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Chapter Two: A Bad Farwell

Misty was a black mouse like her parents but she had a spirit that rivaled her dads. She strove to leave the castle ever since she received the Keyblade four months ago, but her mother wouldn't let her. Finally she was getting her dream come true. She was leaving the castle for the first time without her parents. Misty did have the company of Dewey and Max though, she couldn't leave otherwise.

"Misty, promise me that you will write at least one a week, please." Minnie was hugging Misty, waiting for the right response to come out of her daughter's mouth.

Misty was trying to pull away gently but it just made her mom cling more. Finally she responded, "Yes, momma. I promise Iíll write once a week to you. Now can you let go of me? Dewey and Max are waiting for me."

"Fine, alright. Just remember, don't let the Heartless take over your heart. You mean a lot to your father and I." Minnie pulled back and stood next to Mickey.

"Okay, mom. Iíll write to you when we arrive at Destiny Islands. I love you, mom. I'll say hi to Sora, Riku, Kairi and their kids for you." Misty kissed her mom on the cheek quickly and turned and ran up the steps to the ship. She jumped on just as the door started to close. Misty went to the window and waved out at them with Max and Dewey as the ship launched.

"Don't worry about Misty, she'll be fine with them. Who knows, maybe she'll meet some new people." Mickey put an arm around Minnieís shoulders and held her there as they watched Misty, Dewey and Max wave and then disappear.

"Oh, I know she will, Mickey. But I can't help but feel as though something bad is going to happen to the Destiny Islands before she arrives." Minnie looked at him and he nodded.

"I feel it too, Minnie." The two of them turned and walked back into the castle garden as they looked up at the sky.


"Oh, come on guys! Wait for me!" Syra had just reached the little island and the other two were laughing, running along the beach to the little hut on the ground. They reached the door and went in and hid... Well, Teyla did. Syra reached the door and looked in suspiciously. "Where's Teyla?"

Teyla was standing behind the door, waiting for Syra to come in and close the door so that she could pop out. Syra walked in, closed the door and walked forward cautiously. Jaden rolled his eyes and pulled out one of the three cots along the walls and set it up. Syra was still standing in the middle of the room looking in every direction but behind her. She turned around as Teyla lunged at her and she screamed loudly as she landed on her.

"Hahaha, I told you I would get you. Now we're even." Teyla got off of her sister's leg and helped her up.

"Fine, we're even." She took her sister's hand and pulled herself up. "Let's get our stuff unpacked, then we can go get firewood and sit on the paopu tree while we let the fire warm up."

"Yep, letís get that done." Teyla grabbed one of the remaining cots and unfolded it next to the wall furthest away from Jaden's and laid all of her stuff out on the bed.

Syra did the same then walked out the front door, around the building, and climbed up one of the palms around the hut to hide. She was waiting for only about two minuets before Teyla came out and walked past looking for her. Syra giggled quietly, plucked a coconut from the tree and dropped it onto her sisterís head with a resounding thunk.

"OW!" Teyla dropped as the coconut fell onto her head and she lay there rubbing the spot tenderly. "Syra... where are you? I know you did this." Teyla looked up as Syra held herself still in the leaves. Teyla got up and started to shake the tree as best as she could and Jaden came around the corner.

"Uh Teyla, what are you doing to the tree?" Jaden raised his eyebrows and looked at her like she was nuts. "Syra was going to go find wood, remember? She wouldn't climb a tree just to drop a coconut on your head. Okay, I retract that statement, but you're both even now."

"I guess so... Let's go find her now.Ē She stopped shaking the tree, turned and walked away with Jaden.

Syra was giggling uncontrollably and almost fell out of the tree. She dropped down out of the tree and gathered several dry branches that they didn't bother to pick up and put them in a pile next to the hut. Then she looked closer to the secret place that her parents and her uncle found when they were little. Syra looked around quickly and ducked through the small hole.

She had to crouch down slightly to where she didn't hit her head on the ceiling of the tunnel and walked down it to the wide, spacious cave with the handleless door. She traced the pictures that were on the right side with her finger tips, smiling as she imagined what her parents looked like when they drew all of the pictures. For some reason she felt drawn to the door by some unseen force.

As Syra drew closer to the door she felt as though someone was behind her again. She whipped around quickly to see a little black shadow scuttle down the tunnel. She figured Teyla had seen her and followed her in so she went back out and looked around the beach but she saw no one around. She shrugged and left the little tunnel after looking back at it as she went to the large play ship.

Syra climbed up the ladder, went around the platform and looked around trying to spot downed trees where she could get more wood. Spotting one on the other side of the play ship she dropped down into the water below and swam to the shore.

Upon getting out she felt something watching her again, and she looked around hoping to see what was there. It was the shadow again, only it slid up the cliff wall and disappeared. Syra moved towards the cliff and looked up wondering what it could be. She shook her head and turned to the tree, pulling off branches and piling them next to it.

"Thatís where you disappeared to, Syra." Teyla popped around the tree and scared her. "Definitely even now."

Syra jumped and swung around the branch that was in her hands. She whacked Teyla in the side of the head without meaning to. "TEYLA!"

"Ouch! Syra, that hurt a lot!" Teyla sat down hard and rubbed the side of her face.

"Well then don't scare me like that and I won't swing around and hit you. Anyways, Iím kind of creeped out right now so you doing that just made it worse." Syra had dropped the branch and put a hand on her chest above her heart.

"What do you mean, sis?" Teyla continued rubbing her face and looked at her sister curiously.

"Well, I'm getting the feeling that Iím being watched and a little before you showed up I saw a black shadow slide up the cliff. It's making me nervous." Syra rubbed her arms and looked over at the cliff top.

Teyla leaned back onto her elbows and looked at her twin. "I'm getting the same feeling too, Sy. When we got to the island this morning I saw something like a shadow, too. It came out of the secret place and disappeared, but I though I was just imagining things so I didn't say anything about it."

Syra looked back down at her younger twin and could tell if she was lying, but she didn't say that she met someone on the beach... not yet, at least. "Oh well, as long as nothing shows up and eats our brains we'll be fine tonight. Wait, where's Jaden? Wasn't he with you?"

"Yeah, he had an armful of wood so he went back to the club house, where we should be going." Teyla got up and playfully shoved Syra and picked up an armful of the branches that Syra had ripped off of the dead tree. "Come on, Sis. Letís head back."

"Yeah, okay. Letís go." Syra bent over to pick up the rest of the branches and looked up at the cliff before turning to walk around the long way back to the hut. She couldn't help but look over her shoulder one last time and look around at the familiar place, with the feeling of dread lodged in her stomach.


"The child knows somethingís wrong, Jadis... We must act sooner than you think." A short figure with a lot of hair that spiked up to a single point, stood cloaked in shadows. He spoke as he and six others looked into the crystal ball in the middle of the room. The colorful fog inside of the orb shifted and formed the image of Syra, Teyla, and Jaden who were sitting on the paopu tree laughing. It zeroed in on them briefly and faded into another image of a cold forested land.

"I know this, but we need to retrieve the key first and have the other two on our side before we kill her." the woman, Jadis, spoke in a commanding tone. She was taller than any woman alive in any of the countless worlds scattered across the sky. The skin on her body was pale white and her black eyes scanned the figures around the ball. "Syndrome... the Heartless already know that they are not to take anything until I go back to the island and open the door."

"Ah, but what of the princesses? From what I understand, the darkness has told me there are two new princesses. So, where are they located?" Syndrome spoke again.

"One of them is in my world, of course... and I know how to get to her. Her name is Lucy and I shall take care of her myself."

"The other is in my world, Syndrome. She will be harder to get to but I believe I can find where she is hidden." A new voice spoke up. The man stepped forward into the light of the crystal ball showing that he was old but fit. He had a pistol next to his right pocket in a holster and was wearing a pair of old fashioned pants and a tight fitting t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. "Iím going to be out of reach for a while but I shall return with the princess, or I shall send her with the Heartless if I become tied up. You have my word on that, Jadis."

"Good. Just remember, we must not make the same mistakes as Maleficent did twenty-one years ago." Jadis looked slowly around the room, letting her gaze drill into everyone's soul and leaving them chilled.

"Ah but, vut aboot zee ozer children zat, zat fool of a king, Mickey, 'as let go to zearch for zee Key'oles alzo. Vut shall we do aboot zem?" Another new voice spoke but did not move into the light, the only features you could make out were her eyes and her height.

"We shall do nothing yet, Corithia. Let them meet the girl, then we shall snuff them out quickly." Something rustled as the voice moved forward into the light and revealed it was a half woman and half octopus. Morgana, was her name and she had the same ambitions as her older sister Ursula, though she was just trying to prove to her dead mother who could do the most damage in life. So far, Ursula was winning though not by much.

"What about the little blue pest in my world... If she meets with him they might be able to stop us, however unlikely that is." An extremely small creature with white fur, big ears and beady red eyes, wearing a little red cape spoke up from the pedestal that he was standing on next to Jadis.

"No von asked you, 'Amsterveil." Corithia glared at the hamster with her grey eyes.

"STOP!" a loud male's voice erupted from next to the old man and a blue flame appeared. Hades was the only one who was still alive after the last time the doors were unlocked, other than Captain Hook who was not present. "C'mon, our objective here is to get the remaining princesses and kill the brat, am I right?" a scattered mumble went through the six other figures.

"It is settled. We shall let them meet the girl then we shall let Syndrome take care of them. Do not fail, Syndrome." Jadis faded back into the darkness and so did everyone else but one.

Corithia stood still, gazing into the crystal ball as a laughing face flickered through the foggy material. "Poor child, too bad Iím not zee one to do it..." and she too faded back into the darkness.


Syra sat bolt upright as the wind picked up around the hut waking her from her sleep. She glanced around to see if the other two had awoken but their beds were empty and their things packed. Syra flipped out of the bed, changed out of her pajamas, shoved her things into her backpack, and slung it over her shoulder. When she opened the door she cried out as a small black thing reached for her. She slammed the door and ran up the stairs in the back of the hut and out that door. When she reached the bridge that spanned over the beach to the small island with the paopu tree she saw her sister and Jaden standing side by side with their backs to her looking up into the dense, purple cloud filled sky.

"TEYLA! JADEN!" Syra started to run across the bridge when several of those little black things showed up in front of her and behind her. She skidded to a stop. "GUYS!"

They turned and faced her, both with smiles on their faces as they held out their hands to her. Syra jumped over the black things and ran towards them with her arms outstretched and a look of fear spreading across her face.

"Sis, take our hands now. Letís go with the darkness." Teyla was smiling.

"Yeah, come on. Come with us, Sy." Jaden had a kind of blank look in his eyes that Syra couldn't identify as she ran to them.

"NO! Letís just get out of here, hurry!" Syra reached them but had dropped her arms. She watched shadows form around their feet.

She cried out again as she felt herself falling into a black pit. Blackness started to crawl all over her body, she started thrashing and reaching towards a bright white light just above her head. The light stopped just out of her reach and she tried to lean closer, to reach it, and it flew into her outstretched hands. She landed face down and unconscious in a back alley of a town.

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