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Chapter Twenty Two: The Canyon Mishap

Smoke wafted from the Gummi Ship as Sora and the others woozily climbed out. Sora gagged for air. “Okay Goofy, the next time you wanna do that, let us know so we can find a planet for you to do it on!”

“Oh no, don’t you go blamin’ me fer that! That whole gassassination attempt was all Donald’s fault!”

“What?! Oh please Goofy, I saw your seat rattle for crying out loud!” As they all quarreled they failed to notice the small white figure pick himself up from the dirt.

“Oogh...wha?! Who are you guys?” They turned to see the little white figure with an exceptionally large nose glance upwards towards the top of the canyon. “Yeesh! I can’t believe we weren’t just killed!”

Sora walked over and leaned down to talk to the figure. “Um, hi. What exactly are you?” He poked the little guy’s head, and he fumed and smacked the hand away.

“Hey, cut that out! I’m Fone Bone, a Bone from Boneville! And exactly who are you guys?”

“Well, I’m Sora, and this is Donald and Goofy.” Fone Bone glanced over, apparently a little freaked out.

“Whoever you guys are, you just separated me from my cousins Phoney and Smiley!” He walked over the cliff wall and called up. “Hey! Guys! I’m down here! Can you hear me? HEY!” If Fone Bone had been more observant he would have noticed the large pair of eyes sleepily open from a nearby cave and glare at him.

“Sheesh, they’re probably still up on the cliff. Here, let’s go up and see if they’re okay.” Sora nodded, seeing as how he almost killed him with the Gummi Ship. They carefully navigated their way up the cliff face, following Fone Bone as he climbed up. When they finally made it, they looked around for his cousins.

“Um, Fone Bone? Are you sure we climbed up the right side?” Sora pointed to the other side, which had the signs of a collision on the ground.

Fone Bone’s eyes grew wide with panic. “Oh no! We climbed up the wrong side! Phoney, help! You gotta save me! Smiley? Oh god, I must be crazy! I’m calling SMILEY for help!”

Goofy looked on the ground and noticed the remains of something. He picked it up and brought it over to Fone Bone. “Um, Mister Bone? Does this belong to one of your cousins?”

Fone Bone smiled when he took the item. “Hey, this is one of Smiley’s cigar stubs! And there’s another one over there!” Fone Bone led Sora and the others along the path leading to the mountains, following Smiley’s sparse trail of cigar butts. As they navigated into the harsh pass, night soon came upon them, and they decided to rest for the night.

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