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Chapter Nine: After the Battle

The sunrise was colored red as it broke over the foggy morning. Sora’s eyes opened slowly as he yawned. He looked over and saw Naruto asleep in his bed. He winced when he saw the numerous bandages and cloths applied to Naruto’s body. Strangest of all though was the area around Naruto’s stomach. Above his bellybutton there was a circle of five strange spiral-shaped marks. He was relieved to see Naruto’s stomach slowly rise and fall, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

He slowly got up and walked out into the hall, and saw Goofy and Donald coming out of the bathroom. They had solemn faces, and Donald put a hand on Sora’s shoulder. “Don’t worry Sora, we gave Naruto the strongest Megalixir we had. He’ll be all right.”

Goofy smiled a bit, but then asked,“Gawrsh though, what happened? How did Naruto get hurt so badly?”

Sora looked at the floor and clenched his fist tight. “Orochimaru happened.” He turned around and was startled to see Kakashi leaning against the wall. He glanced over at Sora and said, “Could I talk with you three? Outside?” Sora nodded, and they followed Kakashi out of the building. He motioned for them to follow him to the roof, and they ran up the wall to it.

Kakashi stared at the village for a long time before speaking. When he did, he turned to Sora and the others and sighed. “You’re not from the Water Village, are you? As a matter of fact, I don’t think you’re even from this world at all, am I right?” Sora, Donald and Goofy jumped with surprise, but Sora nodded yes.

Kakashi sighed again. “Listen, I know what happened last night wasn’t your fault. All the same, I want you to leave the village. Today.”

“What?!” Sora, Donald, and Goofy all yelled in surprise. Donald angrily shouted at Kakashi.

“Waagh! You ungrateful piece of malarkey! We’re here to help get rid of the Heartless, and this is how you repay us?!”

Goofy pointed angrily. “Yeah, we just wanna stop that Orochimaru guy! We’re not here to hurt anyone!”

Kakashi’s voice darkened as he yelled back. “I don’t care why you’re here! We’re better off without you!” They watched as Kakashi explained. “The Keyblade has been to all of our worlds, at one time or another, at a previous time. You are not the first Keyblade master to exist. What each Keyblade master does with his power, however, is different as day or night.”

He turned the opposite direction. “I realize that you’re here for a good purpose, but we’ve seen what an evil Keyblade master can do.” He turned back to glare at Sora with cold eyes. “One of them unleashed the Nine Tailed Fox.” Before he would say anymore, he zipped off.

Sora was silent. Then before long, turned to Goofy and Donald and said, “Goofy, Donald, let’s go.”

Goofy protested. “But Sora, we haven’t stopped that Orochimaru guys yet. We can’t just leave, can we?” Donald slowly shook his head, and turned to follow Sora towards the direction of where the Gummi Ship was hidden. Goofy sighed and prepared to follow.

Sora prepared to leap off the roof when a figure spoke next to him. “Going somewhere, Keyblade master?” Sora turned to see the Third Hokage standing beside him. He motioned for Goofy and Donald to stop.

“Oh, yeah. We’re just…leaving, that’s all.”

The Third Hokage smiled and turned to survey the village. “Kakashi wasn’t always like that. At one time was just a ninja in-training, like little Naruto.” He sighed regretfully. “Times change though. Our land has been through many wars, and tough strife has gripped people in fear so very much. One day Kakashi decided he would take no chances in protecting this village’s safety. He doesn’t mean to come off like he did back there. He believes he’s looking out for everyone’s safety. And I know for a fact that Orochimaru’s doings are not because of you.”

He frowned at the memory. “Orochimaru was once one of our villagers here, and I was his teacher. From the start I recognized he had a brilliant ability and tactical genius the likes of which I had only dreamed about. I thought that he would one day be the next Hokage, and protect our home after I had moved on. But he began to turn dark and begun performing sick and twisted experiments to explore jutsu development on humans. We caught him at it, and he fled from the village, and hadn’t returned ever since.”

“He claimed he wanted to learn every jutsu possible, and in the process discover and create more. The one he was after though, was the Forbidden Art of Immortality. He was afraid of growing old and feeble in his diabolical quest, and turned to the Heartless for help. In the end, he agreed to help the Heartless overrun this world, and many others. In return, their darkness would fuel his jutsu and extend his lifespan.”

“It seems though, that there are others who are helping the Heartless, and they’re searching for seven ‘Princesses of the Key'."

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