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Chapter Three: Chosen Paths

"Hey, Misty where did the coordinates say Destiny Islands were located?" Max was driving and he looked at the screen then out the window several times.

"It should be right... here. Oh no. Mom and Dad were right, the Destiny Islands are gone. But it shouldn't be, not with three Keyblade masters living there, right?" Misty was looking wide eyed at the empty space before their ship where the blip said it should be.

"Misty, you might want to get that letter written soon and tell them whatís wrong." Dewey was looking out the window with his face pressed against the glass not blinking. "I'm trying to see if there is another star about to go out. It might point us in the right direction."

"You do that then, Dewey. Iím gonna turn the ship and head towards Radiant Garden, okay Misty?" Max rolled his eyes before returning to the controls.

Misty was still looking out at the empty space where Destiny Islands once was. "Yeah, go ahead. Dewey, you're gonna make yourself go blind if you don't blink."

"Fine, I will." Dewey pulled back and closed his eyes before shoving his face against the glass again.

Misty went to the back of the ship and got out paper, pencils and a small table to write on. She set the table up in her chair next to Max and started to write.

Mom, Dad,
   I have some bad news, the Destiny Islands are gone and we have no idea where Sora, Riku, Kairi, and their kids have gone. When we first arrived in the area we though we had the wrong coordinates but they're correct, there's just no Destiny Islands. We were wondering how the world could have disappeared with three Keyblade masters living there. Would they not be able to stop it?
   Tell Donald and Daisy that their nephew is pretty dumb for a wizard, and he says "HI!" --yes he screamed it. If they ask why, tell them itís because he has his face pressed against the glass and won't blink for about two minutes and when he does he just slams his face against it again. Max is having a blast flying the ship and won't let me or Dewey near the controls. I can't blame him, though. I am a bad driver...
   Since we didn't find Destiny Islands we are going to go to Radiant Garden to talk to Merlin and see if he might know if anyone survived and where they might be. I miss you both already and the castle itself.
   With Love,
   Misty Mouse ^_^
P.S. Dewey and Max say "Hi!"

Misty put the pencil down and folded the letter. "I just finished writing the letter and I told them about the islands. I don't know what to do if Merlin can't tell us where everyone is."

Max glanced over at Misty. "Well, we could always go look for them if he doesn't know. I don't see the harm in that; as long as I can beat up some Heartless I'll be content. If he can tell us, I wouldn't mind having another team mate to help us."

"Yeah, I guess you're right Max. It would be pretty fun if we did have another team mate. Then we could get more accomplished." Misty went over to the right side of the cockpit and pressed a button. A slit slid open and Misty slid the folded letter into it. "Well, I sent the letter and I also told them that you two said hi."

Dewey finally pulled his face away from the window and looked at Misty. "Really? Did you also tell my aunt and uncle 'Hi', too?"

"Yes, I did. You can write the next letter. How about we take turns writing to them?" Misty looked out the window and saw that they were approaching Radiant Garden.

"Sure, I think that would work cuz then we could tell them what happens from our point of view."

Max jiggled the controls quickly as a large meteor came from ahead, he dodged it quickly. "Sorry about that."

Misty grabbed onto a little handle that stuck out of the side of the ship as it rolled over. Dewey wasn't so lucky, he rolled along the glass dome and landed next to Misty as the ship righted. Misty busted up laughing at Dewey as he slid down the wall. "Letís just land, okay Max?"

Max looked over his shoulder at them and then busted out laughing. "Yeah, we'd better for Dewey's sake."


Syra felt like something was pulling her up out of the darkness towards the bright light high above her. She fluttered her eyes as she woke up and she realized she was on her stomach, with two voices around her. Groaning she rolled over onto her back and she rubbed her eyes with the back of her left hand.

"Yep, sheís alive. Told you she was breathing, Zoey." A girlís voice spoke out louder than the other and someone knelt down in Syra's field of vision. "Hey, are you okay?"

Syra was still blinking her eyes, trying to get them to open all the way. "Yea, I guess so... Ungh, my head hurts. Where am I?" Syra put her hand up to her forehead and felt a small lump there.

"You're in Twilight Town. Where are you from?" The girl held out her hand for Syra to take. "By they way, my name's Khryistal. Whatís yours?"

Syra took Khryistal's hand and pulled herself up. "My name's Syra, I'm from the Destiny Islands." She looked around at them. They were looking at Syra with a curious look.

The only boy was kind of tall though he was shorter than Syra. He had dark brown curly hair and hazel eyes flecked with gold. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a little black sword that had a ruby hilt and a gold grip print just above his heart. His pants were dark blue and had three pockets on the right side. The shoes he wore were sandals, kind of like the ones Syra had on only they were brown.

On his left side was a girl who looked a lot like him. The girl had a purple flower in her long curly dark brown hair and she had dark brown eyes. She had on a one piece, spaghetti strap, pale blue dress that went down to her knees, with pink, red, violet, and white exotic looking flower prints. Under the dress was a pair of black jeans and plain white tennis shoes. She was carrying in her right hand a notebook with a pen sticking out of the spiral.

Khryistal was the same height as Syra and had shoulder length, wavy, golden blonde hair and solid evergreen, green eyes. She was wearing a light green tank top with a darker green vest over top and light tan khaki's with several pockets. Her shoes were the same color as her shirt and had a gold star on the outside of the shoes.

The boy spoke, "My name's Zoey and this is my older sister Joey." Joey's face creased into a warm smile. "She's mute. When she was born something happened to her voice box and she can't speak."

Joey pulled the pen out and wrote something on one of the pages and faced it toward Syra and she read it. 'Heís the idiot, I may be mute but I am incredibly intelligent. I can multiply faster than a computer in my head, he can't even add 99+88.' Syra giggled.

"Okay, if you're so smart, what's 582 x 97?" Syra asked.

Joey already had an answer written down. '56,454.' she smiled.

"Fine, I believe you. Khryistal, you said we were in Twilight Town, right?" She nodded. "My dad told me about this place. He said that he had been here several times when he was my age. He had three friends here..."

"Who were your dad's friends, Syra?" Khryistal looked at her completely alert. "We might know them."

"Umm. I think their names were Hayner, Pence and Olette. I think those were their names." Syra concentrated on the memory of when her father had told her and Teyla about when he woke up in the quiet town nestled in between night and day. And how he met the three of them on accident and later helped them out of a tight spot.

"Well, Hayner's my dad's name and Olette is my mom. Pence is my godfather." Khryistal looked at her seriously. "Do you want to meet them? And who is your dad?"

"My dad's name is Sora and my mom's Kairi."

"They told me about your parents. C'mon, let's introduce you to them. You two coming?" She looked over at Joey and Zoey and they shook their heads.

"We have to go home soon. Our mom wanted us to help out with cleaning the house for our family reunion on Friday." Zoey looked down in embarrassment and Joey just glared at him. "We would but our family is nosy so we have to hide things in strategic places so we'd better go." He looked up and waved at both of them before turning around and walking up a back alley with Joey behind him smiling and waving.

Khryistal looked at Syra. "Don't even think about asking how many people are in their family. Let me just put it this way, there are too many to count." She shuddered at the thought of having a huge family. "Well, come on. We better go before nightfall, that's when those black things show up."

Syra was laughing until Khryistal said 'black things'. She stopped abruptly and looked down. "If they have beady yellow eyes, I know about them. They were at my home, my twin and best friend were with me. I don't know what happened to them, though."

Khryistal looked at her with sympathy and clapped a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, they'll be fine. C'mon, we'd better get going." She started walking towards a staircase and went down. Syra hung back and wiped her eyes before she looked up at the roof above her feeling like she was being watched. She shuddered before running to catch up to Khryistal.


Jadis was standing next to the crystal ball with a hooded figure. "I'm beginning to believe Syndrome. She can sense when we watch her, Parin."

The hooded woman looked over at Jadis. She spoke with the voice of the woman who had confronted Syra the day before. "I knew she would have abilities like this. After all, she is the daughter of one of the Princesses of Heart. Her twin is no exception. They both have extraordinary abilities; what Teyla's are, though, I do not know. More than likely they will surface soon enough, just as Syra's will."

Jadis nodded. "True. Though now that we have Teyla and Jaden on our side, all that is left is for Syra to meet Misty and those buffoons then Syndrome will take care of them for us. Once that is taken care of, our path to Kingdom Hearts shall be laid open."

"Do not underestimate her, Jadis; remember her father, mother, and uncle got away from the island though Kairi is now in our possession. If they find the girl before she reaches Syndrome I believe he would not be able to take care of her easily." Parin turned her covered face back to the ball and it shifted to form Radiant Garden, where Misty, Max and Dewey were talking to Merlin, Cid, Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud and Tifa. "After all, Misty and Syra are two of the last five Keyblade masters."

"Ah, thatís right. They are the last generation of known Keyblade masters. But their parents... they could prove to be a nuisance. What should we do about them, Parin?" Jadis looked into the ball but the image didn't shift.

"We should let Corithia have her fill. For she won't have to worry about the two young ones..." Parin continued to gaze into the ball waiting for Jadis to ask the other question she sensed building in her.

"You know who the last Keyblade master is, don't you Parin? Tell me who it is." Jadis looked at Parin with venom burning in her eyes from having a secret that she should have been told about kept from her knowledge.

"It should be obvious who the child is, Jadis. It is possible that the child will not leave their world with Syra and Misty."

"Fine. So be it, if the child does join Syra and Misty, they will be taken care of." Jadis turned and faded into the darkness once more leaving Parin behind looking into the ball.

"Jadis knows that the child will join her. What shall we do...?Ē Parin turned to an invisible figure that only she could see for the time being. After about fifteen seconds she responded again. "I understand. I'll interfere when I must."

She gazed into the ball one last time as the image shifted to Teyla and Jaden sitting side-by-side at a table talking to each other as Jadis walked in.


"Okay, Merlin said that one of them is in Twilight Town. We better find them quickly.Ē Misty was sitting in the seat next to Max and was extremely jumpy after what Merlin, Cid, Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud and Tifa had told them about the islands disappearing.

"Don't worry, Misty. We'll find them. We have to." Dewey looked at her and saw the worry written all over her face.

"I'll try, Dewey, but I just can't help worrying about them. At least we don't have to worry about sealing the keyhole in Radiant Garden." Misty took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she stood up. "I think I'm going to go get some sleep, guys. Wake me up when we arrive."

"Go right on ahead, Misty. We won't bother you." Max grinned over his shoulder at her.

She smiled before turning around and walking to the back of the ship to lay down on one of the cots. Misty went in and closed the door. She ran to the cot farthest from the door, flopped face down onto the pillow and started to cry. "I don't know what to do... If we don't find whoever is in Twilight Town, I think it will all fall apart." she cried for ten minuets before sleep finally took her and she slept dreamlessly.

Dewey was listening outside the door to see if she was alright. "Well, she just cried herself to sleep. I hope she'll be fine when she wakes up, Max."

"She's tough, she'll be right as rain when we wake her. Believe it or not, I don't blame her for crying, Dewey. She has a lot to handle for a seventeen year old." Max didn't turn from the controls as he responded. He was busy dodging past asteroids that had started to show up as they neared Twilight Town. "I'm gonna have to stop talking now so I can concentrate on getting us through this mess, Dewey. Okay?"

"Okay." Dewey sat down in the chair on Max's left side and watched the asteroids fly past.


Syra was having fun at Khryistal's home. When she walked in Khryistal introduced her and when Syra went forward to shake Hayners hand, he grabbed her arm and put her into a headlock like her dad did every now and then. To Syra's astonishment her father had come here several times over the past twenty-one years to see everyone and meet their kids. However, after about two hours of being there Syra started to feel uneasy.

"So, when did those black things start showing up here?" Syra asked them while they were eating. Hayner looked over at Olette and Khryistal before he responded.

"They've been here for a while, but about six months ago their numbers started to rise. It was last month when the Mayor finally issued a curfew for sundown; their numbers had swelled beyond count. For some reason they are extremely active after the sun goes below the horizon." Hayner shoveled more stuffing into his mouth and swallowed. "When you get done eating go to the window and look out at the street. There are always several out there waiting for someone to step outside so they can steal their hearts."

Olette spoke after a few more minuets of silence, when she noticed Syra glancing out the window a lot. "Is something wrong, Syra? You keep looking out there."

Syra looked back at them and shook her head. "I'm just getting this feeling somethingís gonna happen. I had kind of the same feeling when my world disappeared."

Khryistal looked at Syra oddly then at her parents. They looked at each other then at Syra who was looking out the window again. "How can you tell when something's going to happen, Syra?" Olette asked her as she sat down her fork.

"I don't know, I just feel it. It's like I can see into the future only I feel it instead." Syra rested her elbow on the edge of the table and put her chin into her hand as she continued to look out the window. "I just start feeling uncomfortable and then it starts..." she cut off as rapid knocking came at the door.

"Who in their right mind is out with the Heartless around?" Hayner stood up and crossed over to the door. He opened the door and three people were standing with their backs to the door fending off a lunging shadow with swipes of a Keyblade in the hand of a small figure with large ears. "Get inside. Hurry!" He moved aside and slammed the door when the three had entered the house.

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