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Chapter Thirteen: The Darkness' Release

Sora leaped beside Naruto as they sped through the trees to reach Orochimaru’s enormous snake. Sasuke, Goofy, and Donald followed behind as they stopped to survey the area on a rooftop. Before they could continue, a kunai stabbed in front of where Sora was about to step. He looked and saw Kakashi leap over from the rooftop’s edge.

“I thought I told you to leave at once, Sora! I tried to warn you, but you apparently didn’t listen! Now you-.” Before he could finish, Goofy was behind him and raised his shield into the air.

“A-hyuck, I’m really sorry ‘bout this, Mr. Kakashi!” He slammed it onto Kakashi’s head, where it produced a long BONG! Kakashi’s eyes shut as he fell to the ground knocked out cold. Naruto stared in absolute disbelief at what just happened, then burst out laughing. Sora and Donald did, too. When they were finished, they looked over at the massive snake that Orochimaru was on top of.

They could barely make out the Third Hokage and Orochimaru on top, and they seemed to be in a deadlock. Naruto called for the others to follow him as they leapt off the roof and headed towards the massive reptile to save the village’s leader.


Orochimaru and the Third Hokage still remained locked, but Orochimaru was grinned savagely. His dark blade was pierced through the Third Hokage’s back, and the blade glinted with blood. The Third Hokage vomited blood, but he remained undeterred. The reaper’s arm slowly began to pull something out of Orochimaru’s body, and The Third Hokage smiled.

Orochimaru’s face contorted with pain as he felt the uncomfortable feeling. “What are you doing?! What is this pain?”

The Third Hokage looked at him with triumphant eyes as he responded. “This jutsu was created by our village’s Fourth Hokage, and was used in our darkest hour to defeat the Nine Tailed Fox itself. This jutsu requires the caster to sacrifice his soul to the god of death, but in return, the opponent’s soul is captured by the Reaper Death Seal forever.”

Orochimaru’s eyes widened with shock. His immortality jutsu protected him from dying a normal death, but an attack on his soul would kill him! “No! No! You do not get your way, old man!” He mentally ordered the blade to plunge deeper, and he grinned as the blade pierced further into the Third Hokage’s body.

The Third Hokage winced, but remained firm. “We will both die here, Orochimaru. Both of us!” He struggled harder as the reaper’s arm slowly pulled Orochimaru’s soul out a bit further. Orochimaru gasped in apin again, and roared with frustration. He saw no possible way out of this trap!

Suddenly it came to him. He remembered the darkness inside he used to fuel his immortality jutsu, the kind Rasputin had warned him about. He focused on that darkness, and released his heart into it. Rasputin called this ‘opening your heart to darkness’, and said it can be incredibly dangerous. But he had no other choice. He felt the darkness flowing into his being, and knew that at that very moment, his life belonged to darkness. He felt new power seep into his mind, and he laughed insanely with this realization.

The Third Hokage looked up in surprise, and braced himself as Orochimaru’s eyes glowed black and blasted him with pure beams of darkness. He tumbled backwards and finally came to rest on the edge of the snake’s massive head. His breath wheezed out as the death god faded from view, and Orochimaru’s soul sank back into his body.

Before it sank all the way in however, the Third Hokage weakly raised his hand up and focused the last of his chakra on Orochimaru. His soul stopped in place and contorted into a mark on Orochimaru’s chest, resembling a half-made spiral. As he felt his life slipping away, he whispered weakly, “Now it’s up to you, Keyblade master…”

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