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Chapter Six: Broken Hearts

They quietly traveled through the trees tailing Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto got a little ahead of the others however, and at one point he stopped and gasped. The next thing that happened was that Donald smashed into him, with Sora right behind, and Goofy for a ‘smashing’ finale. How they managed to still stay on the branch and not make a sound is beyond anyone, but what they saw was surprise enough.

Sakura was holding Sasuke’s hand, and they were talking to each other like two very close friends. Naruto growled silently, as they finally reached Sakura’s house. Sasuke let go of her hand and smiled, “Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow Sakura.” He turned to leave when Sakura gently put her hand on his shoulder. He turned around to face her. Sakura smiled, and brushed her hair out of her face. She blushed as she spoke to Sasuke in a caring tone.

“Thank you for…escorting me home tonight Sasuke. I didn’t think you’d want to be around me, seeing as how I can be annoying sometimes.” She looked up at him nervously while she blushed harder, while Naruto’s anger threatened to burn down the tree. Sasuke just stared at her with his face slightly reddening. She looked down at her feet as she continued.

“Do you remember… when we were little how you thought I was annoying when I said I liked you… and when I would try and be near you?”

Sasuke nodded slowly, like he was in a dream. “Um, yeah… I remember.”

Sakura smiled a bit. “I was wondering…would you still, um…” She looked down at her feet again, but Sasuke put his hand under her chin and lifted her face up. She continued, “…would you still think it’s, you know, weird if I said that I…maybe…like you?” She was bright red, and Sasuke looked as if Sakura had lobsters crawling out her ears. She saw and thought she had said too much. She sniffed as tears began to form in her eyes. Sora and Donald now had to make a strenuous effort to restrain Naruto, who was, at the moment, furious.

She backed up and turned around, the tears rolling down her face. “I’m sorry, it’s stupid, I know. I shouldn’t have said-.”

Sasuke walked over and turned her around. She looked up at him and sniffed, and he wiped a tear from her eye. He smiled and replied, “To answer your question…no, I wouldn’t.” He slowly began moving his head towards her, and Sakura stood on her tip-toes to reach him. They gently embraced in a kiss, Sakura’s arms slowly wrapping around his neck.

Naruto stopped struggling now, and watched them in a daze. Sora was preapared to stop him, but stopped when he saw. Naruto’s eyes slowly filled with tears, and he angrily turned and jumped off into the night. Sora reached after him, and whispered, “Naruto, wait!” He looked back and saw Sasuke twitch, then pull away from her.

Sakura’s expression turned to worry. “Is something wrong?” Sasuke slowly backed away, and looked at her with pain in his eyes.

“Sakura, I’m sorry, but I…” He struggled to tell her why he had broken from the greatest feeling he had ever felt with anyone, but he sighed, and shut his eyes painfully. “I’m sorry, I…I shouldn’t have done that. I’ll…I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Sakura tried to console him. “No, wait Sasuke! You didn’t do anything wrong! Please!” Sasuke sadly shook his head and turned off into the night. Sakura’s tears came again, and she fell onto her knees, sobbing. Sora glanced at Donald and Goofy, and nodded. They turned to leave, but Goofy motioned back to Sakura.

“Um, guys? Don’t ya think we should try to help Sakura? She looks pretty hurt.”

Donald sighed with sadness. “Goofy, there’s no amount of magic or consoling that can help her right now.” They turned and chased after Naruto, leaving Sakura to slowly mend her broken heart, all alone.


Inside Orochimaru’s hideout, he once again was looking into the crystal orb. He had seen the event that had just unfolded, and chuckled with anticipation. Unguarded, Sakura’s heart was his for the taking. He motioned, and saw a Heartless approaching Sakura from behind.

“And so it ends, dear princess. It’s a shame I had to kill you to secure your heart, but I cannot risk that Keybearer interfering again. And now…” He stopped. The Heartless simply stood behind Sakura, not even reaching for her. He growled in frustration, and turned to face Rasputin, who was in the middle of the chamber.

“Impossible! That Heartless should easily be able to take the heart of a princess! Why won’t it do it?!” He clenched his fist in anger as Rasputin chuckled.

“Simple, Orochimaru. That girl is not one of the seven princesses.”

“What?! How can that be? It has to be her! Only one who has been affected by that yellow-haired nuisance could be one of the seven princesses! There is no other possible candidate!”

Rasputin walked over to the crystal orb and waved his hand over it rhythmically. The image changed to that of a black-haired girl staring dreamily at a picture of a familiar yellow-haired boy on her nightstand. He smirked, “Oh of course there can. You just have to know where to look…”

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