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Chapter Fifteen: The Demon Released

Orochimaru clapped lightly. “Aw, how sweet. Too bad I have to end this before it could blossom!” He dashed towards them, his sword drawn. Sora and the others raced to stop him, but suddenly a fist slammed into Orochimaru’s face.

As he skidded backwards, everyone looked to see Naruto standing with his fist pointed at Orochimaru with a venomous look on his face. “Don’t you dare touch them! I will never let you harm my friends!” He glanced back at Sakura and Sasuke and nodded approval. Sora, Donald, and Goofy ran beside Naruto to help fight. Sasuke and Sakura dashed off for safety, as Sora and Donald’s Curaga couldn’t heal all their injuries.

Orochimaru laughed nervously. “You think you can defeat me? Just try!” He swung the dark blade at them, but Goofy intercepted with his shield. The blade rebounded off with a loud clang, and at that moment Goofy threw his shield like a boomerang. It hit Orochimaru’s wrist and produced a craking noise. He yelled in pain and dropped the sword.

Donald took the opportunity to blast the sword with a shot of intense Firaga magic. The blade melted into a steel puddle. Orochimaru growled in frustration and prepared to initiate a jutsu. Sora saw his attempt and cast Blizzaga on Orochimaru. The magic attacked his hands. freezing them in a mound of solid ice. Orochimaru could only growl helplessly as Naruto sprinted forward and delivered the finishing blow to his head.

The combination of attacks was too much for him. He raised his head and screeched, and a dark wave of energy knocked everyone back, also shattering the ice on his hands. He looked at them with a truly inhuman look, and bit his thumb for one final attempt. As he furiously made hand signs, black smoke emanated from his body. Naruto’s eyes widened and he yelled in panic. “Guys, quick! Don’t let him finish that jutsu!” They lunged for Orochimaru just as he slapped his hand on the ground and roared the jutsu title.

“Summoning Jutsu!” The entire snake they were standing on vanished in a flash of smoke, and something titanic emerged from his jutsu. They looked at the ground and noticed that the scales of this monstrosity were pitch black, and a mighty roar came from wherever the mouth was. The head buck and the group was hurled off, Orochimaru using his chakra to hold himself on, taking care to surround Hinata with an energy prison to hold he on.

When they hit they ground, they immediately headed to a rooftop for a better look. At this point, Naruto’s pains from the mark became savage, and Sora had to carry him to the top. When they got a full view of what Orochimaru had summoned, they almost screamed in fear. Orochimaru was riding atop a massive black serpent, with wicked-looking spines going down its back. Its head had two, unblinking yellow eyes, and its mouth was a set of gaping, vortex-like jaws with millions of dagger-teeth lining it. Worst of all, Sora saw its forehead and recognized a familiar red-and-black heart symbol. Orochimaru had just summoned a Heartless of epic proportions, one known as the Boa King.

Sora immediately turned to Naruto, who was still on the ground writhing from the mark. “What are we gonna do, Naruto? My friends and I can take down this Heartless, but first we need to get up to Orochimaru!”

Naruto painfully opened his eyes and spoke with great effort. “Sora, I can’t do a thing if this mark keeps up. There’s no way we can stop him…” Sora grabbed his forehead in frustration, straining his mind to figure something out. Then it came to him. He grabbed his Keyblade and aimed it at Naruto.

Donald looked shocked. “Sora, what the heck are you doing?!” Sora aimed carefully, then focused the Key’s power into the seal on Naruto. A small beam of light shot from the Keyblade and split apart into five separate beams to strike the spirals of the Five Pronged Seal. The spirals sizzled loudly, and then dissipated in a flash of light.

Naruto opened his eyes and smiled. “Hey, the seal’s gone! Sora you’re awesome! Now come on, I have an idea!” He stood to his feet and told the others to stand back. He brought his hands together and began to focus on the chakra buried deep inside of him. He dug deep until he felt the presence of something destructive and powerful. The Nine Tailed Fox.

He envisioned its true form, and mentally began to siphon chakra from it. The beast protested at first, but he shot a mental command at it that would send a military sergeant running. It gave him what he needed, and he opened his eyes and let out a roar. Sora and the others stood amazed. Naruto’s body was ablaze with an awesome orange aura, and he had an animalistic look in his eyes. He looked at Sora and nodded, and the two of them raced towards the massive Boa King Heartless.

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