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Chapter One: The Beginning That Should Have Never Been

After the final battle with Xemnas, Sora and Riku were relaxing on the island when Kairi interrupted them. "Sora!" she called out.

Sora look behind him and saw Kairi running up to him. "Hey, what's up?" he asked.

"Look." Kairi handed him a bottle with a small letter inside.

He looked at it more closely. "From the king?!" he said, wondering what the king could possibly want. He unfurled the note, inside were these simple words...
"Get ready. The battle's not over yet. Be prepared and don't use the keyblades."


Since then Sora had been bewildered. What could that possibly mean? But after spending half a month on the island with no interruptions he started to relax. But today, unknown to Sora, would quite possibly be the last day of peace he would have for a while.

"Shoot! Why am I always so late!" Sora yelled as he tore through the streets of Destiny Islands. He stopped at the shore. As he untied the boat he heard Tidus call to him.

"Yo Sora, you late to meet Riku and Kairi again?"

"Well what do you think?" he called back without bothering to look away from a complex knot he was trying to undo.

"Riku thought you might be late, and that you'd be here, so he..."

"Is there any reason you're telling me this?" Sora interrupted as he gave his knot a frustrated tug.

"Yeah, as I was saying, he said that they're not going to be at the island. You're supposed to meet at Riku's house and..."

"Thanks!" Sora yelled, running past Tidus and happy to get away from his frustrating rope.

"H-hey! I'm not a messenger boy! At least say thank you or something Sor... Aww, forget it." Tidus said, realizing the other boy was nowhere to be seen. "When I see him again I'm gonna kill him." Tidus muttered, walking off to Wakka's.

I wonder why Riku wants to meet here. Sora thought as he rang Riku's doorbell.

"Oh, hello Sora. Come on in. Kairi is already in Riku's room." Riku's mom said with a smile.

"Thanks." he replied as he hurried upstairs.

When he reached Riku's door he heard Riku and Kairi talking. "Hey guys." he said, opening the door.

"Hey Sora, you're late." Kairi said putting her hands on her hips.

"Sorry. I overslept, so... Oww!" Sora rubbed his head. "That hurt, Kairi..."

"Learn to set your alarm then." Riku said from the window.

"Hey Riku, why are we at your place anyway?" he said looking past Kairi.

"Because I found a problem." Riku said, pointing outside on the window.

"Huh?" Sora walked over to the window and looked out. "I don't see anything." he declared, not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

"That's because you're looking at the wrong spot." Riku said pointing to the sky.

Sora shrugged. "So what? It's cloudy. We always get storms, what's the big deal?"

Riku rolled his eyes. "Has being the keyblade master for these past few years taught you anything? Hello! Those dark clouds are just like the clouds that were on the island the..."

"Day we left." Sora finished. Riku nodded. "B-but I thought we stopped the Heartless." Sora said, puzzled.

"I thought so, too. But also I've been thinking that maybe the King's letter is related to this storm...."

"Really? But in the note the king said not to use our keyblades, Riku."

"I know, but I think what he was trying to say was that if we took out our keyblades the Heartless would attack." Riku pointed out.

"So, right now this is like a stand? Neither side attacks until they have a reason." Kairi said nervously. They stood there in a moment of silence with the wind gently blowing into the room.

"Should we do something about this?" Sora asked Riku.

"I'm... I'm not really sure." Riku said, looking outside. "We might be okay but what about everyone else? If the fight ends badly we can get by... but for everyone else, it's a different story."

"We could fight them while keeping the villagers safe." Sora said with a smile.

"But where?" Kairi said, looking at Sora.

"It's actually really simple. We get everyone to the farthest place from the keyhole, Misty Caverns, while we fight." Sora explained.

Riku let out an amused chuckle. "Easier said than done. How are we going to get everyone there?" Riku asked. "It's not like we could tell them what's really happening."

Sora thought for a moment. "We can tell them what's happening, that'll make them move."

"Are you kidding? They won't believe us. In fact, they'll probably blame us for bringing them here." Riku argued.

"I don't mean the whole truth, just a part of it, like the threat the Heartless pose. And we could tell them that the Heartless caused the island to break four years ago." Sora explained.

"Hmm. I guess that could work." Riku said, getting more confident. "Yeah, we'll make it work." Riku finished with a half-smile.

They all nodded. "Let's go." Sora said as he followed Riku and Kairi downstairs and out the door. But when he took a step outside he stepped into a place very far from home. In fact, he wasn't even on the island anymore. When he awoke he found himself staring into nothing but a mass of darkness with a cloaked figure looming over him.

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