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Chapter Twelve: The Hokage's Last Stand

Ororchimaru stood on top of a massive snake that overlooked the village. He smirked as the gargantuan reptile he summoned unleashed massive damage slithering through the buildings, and the occasional person. Heartless danced about behind him as they kept in a protective circle around an unconscious Hinata. When he turned around again he saw a familiar elderly figure standing in front of him, a grim look on his face.

“Well, hello again, Third Hokage. Or should I say, Sarutobi Sensei?” He motioned, and a group of Heartless appeared to circle around the Third Hokage.

The Third Hokage smirked, and whipped off his cloak and hat. He now wore the sleek samurai armor from before, and he crouched in a low stance, ready to defend himself.

Orochimaru cackled, “Ah, so you foresaw your own demise, eh? Very well then, kill him!” The Heartless leapt viciously at the Third Hokage. He furiously made hand signs and threw a shuriken.

“Shuriken Shadow Doppelganger Technique!” The shuriken split into two, then four, then hundreds of other Shuriken that impaled into the Heartless. The ones that headed towards Orochimaru caught on fire with black flames and dissipated. The Third Hokage turned to Orochimaru and chuckled.

“You’ve grown foolish, Orochimaru. I may not be in my prime, but those Heartless aren’t even close to matching me. Neither are you!” He made more hand signs and summoned a giant rod to his side. He caught it and swung it around, pointing it at Orochimaru as he spoke its name.

“Indestructible Nyoi Staff!” Orochimaru regurgitated his blade from the snake in his throat again and swung it to meet the Third Hokage’s weapon.

“Are you prepared to name the Fifth Hokage, Sarutobi? Because the Third one is about to die right here!” He drove the Third Hokage back and swung with his sword again. The Third Hokage blocked his blow and used a leg sweep to cause Orochimaru to leap over it. He took that opportunity to stab upward with the staff, but Orochimaru slammed his blade into the point, knocking it out of the way.

Orochimaru landed into a crouch, and charged at the Third Hokage. However, he spun and landed a crushing elbow in Orochimaru’s stomach, and hurled him to the edge of the snake’s head. He took Orochimaru’s sword and snapped it over his knee, tossing the shards over his shoulder. He grimaced as Orochimaru snarled and lunged for him, his arm extending like elastic to deliver a mighty blow to his head.

The Third Hokage tried blocking the blows, but Orochimaru’s limbs were everywhere. His hands battered his guard, and his feet delivered punishing blows to his legs. Orochimaru finally broke through his guard and roared as his neck extended to launch his head in to chomp onto the Third Hokage’s neck. The Third Hokage cried out as Orochimaru’s fangs dug into his flesh. He fell to his knees, and Orochimaru’s fist smashed him one last time in his face. He tumbled across the scaly arena as Orochimaru rewound his neck back to normal.

He laughed as the Third Hokage’s Nyoi staff vanished, and he walked over to pick the Third Hokage up by the neck. He dangled him over the edge as he taunted him cruelly. “Do you see now, you weak old buzzard? I’m stronger than you, just as I’ve always been! You cannot stop my plans from bearing fruit!” He turned the Third Hokage’s body so he could survey the damage being done to the village. Heartless and giant snakes were everywhere, destroying and slaughtering. Orochimaru cackled at the sight.

The Third Hokage looked on as his village crumbled. He remembered when he was a ninja in-training in this very village, and thought back to when the First and Second Hokages passed their title on to him. The faces and history of the villagers flashed through his mind, and it brought tears to his eyes as he watched those very same villagers whom he raised and watched grow fight to save their home. He growled softly at Orochimaru, who continued to laugh.

“Orochimaru…you have dared to raise a hand against the land I call my home, and have had the absolute gall to strike at those that are my family! I will not let you leave this place alive!” He struck at Orochimaru’s abdomen with his leg and spun around to grab his head. He swung back on by throwing Orochimaru behind him, and when he turned around he delivered a powerful blow to Orochimaru’s face.

Now it was his turn to hold Orochimaru by the throat. He spoke to him as he desperately clawed at the Third Hokage’s hands. “These brave people have fought by my side for their whole life! They are willing to risk everything to protect what is precious to them! And as Hokage, it is my duty to protect them, and this village, with my life! That is what it truly means to be Hokage, Orochimaru! You would never put your life on the line for these people, and I will d omy duty and finish you!” He threw Orochimaru behind him and unleashed a series of rapid punches that sent Orochimaru sprawling to the ground.

As Orochimaru slowly got up, the Third Hokage made a series of rapid hand signs, then placed his hands together in front of his face as he ominously called out his new jutsu. “Reaper Death Seal!” A ghastly robed white ghoul appeared behind the Third Hokage, and held in one hand a deadly knife, and in the other a handful of beaded necklaces. It grinned hungrily with its terrible fangs, and in its middle the shape of a human soul lay bound to it, and that soul came from the Third Hokage.

“Brace yourself Orochimaru! This is a jutsu that even you do not know of, one created by the hero of this village!” Orochimaru stared at him unafraid, and this reminded the Third Hokage that only the caster could see the god of death that was summoned by the jutsu. He ran for Orochimaru and jabbed his thumbs into the fiend’s shoulders just as he had raised his arms to cast a jutsu. He called out to the death god to initiate his final move.

“Now!” The death god raised his hand up, and the beads wrapped around his forearm creating strange black symbols. He then reached into the soul bound to him and his hand appeared out of the Third Hokage’s abdomen, and reached into Orochimaru’s, causing pain to them both.

Orochimaru shuddered as he felt the death god’s hand reaching into his body. He panicked as he focused on the Third Hokage. “What?! What are you doing, old man? What jutsu is this?” The Third Hokage simply smirked as he willed for the god of death to become visible to Orochimaru.

Orochimaru gasped in absolute fear as he saw what was to be his fate. He tried to move his arms, but they were bound by the Third Hokage’s hands. He searched the field desperately for something, anything to stop him. He noticed the two shards of his blade the Third Hokage broke before. He willed for his powers over darkness to manifest into the blade, and he watched as the two halves glowed and merged back together.

The dark blade rose into the air and Orochimaru mentally ordered it to impale him in the back and stop this jutsu. It hovered there and charged at the Third Hokage’s body…

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