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Chapter Seven: No Regrets

Rain slowly began to tap on the window as Naruto’s house remained quiet. Goofy and Donald snored peacefully, but Sora stared at the ceiling. He couldn’t stop being worried about Naruto. He knew Naruto had a crush on Sakura already, and what he saw at Sakura’s house didn’t help. He just hoped Naruto didn’t try to do anything rash, or...

He paused in thought. He could have sworn he just heard a noise from Naruto’s front door. He silently got up and ran to Naruto’s room. The door was already open. He nervously peered inside and was horrified to see his bed empty. He raced to the front door and sprinted down the hall. He already knew Naruto wasn’t in the building anymore, but he prayed that Naruto wasn’t trying to confront who he thought. He ran out the door into the pounding rain, and glanced from side to side for a sign that Naruto was nearby.

Nothing. He should’ve suspected as much. He turned back to Naruto’s house and prepared to perform the wall-climbing exercise. He focused his chakra to his feet, then jumped onto the wall to head up. He was doing just fine until he began to lose his balance. The rainwater was making the surface too slippery, and he started to lose control. He struggled to navigate the rest of the way up the wall, not daring to look at how far away he was from the ground.

After what seemed like forever the edge of the roof came in sight. He reached for it, but suddenly his chakra seemed to vanish. He felt his feet slip off the wall and slice through nothing but air as the roof began to draw away from him. He plummeted through the air until he hit the ground with a crash. He groaned, and made an attempt to get up. Pain arced up and down his leg and arm like a xylophone being played by a rusty chainsaw. He fell back over and gasped with ache. He lifted his hand and summoned the Keyblade, then muttered a Curaga spell.

The strain of providing a high-level spell in his current state made him short of breath, but the pain slowly left his limbs. He used the Keyblade as a brace and slowly got up off the ground. The rain came down heavy now, and thunder rumbled in the sky. He desperately searched for Naruto, and was prepared to give up. That is, until he saw the sign he had been waiting for. He noticed Naruto leap effortlessly onto a building, glance around, then leap onward. Sora gathered his strength and followed him from the streets below.


Hinata watched as the rain cascaded off her window. She slowly yawned and she glanced at her clock. Three a.m. She turned over and pulled the covers up to provide warmth. She had been awake for a while now, and knew very well that she needed to go to sleep. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. About Naruto.

She turned back over and looked at the picture of him on her nightstand. He smiled happily, and she smiled back. She leaned over and kissed it, something she did every night, hoping that wherever Naruto was he would feel it. She turned back over and slowly shut her eyes when she heard a knock at her window.

She gasped and sat up in her bed. She nervously looked at her window and saw someone crouched outside. She almost screamed, but held it when she recognized the yellow hair. Her heart soared. Naruto! She set her feet down on the floorboards as she went over to the window. She undid the lock and slid it open. Naruto was crouched outside, his face looking serious.

Hinata shyly cocked her head. “Naruto? What’re you doing here? And at this hour?”

Naruto opened his mouth to answer, but his face turned bright red as he covered his eyes and pointed at her. She looked down and gasped with embarrassment. She had forgotten that she was only wearing her bra and panties, and unfortunately they had been the ones with sexy frills and ribbons on them. She grabbed her sheet from the bed and whispered, “Um, you can look now.” Naruto slowly lowered his hands and grinned slightly.

“Sorry about that, Hinata.” She smiled back, and he nervously scratched the back of his head. “If it’s any help, you looked really great!” She blushed with fierce embarrassment now, and lowered her head. Naruto mentally smacked himself. “Oh, I didn’t mean it like that! My fault!”

She looked up and smiled. “It’s all right. I-I know you’re not that kind of person, Naruto. B-but…why are you here?”

Naruto’s face turned grim again. “I came to say…thanks for being there when I never noticed you. I…haven’t always treated you like a friend, and well, you’ve always been someone to talk to, and I haven’t appreciated that. So thank you.”

Hinata cursed herself for blushing so much, and Naruto turned to leave. She worriedly called after him. “Wait! I-I appreciate this, but why now?”

Naruto turned to face the distance, as if he was ready to walk to the gallows with a fight. “At least this way I’ll have no regrets when…” He stopped, and looked back at Hinata one last time. He waved, “Goodbye Hinata…”, and leaped off into the stormy night.

Hinata stared into the rain for a long, long time. She hoped that Naruto would come back and she could tell him how she felt. She hoped that he could come back and tell her that he liked her just how she liked him. She calmed herself, knowing that now probably wasn’t time. But her thoughts nagged at the back of her head as she slowly went to sleep; why did it feel like that was the last time she would ever see him again?

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