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The Good-Bye Kiss

I sat in our normal spot at the back of the class room, leafing through the notebook we had used to pass notes so many times. My backpack, resting against the back wall; text books and loose papers were spilling out and crawling across the floor. Everything was the same, except Roxas wasn’t there.

Roxas and I had always been friends, ever since we were very little. During the summer our mothers would get together When Roxas and I were really little and sip iced tea with little umbrellas while Roxas and I played in the kiddy-pool. That had been near twelve years ago. As we got older we were inseparable; we did everything together. We were each other’s dates to the junior high grad dance; and we were there for each other through the troubles; though we usually caused the trouble to begin with.

When we hit high school, everything started to change. Girls on their high heels with matching purses would swoop in like hawks and devour him with their sweet smiles and cooing laughs; though I can hardly blame them. Roxas and I had always talked about dating, but I always refused; for fear of the worst. I didn’t want anything to ruin our friendship. But the truth is, I love him; I always have. I was never able to tell him though.

I watched him from the back with his new found romance; telling our jokes and laughing. He would kiss her on the cheek and I would wish it was me instead. When he grazed the small of her back with his hand I could feel the tingle of his fingers. I looked over to the empty seat beside; the one that looked much like the hole inside me.

Namine and I were polar opposites, but shared the same equator. Unlike my shoulder length strawberry blond hair, she had glistening blond hair that grazed the middle of her back. Her eyes were a sparkling sapphire, where as mine were a light blue green color. She was also taller then me. But we both shared the same feelings for Roxas. I took a quivering breath and whispered hoarsely, “I miss you.” I could feel a single tear run its way down my cheek and take the plunge to the floor. I turned in my seat and watched as the teacher strutted in, as bright as a stuffed peacock. I began writing down the notes on the board.

“What you up too?” a voice asked startling me. I jumped a tiny bit and turned to see Roxas sitting in the seat beside me. “Hi, Saisha.” he said happily.

I smiled back, “Hey. H-how are you?” I asked, wanting to kick myself for sounding so stupid.

“I’m good, just seeing if you’re still on for going to the arcade with Namine and me later.” he said still smiling.

My hear sank but I forced the smile to linger a little while longer, “I wouldn’t miss it.” I said, trying my best to sound happy.

“Hey, Saisha. You know I love you, right?” he asked, looking down at his hands. “You know you’re my best friend, right?” he said looking at me.

Suddenly I couldn’t see the sixteen year old boy anymore. All I saw was the five year old jumping through the mud puddles. “When have I ever forgotten?” I asked with a small grin, poking him lightly in the arm.

He smiled broadly and stood up, “Good, now don’t ever forget it.” he said planting a small kiss on the top of my head and walking back over to Namine. I knew I would never have Roxas, that he would never love me in the same way, I had lost him. A series of tragic events had occurred and I had lost him amongst it all; but not the small five year old boy. The small boy who would run through the rain to play with me. Who begged to play in the park; he had never left.

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