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Kingdom Hearts III Poem

I have a KHIII poem to go along with my story, and i'd like to dedicate it to the site for its one-year anniversary. (Note: The person saying the poem is Sora, obviously. When he says 'he,' he's talking about Riku, and when he says 'she,' he's referring to Kairi.)


     Darkness haunts me everywhere I go
     He's not the only one who's had it influence him
     I sometimes wonder if I'll give in... like him...
     Or if I'll remain light... with her...
     Do I understand who I truly am?
     Is everything that's occurred just a fairytale; a figment of my imagination?
     Is there another side of me... an unknown person to the world, sealed away, never to be known to man...? *
     There's only one way to find out... who my true being is, what will happen to us in the end...

     My heart will guide me...
     Even if it leads me to destruction, I will find out who I am, who he will be... and who she was.


* = Author's Note: Not talking about Roxas.

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