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Chapter Eight: Fate of an Outcast

Naruto leapt onto the top of one final building. He ignored the freezing rain that whipped past him, and stared intently at the shadows before him. He opened his pocket and brought out a kunai as he approached the empty black void. He growled angrily at the shadows. “Come on out, Orochimaru. I know you’re there you dirty little belly-crawler!”

As if on cue, the pale-skinned figure seemed to appear from the shadows, like he had been waiting for Naruto from the start. Naruto tensed up and held the kunai pointed at Orochimaru. He merely chuckled as he seemed to hiss as he spoke.

“Well well well, look what we have here. Tell me child, why have you come to seek me out at this time of night? You should be getting your rest.” He spoke with mock appreciation.

Naruto scowled angrily. “Don’t try to act funny with me, Orochimaru. You know darn well why I’ve come here. I’ve come to finish you once and for all!” Thunder crashed through the storm, but it didn’t drown out Orochimaru’s laughter.

“Defeat me? You? Foolish, simply foolish! You never have, nor will you ever have, a chance to defeat me. Simple as-.” Before Orochimaru could finish, Naruto’s kunai came streaking towards him, and he had to sidestep out of the way. Naruto came flying at him with his fists ready, roaring as the lightning crashed behind them.

Orochimaru blocked his attacks, and noticed a gap when Naruto swung too wide. He delivered a bone-snapping kick and sent Naruto tumbling to the edge of the roof. He looked upward and opened his mouth wide. A snake head slithered out and regurgitated a gleaming, wicked samurai blade. Orochimaru grasped the hilt and watched as Naruto got up off the ground.

Naruto’s hands moved furiously as he made signs for a jutsu. He looked up as he yelled, “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Five other Narutos appeared beside him as they all charged Orochimaru. His blade however, slashed expertly through each Naruto, punctuating the finale by impaling the real Naruto on the sword. Blood poured from Naruto’s mouth, and Orochimaru raised him up off the blade and hurled him to the ground.

Orochimaru mocked Naruto as he struggled to get up. “Why is it you persist, boy? Why do you even try to continue? You know it is futile! You alone cannot stop this village’s destruction!”

Naruto looked at Orochimaru and smirked. “I…never…back down…as a ninja…and I…never…give up!”

Orochimaru’s eyes turned cold as his tone turned to humorous. “Do you know why there are four faces atop our village, and yet we are governed by the THIRD Hokage?” Naruto glanced over at the stone faces over the village, and looked at the fourth one.

“Of course I know. The Fourth Hokage died defending our village from an attack.” Uncertainty had begun to creep into Naruto’s voice.

Orochimaru grinned viciously. “And do you know what it was this village was fighting, hm?” Naruto was silent, his eyes becoming wider with realization. “Yes, many years ago this village was ravaged by a vicious demon! A demon known as the Nine Tailed Fox! Sound a bit familiar?” Naruto didn’t even speak, his kunai hitting the roof with a clang.

“The village was being torn apart by that demon for what felt like an eternity. That is, until the Fourth Hokage decided to lay down his life for us all! He used a powerful jutsu that cost him his own life, but at the same time sealed away the Nine Tailed Fox! And do you know what he sealed that beast inside?” Naruto’s hand shook as he slowly replied.

“Me...?” Orochimaru laughed maniacally. Naruto’s eyes began to brim with tears. “That monster is inside…”

“Ha ha ha! Yes Naruto, the Nine Tailed Fox rests within you! It’s been there ever since that day you were born!” The sky thundered and crashed as Orochimaru continued. Sora appeared on the edge of the rooftop, and he cried out as he ran towards Naruto. Orochimaru beckoned, and Heartless leapt from the shadows to restrain Sora. He struggled under the massive amount of Heartless, but hesitated when he saw the look in Naruto’s eyes.

“The village has hated you and shunned you for your whole life because of that sacrifice! They despise you and wish you were dead! Now tell me, is that something worth fighting for?” Naruto said nothing, only stared at Orochimaru with a broken look in his eyes.

Orochimaru smirked as he raised his hand, and a small purple flame appeared on each finger. Sora gasped and managed to throw off the Heartless as he made a dash to stop him. He screamed for Naruto to run, to do something to escape.

“Naruto, get out of there! Run! Come on!” Naruto stood there in a daze as his tears streamed down his face. As Orochimaru streaked towards him with his hand outstretched, he remembered his terrible life as a child. Time seemed to slow down to a crawl as he felt the cold hatred of everyone, living in constant sadness and pain. As Orochimaru raised his hand to strike, he was sure he could hear Naruto nearby, calling out to him.

He knew that these were the last thoughts he would ever know, but for some strange reason, all he could think about was Hinata. At that moment, he realized of how she truly felt for him, and how he felt about her. He closed his eyes with sadness, angry that he had never gotten the chance to tell her. He whispered “Goodbye” one final time as the rain drowned out Sora’s screams, as Orochimaru triumphantly cried out his cursed jutsu.

“Five Pronged Seal!” Orochimaru’s hand stabbed into Naruto’s stomach as the breath left his body. Sora looked on helplessly as Heartless blocked him from saving Naruto. He watched as Naruto’s body flew backwards, his eyes closed and his mouth a peaceful smile, his body falling off the roof and down, into the cruel abyss of the ground.

Enraged, Sora slashed through the Heartless and ran for the roof’s edge. Orochimaru simply stood there, laughing cruelly like a maniac. As Sora hopped off the roof’s edge and wall-bounced between the two buildings to the ground, he saw Naruto’s body lying limply on the ground, the rain cascading over the blood and wounds. He ran over and desperately tried his strongest Curaga spells, but to no effect. He slammed his fists into the mud as he defiantly raised his head to the sky and screamed.


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