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Chapter One: New Kid at Twilight High

"Hi Jade!" said a little eight year old boy. He had ocean blue blue eyes, and light white/gray hair.

"Hi Ri-" said a little eight year old girl.

"I have something for you." The boy then gave a little decent-sized baby blue charm in the shape of a heart.

"It's your lucky charm! Here, I have something for you, too." the girl then pulled a small silver key out of her pocket. "Here." the girl said, pulling a small key out of her pocket.

"Jade, come on! It's time to go." yelled someone off in the distance.

"Bye Ri-!" said the girl, hugging the boy.

"Never forget me when you're in Traverse Town, ok?"

"I won't!" then the little girl ran off, throwing a kiss at the little boy.


"Jade, get your butt out of that bed! This is the fith time I've called you!" yelled a voice from the hallway.

"Ok, I'm up, I'm up!" Jade yelled out to her mother.

Jade was seventeen years old, and she was going to a new school called Twilight High for her second year in high school. She had just moved to Twilight Town the other month, and was still trying adjust. Jade had jet-black hair, and has hazel colored eyes.

Man, what am I going to wear? Jade got out of her bed and went to her PS2 and put her favorite CD in. Then she turned her TV up all the way. 'Passion' was playing. "I LOVE THIS SONG!"

"Jade, shut up! I can't think with that stuff blasting!" yelled her older sister across the hall.

"You don't need to think, Willow!" Just as the song was ending, Willow walked in and turned off the TV. "Hey! Why did you do that? You could have just turned it down."

"I don't give a crap. I'm trying to finish up my homework."

"How 'bout I just close my door, and you close your door so that way you won't hear my music."

"Whatever. Just keep it down."

Sheesh, what a crab. Jade then turned her TV back on and started the song over. She walked over to her closet and pulled out her favorite dress and threw it on her bed. (It's like the after school outfit Kairi wears in the game, except it's light blue). From the bottom of her closet she pulled out some matching shoes. She then walked over to her dresser and found some navy blue knee socks. Pulling out her jewelry box, she grabbed her lucky charm that someone had given her. "I can't believe I forgot about him." she said, putting the charm on.

After getting dressed and all that other stuff, she ran down the stairs, and ran into Willow. "Sorry, Willow."


Jade grabbed her book bag and her car keys. "Josh, Demyx, I'm leaving!" she yelled towards the den. She could hear her little brothers run up the stairs.

"You got everything?" they asked smiling.

"Do you guys? Come on, we want to get there so I can unpack and then explore the school."

"Ok, but I call front seat!" Demxy yelled running out the door.

"Not if I get there first!" Josh said, running after his brother.

"Hold on, you two! I forgot my phone." Jade then ran up to her room, "'Kay, lets go."

The trip to the school took fifteen minutes, and Jade was already ready to throw her brothers out of her car. This is what happened...

"God, Jade, can't we listen to a DIFFERENT CD?" Josh asked her. "I'm tired of listening to this CD," he said, making a face when the lead singer started screaming the words.

"Just ignore him, Jade. I actually like Kittie," Demyx said.

"Well, of course you do! You're the goth in the family."

"You just noticed that?"

"No, I knew that since you were born."

"F.y.i. I was born BEFORE you," Demyx pointed out.

"Five minutes! Big deal!"

"I'm still older than you."

"Will you two please shut up! If you don't, I will make you walk the rest of the way."

"Hey! There's the school!" Josh yelled from the back seat.

Once Jade parked, her brothers jumped out of the car, following two twin girls walking around the parking lot. Finally, they're gone. I am so glad I unpacked most my stuff yesterday. She then walked to her dorm, which was on the other side of the campus.

"Yuffie! Hey, Yuffie!" A girl appeared beside her. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were my friend Yuffie."

"That's ok. I'm Jade."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Olette." said the brunette girl. "Is this your first year in high school?"

"Third year. This is my first year at Twilight High."

"You're going to love it here. This is my first year in high school but my best friend's friend went here for a year. What's your room number?"

"It's 215."

"Neat! Your room is three doors down from mine and Kairi's. Later, let me introduce you to all my friends."

"What are their names?"

"Well, there's Kairi, Sora, Roxas, Namine, Hayner, Pence, Riku, Yuffie, Leon, and Cloud."

"That's a lot of people. Well, I'll see you later?"

"See ya'."

Jade then walked into room, waving bye to her new friend. "I wonder who my roommate is?" Jade then pulled her CD player out of her closet and put a CD in. Just as 'Passion' was playing, the door opened and a guy with silver hair walked in.

"Who are you?" he asked, "And what are you doing in my room?"

"Your room? This is my room!"

"It can't be! I can't share a room with a girl!"

"And I can't share a room with a guy! We so have to get this sorted out!"

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