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Chapter Eighteen: The Shadow Sirens

The air was dank with darkness as Rasputin approached the green crystal from before inside his fortress. Figures from the prior meeting were with him, and they spoke as he glared unflinchingly into the swirling emerald orb.

“So Orochimaru has failed to defeat the Keyblade master, and lost his life in the process...”

Rasputin turned and spoke as if he cared nothing about Orochimaru’s untimely demise. “I believe we could all learn from his actions. Steeping oneself too deep inside the darkness will cost you your heart.” He turned back to the orb as he continued, “He was an arrogant fool who didn’t recognize his own limitations. He was beyond any help.”

“But what course of action should we take next? It’s only a matter of time before Sora catches onto our plans.”

Rasputin smirked into the smoky innards of the sphere. “I have faith that our little nuisance’s next challenges will prove too much, even for one such as him...”


The Gummi Ship rocketed through the stars as Sora and the others piloted aimlessly, searching for another world to land on.

“Sora, I’m getting’ the feelin’ we’ve passed that asteroid already.” Goofy mused for the fiftieth time.

“Well Goofy, if you feel like stepping outside and asking for directions, be my guest.” Sora replied.

Donald rolled his eyes, “Will you two stop arguing? We’ll find a world sooner or later...AAAAAAAAUUUUGGGHH!” Donald broke off as he pointed towards the front of the ship. Sora turned to see the front of something massive coming towards them at incredible speed. He screamed as he slammed the controls to the side to swerve out of the way. It was too late, and a yawning chasm opened up and swallowed them whole.

The next few moments were weird. First they were inside the Gummi ship, then suddenly it was gone, and they were falling through the air towards the ground. Sora looked down and realized that a concrete street was directly below, and he crossed his arms in front to blunt the fall. He hit the ground hard, and he heard Goofy and Donald crash behind him. He woozily stood up and shook his head clear. “Well, however bumpily, we survived.”

Goofy climbed off of Donald. “Yeah, but where’s the ship at?” Donald peeled himself up.

“More importantly, Goofy, where are we?” Sora looked up and saw a starry night sky, eerily similar to the space they were just in. He looked around and stranger still, the scenery seemed to be exactly like the planet of Radiant Garden, an old planet from his last adventure where he often went to rest and recuperate. Donald and Goofy followed him as he walked down what resembled the promenade where he saw Yuffie again.

“Gawrsh, it’s kinda spooky how this looks just like Radiant Garden, huh?” Goofy trembled.

“Aw phooey. I’m not scared at all!” Donald walked with his head high, until suddenly a purple ghost popped in front of him and screeched with a creepy face. He yelled and leapt onto Sora’s head.

The ghost laughed, and suddenly two more appeared from the ground beside the first one. The one that had frightened Donald had a blue witch’s hat on, and seemed to be pretty old. Her graying hair and rather large nose punctuated this rather well. The middle ghost was exceptionally large, with short blonde hair and a buck tooth alongside a green witch’s hat. She seemed to be a little on the dimwitted side, not really saying anything but ‘Ugh’. The last ghost looked like the youngest, with long pink hair and a red witch’s hat. Each of the ghosts wore long purple dresses, but Vivian’s was the only one that seemed to work. Contrasting from the other two ghosts, this one was actually cute, with large blue eyes and a shy, diminutive voice.

The old ghost cackled loudly. “Blah ha ha ha haaaa! I always love doing that! You can never get enough of it!” The large ghost laughed loudly, while the cute ghost only seemed to frown, as if she didn’t like what the other two were doing. Upon looking at Sora however, she blushed and gave a shy smile.

The old ghost finished cackling. “Oh, I apologize boy, I never introduced ourselves. We are the Shadow Sirens! Oh yes, the very definition of fear and chaos itself! Fear us!” She made another face in front of Sora, but he stared unflinchingly. She growled and turned to the shy ghost behind her.

“Vivian! You dim-witted dope! You’re not being scary enough! This boy should be quaking in his boots, and yet here you are doing nothing! I’ve scared better in my sleep! Ooh, you’re in for some major punishment when we’re done! At least Merilyn over here is trying!” Sora glanced over to see Merilyn attempting to scare Goofy, who simply was laughing.

“B-but Beldam...you’re the one trying to scare him, not me...” Vivian protested.

Beldam ignored her. “What?! You’re implying that I’m not scary? Why you wretched ugly little runt! First you fail at scaring him, and now you make lies! For shame!” Vivian looked down and Sora was pretty sure she was about to cry.

“Y-yes Beldam, I’m sorry...” Beldam snorted, then turned to Sora. It made him furious that they were treating this girl like that.

“Anywho, we are the Shadow Sirens, sent by the dark Lord Rasputin to haunt you!” Sora shook his head, and merely motioned for Goofy and Donald to follow him as he walked away. Beldam grew increasingly frustrated as they walked away ignoring her. “Wait! Come back here you little...!” She growled then turned and roared at Vivian. “You pinheaded moron! If you would’ve been more scary, that boy wouldn’t have escaped! You’re in for some world-class punishment when we get back!”

Marilyn chuckled as Vivian nodded sadly, “Yes, Beldam...” The Shadow Sirens then faded into the ground, off to realms of shadow and darkness.

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