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Chapter Twenty: The Dark One Speaks

The night sky seemed to pulsate with the evil that circulated the desolate castle. Its ancient turrets and enormous structure demonstrated a sturdy fortress that could withstand a great deal. The people inhabiting it, however, demonstrated the unrestrained capacity of evil. On the highest turret, on a windswept balcony, a figure in a flowing brown cloak leaned against the stone and gazed out into the horizon.

The night held no secrets for him. Most of the important things in his life had occurred at night, anyways. For instance, he was created from the pits of darkness during the last moments of twilight, and spent his first agonizing breaths gaping at the endless night sky. He earned the mighty weapon he now wielded under the cowl of night; by slaying a creature so nightmarish that even in the daytime it would make even the bravest of warriors go insane.

Most important of all, however, he first encountered the Heartless of the Void in the infinite night that was space. Oh yes, he had fond memories of that. Trying to hold open the jaws of something easily wide enough to span your field of vision isn’t exactly easy to accomplish on your first try. Attempting (and failing) to hold onto your sanity as you stared into the eyes of your own destruction was no piece of cake. Being absolutely slaughtered, maimed, and beaten to the very edge of reality, and then dragged through it all over again was not even the least bit fun. However long he lasted against the beast, it was still, within the blanket of that very night, that he accepted the mission set before him; the one that would result in the death of the Keyblade master and the renewal of the Door to Darkness.

He stood up from the balcony and turned to face the newcomer. He had long spiked black hair and wore shoulder armor and lower torso armor. Leather straps stretched across his chest and held a cloak onto his shoulders, and he clutched a mighty red-and-black sword in his hand that gleamed with wicked energy.

“Have you spoken to him yet?”

The brown-cloaked figure scoffed. “I don’t believe I need to go and report to him every time I walk in and out of this place. I already brought the princess and left her in the dungeons. Why don’t you go and let him know?”

The black-haired warrior grinned, “I did, but he really doesn’t trust me, remember?” He gestured to a gaping scar across his chest, and the brown-cloaked figure nodded.

“Right. Almost forgot about that whole incident.” He sighed and began to walk inside the fortress. He continued on through seemingly endless hallways, ones that became blacker and more twisted as he carried on. When he finally stopped, he had reached a vast, darkened chamber. He approached a small pedestal in the center and pointed his hand, palm first, at its surface.

Black tendrils of smoke sifted from his hand and met the surface of the stone, and a cloud of black darkness rose into the air. A pair of menacing red eyes glowed from the inner black, and its voice seemed to whisper like the wind whipping through a decayed forest, but at the same time rumble like a volcano’s eruption.

“What news do you bring me?”

The cloaked figure shut his eyes and paused a few seconds, as if looking for his focus. “I have brought the princess from the Village Hidden in the Leaves for you, my lord. I await your orders of which princess to seek next.”

The smoke seemed to vibrate with a soft, rumbling laughter. “Come now. You know that you can refer to me on less formal terms; I do not command you as one would a slave; rather more like...” He paused before continuing, then in almost a tender tone, “...family.”

The cloaked figure didn’t even seem to take note. “As you wish, my lord. The Keyblade master has sealed a Keyhole and Orochimaru lies slain.”

The smoke laughed again. “Rasputin and his gang of fools are toying with darkness they alone cannot control. Let them be, for their own intentions will destroy them in the end.”

The cloaked figure nodded, “Yes, my lord. Although, there is one thing I wish to ask of you...” The smoke was silent. “The girl from the Keyblade master’s island... Kairi... I seek your permission to...” The smoke seemed to grow tense. “...find her. Find her so that I may...”

“HOW DARE YOU!” The smoke’s voice tore through the cloaked figure’s mind, and seared the very edges of his insides. “YOU EVEN TRY TO THINK LIKE THAT OF ONE WITH A HEART? YOUR PATH IS THAT OF A FOOL!” The cloaked figure gasped with the intensity of the voice’s anger.


The cloaked figure said nothing, except asked again. “My question stands.”

The smoke’s voice roared and echoed throughout the entire chamber, and the walls shook under its intensity. “YOU DEFY ME!? I SHOULD SENTENCE YOU FOR EXECUTION BY THE HEARTLESS OF THE VOID, OR DID YOU NOT SUFFER ENOUGH THE FIRST TIME?”

The cloaked figure had already lost, for he had dropped to his knees and his mind had crumbled. “No my lord, NO! Not that fate, not that eternity! Please, I’m sorry, no, no, NO!”

The smoke receeded and the room was silent. The cloaked figure slowly stood up and retreated from the chamber. He considered finding the girl anyway, but he could feel those crimson eyes burning into his mind every step of the way.

As he came into a large audience chamber, the black-haired warrior from before was waiting. Without a word, the cloaked figure opened a dark portal and motioned for the warrior to follow.

“Rough meeting?”

The cloaked figure said nothing, merely hurried into the portal. As the warrior followed, he was sure he could hear dark laughter echoing through the halls of the castle.

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