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Chapter Two: Day One

The day after Taylor and Naminé arrived at their new school, Twilight High Academy, they realized that they didn’t have a room together. “Wow… I guess all the excitement kept me from realizing that Taylor and I don’t have a room together.” Naminé said. She got out her cell phone and called her sister to find out what room number she was in.

“Hello?” Taylor answered in a happy tone.

“ T., it’s me, what’s your room number?” Naminé asked.

“It’s room number 101.” Taylor said.

“That’s weird, my room number is 100.” Naminé said. Then, at the same time, both girls hung up their cell phones and ran to the door. They looked out their doors, and saw they were neighbors.

For the rest of the day, they spent it wandering the school like everyone else. “Oh my God! This school is HUGE!” Taylor said as they exited through the back.

“Hi!” a girl with pinkish red hair said as she appeared in front of them.

“AH!” they yelled.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare the two of you.” she said.

“I-It’s okay.” Taylor said.

“I’m Kairi.” the girl said.

“I’m Taylor, and this is my sister, Naminé.” Taylor said.

“Hi Taylor! Nice to meet you Naminé!” Kairi exclaimed as she shook Taylor and Naminé’s hands. “Welcome to Twilight High Academy, is this your first time here?” Kairi asked.

“Yeah, it’s our first time.” Naminé said.

“Okay, let me show you around!” Kairi said as she grabbed their hands and pulled them away.


“Whoa, this school is huge!” Naminé said as all three sat on a bench.

“Of course it is! It teaches from grades six to twelve!” Kairi said.

“Wow, this ice cream is good! Where did they get it? I gotta buy some! Nami, can we go and get some from the store? I wonder if they sell it at the store.” Taylor said, she was hyper from all the sugar.

“Oh no!” Naminé said as she watched her sister eat her ice cream. Quickly, Naminé got up, grabbed the bowl of ice cream and threw it away.

“Taylor you know you become sugar hyper if you eat anything with sugar in it!” Naminé said.

“Aw, c’mon Nami!” Taylor whined.

“Sorry. I have to do this, sis.” Naminé sighed. Then she said the words ‘No more allowance’ and Taylor stopped thinking about sugar and came back to her senses.

“Whoa, what just happened?” she asked.

“You ate ice cream.” Kairi said.

“Shoot!” Taylor said.

“C’mon, let’s go tour the school some more.” Naminé laughed.


“So, Kairi, I’ve read in the brochure that people wear uniforms here. Is that true?” Taylor asked.


“I knew it!” Taylor said in a loud but sad tone.

“But how come nobody is wearing their uniforms now?” Naminé asked. They heard a car horn honk but it was faint.

“Well, we don’t get our school uniforms for another month or two.” Kairi said. They heard the car horn get a little louder but they didn’t move out of the way because it was still faint.

“Oh.” the sisters said in unison.

“So...” Naminé was interrupted because all of a sudden a car pulled out right in front of them.

“Naminé, MOVE!” Taylor said as she watched Kairi move to one side, but Naminé froze. Taylor ran up to her sister and pushed her out of the way. “HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU’RE DRIVING!” Taylor yelled as she got up. She then threw a rock at the car and it hit the back window leaving a crack. Then the car came to a complete stop and five guys came out.

“Uh... C’mon, you guys.” Kairi said, tugging on Taylor and Naminé.

“Whoa.” one of the boys said as they examined the cracked glass.

“And that throw came from a girl!” another said.

“Yeah, ya got a problem with that?” Taylor said.

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