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Chapter One: The Beginning of the End

The old Queen Minnie Mouse was talking to her husband King Mickey in the castle Drawing Room. "No! I don't want her to go, Mickey. Don't let Misty go! I don't want to lose her like I almost lost you." She turned away from him and ran over to the window. She looked out over the gardens with tears welling up in her eyes.

"Minnie, you don't have to worry about her. She'll be fine. After all, she is one of the Keyblade holders and she has to protect the worlds from the Heartless. We have to let her go before she sneaks off on her own." Mickey was still standing by one of the tables that lined the far wall. He raised his arms to give her a hug if she turned around. "I haven't heard anything from Sora, Riku or Kairi since the twins' birthday trip. It has me worried, Minnie, since the stars have started to vanish once again. I'm getting the feeling Destiny is next on the list."

Minnie looked back to him then walked into his arms. "Fine, she can go. But I want Dewey and Max to go with her. She also has to write to us every moment that she can." She smiled and relaxed. "I've been noticing that the stars have been disappearing, too, Mickey. Weren't we supposed to meet with Sora and the others tonight?"

"Yes, we were, but Donald and Daisy have been fighting again and neither wants to go anywhere with the other. Tonight Misty was supposed to meet Syra, Teyla and Jaden for the first time."

A concerned look flitted across Minnies face as she glanced out of the window. She buried her face into Mickey's chest and started crying again. "Oh Mickey, another star is going out."

Mickey hugged her tightly and watched the star flare then die out. "Gosh guys, I hope you are okay."


A tall girl with braided, waist length, light brown hair and startling, amythyst eyes looked down from her perch in a palm tree to the sand below. She dropped quietly from the tree and dusted off her white jacket, light blue, single strap, tank top, and her black boy shorts. Syra grinned and started walking in the direction of the tree house, along the beach where she was going to meet her twin sister and her best friend.

About halfway to the tree house she stopped and turned in the direction she came from, feeling as though someone was watching her. She turned back and stopped short, there was a person in a long black cloak with a hood covering their face. She fluttered her eyes quickly, trying to see if it was an illusion, but it wasn't...

"Who are you? What do you want?" Syra looked curiously at the stranger hoping for an answer.

The person continued to watch her, giving Syra the feeling that she was being analyzed.

"Who are you and what do you want?" she repeated the question and stood up straight, pulling the hair out of her face.

The person shifted slightly and, revealing that it was a woman, said quietly, "The worlds are connected once more... There is no way to escape the fate of your world, child." The woman moved aside and Syra narrowed her eyes slightly as she watched her.

Syra edged around the woman, with her gaze on her she broke into a full scale run down the beach. She looked briefly over her shoulder and saw no one where she had been standing. She didn't slow down, instead she picked up more speed. Dodging around fallen rocks she skidded to a stop in front of the tree house and leaned against it to catch her breath. After catching her breath, Syra started climbing the ladder quieter than she normally did and she walked around to the entrance. She paused at the door, listening to Teyla and Jaden argue about something.

"Oh Jaden, please, will you help me? I need to scare Syra for payback." Her sister Teyla was talking quickly with her back to the door. She was the same height as Syra but they had nothing in common other than that. Teylas' hair was shoulder length, dark red, and she had deep blue eyes. She was wearing a pale green tank top with long, dark-blue, boy shorts that had several pockets.

"No, Teyla. You know she will find a way to scare you back. Besides, you two should be getting along not fighting each other." Jaden was sitting against the wall. He was taller than them even though he was the same age. He also had deep silver hair and turquoise eyes. Jaden was wearing a plain yellow t-shirt and blue jeans with a silver and black belt buckle.

Syra walked in and stood against the doorway, waiting to be noticed by one of them. "Fine, I may as well annouce my arrival." Teyla spun around quickly and Syra rolled her eyes. "Took you long enough to notice me, Sis."

"Whatever. You do know tonight I am going to try and get back at you, right?" Teyla had a mischevious grin creeping across her lips.

"Maybe... if I don't get you first." Syra returned the grin and fiddled with the blue 14 karat diamond pendant she had recieved from one of her father's friends for her and her birthday.

"Will you two please stop fighting now?" Jaden stood up. "Come on, let's go get the things for our camp out." He was shaking his head as he walked between them and out the door.

The two of them were still glaring at each other as Teyla rolled her eyes and walked out the door. "Come on, before he spazzes out on us."

"Yeah. Though it would be funny to see since he never loses his temper. I wonder why he never helps us prank each other." Syra giggled slightly and followed Teyla outside and down the ladder.

"You know what, you have a point there. I wonder why he never does, now that you mention it. It's the same for you, it also takes a lot to make you spazz out on someone." Teyla waited for her to drop down and they walked to the dock where Jaden was waiting for them in his boat.

"What do you mean by that, Teyla?" Syra looked at her twin confused.

"Oh, nevermind. You'll figure it out later. Believe me, you will." Teyla looked at her older twin and smiled before hopping into her boat and pushing off. "Come on, let's get going."

"Okay. I'm comin'." Syra dropped off the deck and pushed off, catching up to her twin and Jaden easily. "Let's get going before our parents change their minds and don't let us stay tonight."

The three of them started rowing towards a large island a short distance away. They were all laughing as the three of their boats landed. Syra and Teyla waved to Jaden as he headed in another direction towards his home and the two of them started walking along the beach to their small two story house that was faded blue.

"Mom, Dad, we're back. Just getting the things for our camp out tonight." Syra called out. She took off her beige wrap around sandals and watched her sister do the same with her black ones. They walked into the living room and saw their red haired mother laying on the couch with a book open on her chest, breathing lightly. She was wearing a pale pink one piece strapless dress that went to just above her knees.

"Hmm, she's asleep. Normally your mother only falls asleep with a romance novel..." a voice from behind caused them to jump and spin around to face the man behind them. "I thought you two would be used to me scaring you by now." It was Sora. The Keyblade carrier, though his daughters did not know it. He rolled his eyes and smiled at them.

"Dad, don't do that to us!" Teyla had jumped when their dad spoke and she had her hand still against her chest.

"Yeah. Please, Dad." Syra was glaring at him and breathing quickly. Her mood changed quickly, though. "I think she was reading a romance, Dad. She's out like a light bulb."

He laughed quietly, ruffled her hair and tried to ruffle Teyla's but she kept dodging his hand. "Gotcha!" He caught Teyla in a headlock and ruffled her hair worse than Syra's then let her go.

"DAD!" Teyla shouted, causing their mother to jerk awake.

"What's all of the shouting for? I was having a great dream. We were younger and... Darn, I don't remember the rest." Kairi, their mother, streched out. "Hello girls. Are you ready to go camping tonight?"

"Yeah, most of the way. We just need to get the rest of our things and then we're gone for the night." Teyla was busy pulling her fingers through her hair trying to straighten it.

"Yep. Jaden said his dad was going to come over in a little bit to chat while we're gone." Syra was giggling at her sister.

"Just remember, you two, don't go trying to kill one another tonight. For Jaden's sake, okay?" Sora walked around them and sat down on the couch next to Kairi.


"Whatever... We are going to go upstairs and get our things. So, we'll see you both in a little bit." Teyla grabbed Syra's arm, pulling her around the corner and up the stairs toward their rooms.

Syra walked into her room and looked around for her blue school bag. The room was very clean. She found it after about two minutes of going through the things she had next to her palm desk. Syra got up and went to the drawers along the left side of the room and opened them. She pulled out another tank top like the one she had on and folded it up; she did the same with her black shorts. Putting those into the bag she reached for the drawer that held her pajamas but she stopped when she felt as though someone was watching her again. She whipped around and saw her uncle Riku standing in the doorway with a smile on his face.

"Don't do that, Uncle Riku! I hate it when you stand behind me quietly, it makes me feel like I'm being watched." Syra stuck her tongue out at him.

"Maybe you need more practice at being stealthy." Riku grinned and raised an eyebrow waiting for her to answer. "Well... Aren't you going to answer?"

Syra had bitten her tongue to keep from blurting out a retort but she let it loose. "For your information, Riku, I scared Teyla and Jaden today when we were on the island. So, mmm." She stuck her tongue out at him then turned back around, pulled out her pajamas and put them in her bag.

"Well, Jaden's downstairs with your sister waiting on you." Riku turned and walked quietly away. He scared Teyla by the sound of a shriek.

Syra reached for her stuffed animal and held it close to her body then put it into her bag. After grabbing a few more things, she stood up and surveyed her room one last time, getting the feeling that she wouldn't be back for a long time. Closing the door, she hoisted her bag over her shoulder and went down the stairs quietly. She stood behind Riku with her arms outstreched, ready to grab his sides.

"Don't even think about it, Syranna." Riku turned slightly and grinned. "You have improved."

"Darn it, I thought I had you that time. And don't ever call me that again. You know I hate being called by my full name."

"I know, but it's funny to see the look on your face."

Syra walked past him and stood next to her twin and Jaden. "Well, we're ready now that I'm down here."

"Syra, did you remember to bring the scary stories to read over the fire light?" Jaden looked at her.

"Oops. I'll be right back down." Syra took off running up the stairs and into her room to search for the book. When she spotted it underneath the bed, she reached for it and hit her head as she pulled back causing her to pass out and land on the floor with a muffled thump.


She opened her eyes and was standing in a large black room with no light whatsoever. As she stepped forward light flared from under her feet, revealing a pattern on the floor that looked like her family and friends along with people she hadn't met before. She moved towards the image of her father and looked down at his figure seeing something shaped like a key in his right hand. Syra knelt down and traced the key with her right hand until she reached the handle. A light brighter than the floor erupted from beneath her hand, she pulled back sharply and covered her eyes with both of hands. After the light dimmed out, Syra lowered her arms and saw the key floating in mid air.

A voice spoke out. "If you choose to defend you family and friends you must take something and give up something in return." as the voice spoke three new items appeared. A sheild, a sword, and a wand. "The wand is wisdom, the shield defender and the sword strength. Choose wisely, child..."

Syra looked around her at the three floating objects, wondered which one she would need most, and chose. "I choose the sword to receive and the wand to give up." As she spoke the sword glowed blue and the wand shone black and then vanished.

"Brave choice. Now take up the Keyblade and wield it, but trust your heart to guide you. Good luck on your journey, Syra..." the voice faded and the Keyblade flew to her.


Syra sat up straight on the floor with the book in hand. "What the hell?" She stood up and walked unsteadily toward her bedroom door. She muttered under her breath, "Man, my head hurts."

"What did you do to make your head hurt?" Teyla stuck her head around the corner of the stairs trying to scare her.

"I hit my head on the bottom of my bed while trying to find the book." She lifted it up and waved it in front of Teyla's face.

"Yep, definately a clutz. I win that bet, Sora, so pay up." Riku held out his hand waiting for Sora to finish rumaging around in one of his pockets.

"You bet on me?" Syra looked at her father in disbelief and crossed her arms over her chest. "I can't believe you would do something like that to me, Dad... Come on, guys. Let's go to the island."

She picked up her bag and walked out the door with the others following her, hearing her father saying something like, "What did I do?"

"Sy, you know dad was just joking around, right?" Teyla put a hand on Syra's shoulder and stopped her.

"Yeah. But still, that was mean. He didn't have to bet on me being a clutz... I just hit my head as I crawled out from under the bed and I must have passed out briefly." She reached up, touched the spot on her head and winced when she pressed lightly on the small lump. "Oww. I better go back and apologize to Dad. I'll be right back."

Syra ran back and opened the door to see her uncle laying on his back and her dad laughing his head off. She realized what must have happened. "Oh! I'm sorry, Uncle Riku. I didn't mean to. I didn't know you were standing in front of the door." She scooted around him and held out a hand to help him up.

"Hahaha!" Her dad fell to the floor he was laughing so hard. "I was waiting for someone to open the door on him but I didn't think it would be you. Did you forget something?"

Syra pulled Riku up off of the floor and nodded. "Something like that... Dad, I'm sorry I got mad at you. It's just that I have this weird feeling that something might happen and it won't be good. I also wanted to apologize to you about how I called you a liar when you told us stories about your adventures outside our world. I kind of believe you now." She looked down at her feet.

"Syra, it's okay. I accept your apology. Now get going. And don't worry, nothing bad will happen while I'm on watch." Sora came over and hugged her then he held her out at arms length. "Go on, go have fun."

Syra looked at him with a feeling of dread building up inside her and forced herself to smile. She hugged her mom and uncle before she left and she was running down the beach to the dock where Teyla and Jaden were waiting for her.

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