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Chapter Four: Kakashi

Sora woke up with a groan. His head hurt in a hundred different places. He sat up and glanced around. Goofy, Donald and Naruto were waking up just now too, and looked just as worse for the wear as him. Sora looked up and saw how high up the tree branches were. It was a miracle he was alive.

He stood up and dusted himself off. He felt worried that the Heartless had escaped with that girl. Judging by Naruto’s reaction she was somebody important. Sakura might be part of a larger scheme, like the princesses of heart from his first adventure. Their hearts alone opened the door to the heart of all worlds, and it took the combined might of both Sora and King Mickey’s Keyblades to seal it. If there were seven other princesses the Heartless were gathering this time, what was their power?

Naruto hopped over and grinned. “Sorry about that, Sora. That Heartless must have gotten a pretty good jump on us. It still has Sakura, though.” His face twinged with worry. “Maybe Kakashi sensei will know what to do. Follow me!” Naruto didn’t bother taking them through the treetops this time. They took their time on the ground, easing their injuries. He led Sora and the others through the foliage and brought them to a magnificent cliff overlooking Naruto’s village. It was breathtaking. The town itself was massive, with several buildings and sprawling with people. Over the quaint village was a large rock face with four faces carved into it. Each one depicted a different man, some seeming older than the next.

Naruto proudly waved his arm towards the town. “Welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village!”

Sora gasped as he surveyed the landscape. “Wow, it’s beautiful, Naruto…”

Goofy pointed at a man with white hair who seemed to be watching them from a rooftop. “Gawrsh, um, who’s that? He seems kinda spooky.”

Naruto turned and brightened when he saw who it was. “Oh, that’s Kakashi sensei! Hey, Sensei! Over here!” Naruto ran towards the figure, eager with laughter. Sora was prepared to follow him when he suddenly felt a knife at his throat. He froze, nervous of his attacker.

A cunning voice whispered from behind him. “Well well, a newcomer. Seems I don’t know who you are yet, so why don’t you introduce yourself in the Black Ops interrogation room, hm?” Sora was ready to materialize his Keyblade and attack this mysterious stranger, whoever he was. Any second now he would strike.

Donald jumped up and down, screaming at the figure. “Hey, you let him go! I mean it!” Immediately there was a flash of smoke, and suddenly a man had a knife at Donald’s throat as well. Sora was astounded when he realized this was the same person! Of course he didn’t know what his captor looked like, but he recognized his voice.

“Look featherhead, I don’t have time to play games right now. Either you tell me where you’re from or I’ll have to open your head and find out for myself.”

Goofy shook nervously, then slowly looked from side to side to make sure no one was around. Then he raised his shield and prepared to charge, but a pair of hands dropped out of the tree and grabbed him under his arms, lifting him up and pinning him to the tree branch above. “Waagh! What did I do?”

The voice sounded again, but from all three captors at the same time. “I’ll ask you one more time, who are you?”

Sora nervously answered, “I’m…uh…” He remembered Donald saying to be careful of who they revealed themselves to, to protect the world order. He tightened his grip on his Keyblade and blindly tried to swing around to strike his mysterious attacker. The figure grabbed Sora’s wrist and twisted it, knocking the Keyblade out of his hands. It fell to the ground, and Sora fell soon after it.

His attacker still had the kunai to his throat, and he whispered harshly, “Well, if you don’t feel like talking, maybe I’ll just cut off your tongue then.” Sora gasped as Naruto ran in on the scene.

Sora screamed for Naruto to run. “Naruto! Don’t come any closer! Save yourself!” Naruto just looked puzzled, then angrily pointed at the mysterious attacker.

“Hey, what the heck do you think you’re doing, Kakashi sensei? Why are you trying to kill them? Sheesh! Have you no respect? These guys aren’t bad! Let ‘em go!”

Kakashi sighed, and the ‘Kakashis’ holding Goofy and Donald vanished, and Goofy plummeted from the tree, landing with a crash. The Kakashi behind Sora didn’t vanish though, and instead withdrew his kunai and walked over to Naruto. “Who exactly are these people, Naruto? Do you even know where they’re from?”

Naruto paused, then turned to Sora and asked, “Hey, that’s right! You never did tell me where you’re from, Sora! So what village are you from?”

Sora nervously scratched the back of his head. “Um, we’re from…um…” Donald jumped up and came to the rescue.

“We’re from the, um, water village! Yeah, that’s it! The water village!” Goofy paused in thought, and then agreed.

“Yup, born and raised in good old water village! A-hyuck!” Goofy began to laugh, but Donald thumped him over the head with his staff. “Ouch! Gawrsh Donald, what was that for?”

Kakashi pondered suspiciously. “I see…”

Naruto grinned and ran over to Kakashi eagerly. "Kakashi sensei, is it all right with you if I take them on a tour of the village? Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on them!”

Kakashi eyed Sora and the others carefully, then answered, “Oh, all right. But make sure you stay out of trouble.” And with that, he leapt off into the forest.

Naruto pointed in Kakashi’s direction. “Don’t worry about him. He’s a real nice guy once you get to know him. Anyways, how about I show you guys around? Then afterwards we can ask Kakashi for some help finding Sakura.”

Sora nodded, “Sounds good to me.” Naruto led Sora, Donald and Goofy down the path as he began to show them around his hometown.


Orochimaru stood in the middle of his chamber next to Rasputin. He motioned, and the Shogun Heartless brought Sakura over on its shoulder. Orochimaru smirked satisfied, then turned to Rasputin. “I believe the girl is in your hands from this point?”

Rasputin glided over and let his hand hover above the girl. He tensed his fingers, then turned back to Orochimaru. “The girl’s heart is not ready yet. There is some force within her that protects her from my darkness. It lies within the village. Go there and snuff it out.”

Orochimaru frowned; disappointed that he still had work to do in that pathetic village. He turned and pointed at the Shogun Heartless. “You! Gather a squadron of your strongest Heartless and come with me to the Village! It seems we still have unfinished business there.” The Heartless Captain nodded and slung the unconscious Sakura over its shoulder armor. It turned and zipped out, and Orochimaru followed behind.

Rasputin watched as he departed, then chuckled. “It is a shame that your heart must be devoured so soon, Orochimaru… However…” He turned to face the small crystal in the center of the chamber, and a familiar enormous form was depicted within. “What Heartless your heart will bring forth from the Dark Depths should be interesting to witness…”

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