. Teyla rolled over onto her back and looked up at the ceiling with her hands behind her head. What was that thing? It was shaped like an oversized key. I wonder if Jadis might know what it was.

She sat up after a while and surveyed the room she was given. On the wall across from her were a set of shelves that held several books on different worlds and some small stone statues that were too perfectly carved a butterfly, a cardinal, and two squirrels. A small silver vanity and mirror was next to a small set of cherry wood drawers. On the vanity was a hair brush that was a silvery material and a little powder jar with a dark blue sapphire in the lid. Another one of the perfectly carved statues of a robin in flight was on the edge of it. The windows were wide with whitish-blue hangings that could be pulled over to keep out the sunlight. Next to her fox fur-lined bed was another set of small cherry drawers with an oil lamp on it. Her pillows were huge and the blankets thick and warm no matter what the temperature was inside the castle.

Teyla squirmed deeper into the blankets, trying to cause friction to warm herself up. A knock on her bedroom door made her jump slightly. "Who's there?"

The door opened and a girl with black hair and green eyes poked her head in. "My name's Parin. I was wondering if I could come in."

"Sure, you can come in. I don't mind. Anyway, my name is Teyla. It's nice to meet you, Parin." Teyla got out of her bed and brushed down her clothes to get the wrinkles out of them.

"This isn't the first time you've seen me. I was with Jadis when we found you. I had the hood covering my face because of the open gash. It was bleeding pretty badly." She pointed to the thin scar on her face. "I got that when I was struck in the face by a palm tree. It hurt so bad."

"Were you from Destiny Islands, too?" Teyla looked at her curiously and they both sat down on her bed.

"Yes, I was. I was from Kiamichi Island. Which one were you from?"

"Bellona Island. But my twin, my best friend and I were camping on Paopu Island just off from our island." Teyla looked down in anger as she mentioned her sister. "I tried to get her to take my hand when the Heartless took our home, but she stopped right in front of us."

Parin smiled slightly. "I was with my cousin when they took our island and the Heartless took his heart. We were going to my uncle's birthday party."

Teyla looked up at Parin's face and studied it. "My mom, dad and uncle were on the other island when it happened."

Parin was looking over at the bookcase along the far wall as she responded. "At least you have your best friend here with you, though." She smiled before she turned back and changed the subject. "Jadis is giving me and you something to do. She doesn't want Jaden to leave the castle until she knows more about what happened to him, so it'll be just the two of us. Do you want go with me, Teyla? We could get to know each other better."

Teyla contemplated the choice. She would probably get to go to different worlds... but what about Jaden? Would she be able to leave him behind by himself? It took her a bit to figure out what she was going to say and she worded it carefully. "Yes, I do. But I also want to be able to check in with Jaden to see if he's improved at all while we are gone. Other than that, I would like to go with you, Parin."

Parin smiled. "Let's see if Jadis can arrange something like that for you then, Teyla. Come on." She took Teyla’s wrist in her left hand and pulled her out the door, down the halls, and into the audience chamber where Jadis was sitting with Ginnabric on her right side.

The two of them stopped talking as soon as the door opened and Parin came running in with Teyla trailing behind her, breathing heavily. Parin bowed slightly as she skidded to a stop just at the foot of the steps followed by Teyla. Teyla bowed after her slightly, not dropping her gaze from Jadis’ face.

"Teyla said that she would come with me if she could have a way to check up on Jaden every now and then, your Majesty." Parin grinned at Jadis, waiting for her to respond.

"Of course, why wouldn't I let you keep in contact with him? Come here, Teyla. I need to give you something in order for you to be able to do this." Jadis rose from her seat and took a step towards the edge of the platform.

Teyla bit her lip slightly then walked up the stairs to stand in front of Jadis. Jadis lifted her chin with a cupped hand and Teyla felt a new kind of energy flow through her body and it caused her to shiver slightly. Jadis let her chin go and sat down in her seat.

"There, child. Now you are able to use darkness to communicate with anyone you would like to. But do not over use it. It may take over your heart if you go over the limit of your strength." Jadis smiled as kindly as she could to Teyla. "You may leave any time you wish. I must leave for a few hours, myself."

Teyla felt the darkness tingling through her body. "Thank you. I really appreciate this, your Majesty." She backed down the stairs to stand next to Parin. The two of them turned and walked out of the audience chamber and back to their room.

When the two of them got back to Teyla’s room Parin smiled at her. "Now that you use darkness the Heartless won't hurt you. Instead you can command some of them. One of the types I know you'll be able to control is Shadows. I can't think you'd be able to control any of the others, though."

Teyla looked at her curiously. "How can you tell?"

"I just can. I was a strange child when I was younger, I can sense things that others can't. For instance, I sensed Jadis when she was going through the darkness finding people she could help and I knew I could trust her. Just like you, I know I can trust you because of the way you feel. Not many people believed I could do this but now they know better." Parin smiled as she finished weaving her lies. She continued down the hallway past Teyla’s room to her own and closed the door. Teyla stood there then walked into her room and packed a few of her things into her backpack.


"I have summoned you here to tell you that the Keyblade wielders Sora and Riku are now in our possession and will not be bothering us any longer." Jadis opened the door and everyone turned to face her.

"How did this happen, Jadis?" Syndrome spoke out first with his eyebrows raised.

"I did it, you idiot." Parin stepped out of a portal of darkness and all of those that didn't know about her swore out loud. She rolled her eyes and leaned against a pillar. "I've also completely befriended Teyla. She trusts me now. I don't think it will take long to sow the seed of doubt into her heart."

"Very good, Parin." Jadis had a smirk upon her face at the notion of her plan moving perfectly so far. "Syndrome, Parin and Teyla are going to your world first. Accept them into your facility and try to keep Syra away from her for as long as possible. Kill Syra and Khryistal when you get the chance."

"I thought I was supposed to kill Syra, the King's brat and the fools, not Khryistal." Syndrome looked at Parin closely, thinking she was going to do something.

"Khryistal is the last Keyblade master of this generation, she must be killed. All of them but the one we have must be killed. Parin was the one who discovered that she was the final Keyblade master." Jadis looked ready to murder him but she restrained herself. After all, he had proven useful in devising ways for the Heartless to travel undetected through the worlds.

"Fine, but if they are going to be in the facility they also have to stay away from the do-gooder that is coming to my island in a few minutes." Syndrome looked from Parin to Jadis, watching the reaction play across her face. "At least until I get rid of him, that is."

"I think that will be fine. Right, Parin?" Jadis looked at Parin briefly before looking into the crystal ball.

"Yes, it will be. I know I can keep her distracted long enough for you to get rid of the three of them. After all, she'll be wanting to learn how to control the Heartless now." Parin started laughing lightly.

Everyone in the room felt the hair, or fur in Hamsterviel’s case, stand up on the backs of their necks as she laughed. Jadis was the first to speak.

"Fine then, take her as soon as you are ready." She turned away to look into the crystal ball and it shifted. Parin smirked and faded into the darkness behind her.

In the ball was an image of Syra putting her wet hair into braids. Syra finished the braid and tied it off. She stiffened slightly then looked around her and rubbed her left shoulder. She gathered all of her things neatly, but quickly, into her bag and left the bathroom with a look over her shoulder directly into the angle from which they were watching her.

"Impressive, she can sense us watching her." said Captain Hook, twirling his moustache with the hook on his right arm. He was tall with beady black eyes and long curly black hair. Hook wore a red tail coat with tan pants and a large red hat with a very large pinkish-purple feather tucked into the hat-band.

Jadis looked briefly at him and the image shifted once more to show a tall, fat man with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a black band over his eyes and wearing a blue and black outfit with a large 'I' on his shirt. He was running through a rain forest, breathing heavily. "Syndrome, you must go prepare for the girl and her friend. Give Parin and Teyla rooms at your facility."

"With pleasure. I'll be off then, good-bye." Syndrome turned away and disappeared through a side door. The remaining members of Jadis’ circle shook their heads and started laughing evilly, Jadis herself turned away.

"This meeting is over. Return to your worlds or, if you wish, you may stay here for the night." Jadis walked out of the room. Most of the other people in the room disappeared through doorways until only Corithia and Lyle Rouke remained.

"The girl is going to be difficult to take care of, isn't she Corithia?" Lyle looked at Corithia, waiting for her response.

"I believe so. She is stronger zan ve first zhought. Syndrome vill not be able to kill 'er. Zere is more to this girl zan zat." Corithia turned her grey eyes on him. "I am staying 'ere tonight, vat are you going to do, Lyle?"

"I have to return to my world and find a fool who is obsessed with Atlantis. After that I must begin the trip to reach the Princess." Lyle looked back at her. "I hope for the trip to last a few days, no longer. By then I hope for Syra to be dead."

"Don't vorry, she vill be dead by zee time you get back with zee princess." Corithia turned on the air and floated out the door. Lyle watched her figure disappear out of the door as he turned and went through the door.

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