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Chapter One

Short summary: Sora the Keyblade wielder has disappeared for over 60 years. A strange man wearing what looked like a cloak from Organization XIII appeared in Traverse Town, 100 Arch Woods, and Olympus Coliseum holding three bundles and placing them in the worlds. (This is only Chapter 1 ^^)

Rating: PG-13

Any Warnings: Expect gore, blood, and swearing

I been having these weird thoughts lately…

…like is any of this for really or not?


Kinzo sat up in a hurry, he long black hair fell in front of his blue eyes. Kinzo had dark skin and even darker, long hair with bright blue eyes.

A small golden bell by his side began to ring, it matched his throbbing head. Hitting a button on the side of the four bells the clock shut down and Kinzo sighed; his thoughts returned to the strange boy he had been dreaming about lately. A boy with a white and red outfit or sometimes wearing a black outfit either falling into black water or fighting blurs that Kinzo could make out. Kinzo pushed the thought away and stood from his bed stretching and walked a crossed his freezing floor with his bear feet.

After ten minutes Kinzo walked out of the bathroom; he had taken a shower, changed out of his pajamas. He was wearing a white vest with a hood that reached his waist. A grey shirt with tight sleeves that had a sweater-like pocket in the front. He had on tan shorts with black pants underneath and a read belt keeping his pants up. Strap over his black hair were goggles. He wore so bracelets on each wrist and two rings on each hand. His thoughts traveled back to the kid that looked so much like him, shaking his head Kinzo had to clear his head for today. Walking over to his window and placing his hands on the windowsill he looked out over Traverse Town.

Kinzo smiled and pressed the play button on his boom box that was next to his bed and a song came on and Kinzo smiled slightly bobbing his head up and down until he heard someone call his name.

Looking up he saw a small group of made up out of two guys and two girls walked to his house and the one that called his name was a red head named Deanth. Quickly turning off the music Kinzo opened his window and stuck his head out when Deanth called again.

“Yo, Kin!” Deanth shouted with one hand to his mouth and one in his pocket. Deanth had bright green eyes that were hidden behind sunglasses for some reason. His hair fall and covered most of his face. He wore a black jacket with a white stripped shirt with four tails under it. He wore jeans with large zippers on his pants; on his feet were white and yellow tennis-shoes. He stood 5 feet 7 inches; he was the oldest one of the group at the age of 16.

The girl next to him was known as Taia, Leon’s grand daughter. She had brown hair with hair pulled into many tiny ponytails across the back of her head. She had on baggy overalls that had the lion head pendent, which Leon once wore, around her neck. She had a scar across her nose from training that matched her with her grand father. She had on black tennis-shoes and stood 5 feet 5 inches, she was 14 the same age as Kinzo.

The next boy Kinzo and the others called Cap’. He had long blond hair that reached his shoulders but was covered with a red cap that was backwards. He wore a red and blue jacket over a white shirt with tan jeans with strips down them. He had yellow tinted glasses that hung low on his nose. In his hands was a skateboard that he kept with him no matter where he went. He was 13 and stood at 5 feet 6 inches.

The last girl was Norie. She had on a blue, white and yellow bandana that had pink dyed bangs fall in front of it; the rest of her long hair was black. She wore a blue tank top covered in bloody flowers, while across her hands fingerless gloves. She wore white pants that cut off at her ankles with black tennis-shoes. She stood 5 feet 6 inches and was the second oldest of the group.

Kinzo smiled to himself as he began to climb down the stairs off his house and rushed out the door shoving black and gold shoes on his feet. Deanth greeted Kinzo with a smack on the back and the group began to laugh as Kinzo stumbled forward and almost fell flat on his face. He joined in one the laughter once he stood up and looked at everyone. It was a good thing to get his mind off the boy in his “dreams”. Turning slightly Kinzo stopped laughing and his blue eyes widened in surprise. Because standing in one of the allies and man was staring at him. Well it looked like he was staring at him but Kinzo could get a good look because the man disappeared quickly with a single hand gesture wanting Kinzo to follow.

“Umm…hey, mates. I got to…uhh…quick-check something.” It was weird for Kinzo to hear his voice again, not to mention the slang he learned from birth. Everyone looked at him and Kinzo looked back quickly.

“Kinzo, can we help?” Cap’ asked and Kinzo took a moment to think. Shaking his head quickly Kinzo began to race off as Norie sighed and held the bridge of her nose and Taia laughed slightly.

“Hate it when he is like this.” Deanth muttered and shrugged putting his hands into his jacket pockets. The group took a moment of silence. “Let’s follow him.” Deanth said and the group cheered as they raced off to follow Kinzo.

Kinzo when form jogging to sprinting as he entered the second district when he saw the man again. The man turned to look back at Kinzo and a small smile crossed his thin lips. Kinzo didn’t know what the man wanted so he slowly reached around his back and grabbed hold of knuckles that he kept hidden in his jacket. The man smiled again and shook his head. This was the first time Kinzo got to see the man; he was wearing a long cloak that reminded Kinzo of one of his dreams.

But the moment his thoughts turned to that dream and throbbing pain filled his heart and mind. Grabbing his chest and head Kinzo fell to his knees and groaned in pain, the man seemed please to see Kinzo’s pain.

Looking up slightly with glazed over eyes Kinzo managed to get this sentence out: “Who…who are you?” The man seemed taken back by the question but he remained silent as he disappeared into the darkness again and Kinzo’s pain slowly disappeared.

Standing, Kinzo stumbled forward but he soon regained his balance and stood up straight. What was happening to him? Kinzo looked up into a more then familiar gothic face of Freya. She was scowling at him.

Freya had long back hair with white bangs that covered her pale face. Her yellow perching eyes just glared at Kinzo while they where half open. Around her neck was a spiked collar that matched her personality. On her body she wore a black tank top with something that Kinzo felt like he knew but didn’t; a heart with two barbed wires around it. On her arms from the elbow down where black fingerless gloves with safety pins in the sides. Her baggy pants where grey with black belts hanging from her waist, her baggy pants fell over her black laced up boots. She stood at 5 feet 7 inches and was 14 years of age.

Kinzo smiled at her in an innocent way and slowly backed off. That was until she spoke.

“What the hell do we have here?” She asked as Kinzo smiled again, Freya wasn’t smiling. “How many times that the Second district is may area? I’m guessin’ over twenty.” Kinzo backed off even more when Freya took a step towards him. “Remember last time?” She asked and Kinzo froze.

“I’m havin’ a troublin’ hard time think-remembering.” Kinzo said, he spoke more in the slang when he was having trouble.

“Stop with your stupid ass slang.” Freya hissed under her breath as she got right into Kinzo’s face. “…Fine, I’ll tell you again: next time you enter my district without my consent I’ll challenge you to a ‘Tag’.” A Tag was when two opponents or more would race to a certain point and grab the other team’s tag. The rules were, there are none. Kinzo swore under his breath and closed his eyes, but then he heard four pairs of feet trampling behind him. Turning around Kinzo saw his gang and smiled as Cap’ picked up his skateboard and threw it to Kinzo who caught it and landed with a 180. “Fine, I accept, mate!” Kinzo shouted pointing at Freya.

To be continued…

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