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Chapter Five: Twilight Town

When Sora looked at the map again, he realized that two new worlds were open. They were Twilight Town and Beast's Castle. Donald leaned over. "Where should we go?"

"Well, I'm in the mood to visit Hayner, Pence and Olette again, so I guess we'll go to Twilight Town." Sora turned around. "Kairi, you know them, right?"

Kairi nodded. "Yeah. They told me they saw you right before Axel kidnapped me."

Sora remembered the gang from Twilight Town telling him they had seen Kairi there. Axel, who was an Organization member, kidnapped her before Sora got there. Axel was a little different from the rest of Organization XIII, though. And then Sora thought of something that made him come close to smiling. "You know, if Organization XIII's back, that means Axel's back, right?"

Riku nodded. "Probably."

Sora grinned. Axel might have been evil at times; including the fact he had once wanted to turn Sora into a Heartless; but he sacrificed his life to help Sora, Donald and Goofy defeat Nobodies. 'He was a big help, and now I can thank him. Mostly....' Sora turned back around and drove the ship toward Twilight Town.


"Hey! Come back here! I need to talk to you!" a familiar voice shouted. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald and Goofy peered around a building and saw a guy with a black hat on yelling at another kid. There were three other people with him: a dark, brown-haired male who looked pretty tough; a girl with short, blue hair and a smaller kid with a hood on so you couldn't see his face. Sora grimaced a little.

"Who's he?" Kairi asked.

"Seifer. And he's a big pain in the neck." Seifer was someone who had been mean to Sora, Donald and Goofy in the past.

‘Grrr...' Roxas said. ‘I knew Seifer when I lived here. He is the biggest... pain... in... the... WORLD!'

‘I know.'

‘You don't know as much as me! Do you know HOW MANY TIMES that guy's called me a loser?!' Sora didn't respond, already knowing how cruel Seifer was.

"The other people there are Rai, Fuu and Vivi," Goofy proclaimed.

Sora sighed. "Well, the only way to get to the Usual Spot is to go through the Sandlot, so I guess we've gotta get past Seifer." Sora hated the thought, but then he and his friends walked through.

Seifer noticed them immediately. "Hey! Sora!"

Sora's teeth clenched and he turned to look at Seifer. "What?"

Seifer smirked. "You know, I want that trophy back."

"Yeah, Seifer's the best, y'know?" Rai, the dark guy, stated.

Sora folded his arms. "I thought you said the strongest guy in Twilight Town got it?"

"First thing's first: you don't live here. Second thing: it's been a while, and I say if you can beat me in a match, you can keep it. But if I win, I get it back. Deal?"

Sora made his Keyblade appear. "Deal."

Fuu, the girl, pointed at him. "Cheaters." Fuu normally didn't say more than one word per sentence.

"Yeah, that's not fair, y'know?!" Rai exclaimed. Rai always said, "y'know?" at the end of his sentences.

"Well, if you don't have any other weapons, then use this," Seifer said. He tossed Sora a blue, sword-like weapon that most people used in Twilight Town for fights.

Sora made his Keyblade disappear and picked up the new weapon. "You're on."

"Also, none of your friends can help. Donald, Goofy, and whoever the other two are aren't able to participate in this. It's just you and me. Oh, and whoever that other guy is," Seifer stated, indicating Riku, "long hair doesn't work out anymore. No one uses it." Riku grimaced.

"Hey! Don't make fun of my friends!" Sora yelled.

"Comeback," said Fuu. Seifer grinned.

"Ooh, I'm so scared," he stated sarcastically.

"You better be!" Sora charged toward the bully with anger. They both fought for a long time, Sora seeming to have the advantage. Then, right when everyone thought Sora would win, his head hurt once more.

‘Not again!' A couple seconds later, he fell to the ground.


The same brown-haired male was there again. He was walking by himself. "I'm going to Kingdom Hearts," he stated softly. "Then, once Kapashnet and I beat Hyrono, I can go back to Seladina." He continued walking forward, looking at the winding road ahead. "Seladina, this shouldn't have happened. I thought we'd have normal lives, but then we ended up having to face our best friend... This isn't what I planned on at all."

Then, Heartless appeared. They were a little different from what Sora was used to. The boy made his Keyblade appear, which looked exactly like Sora's. "Alright, Heartless, if you want a beating, that's what you're gonna get." He charged at the Heartless, seeming to have master skills at fighting. He did many attacks until all the Heartless were gone. "Now, to handle Hyrono."


"Yeah! Seifer won, y'know?!" Rai shouted.

Sora awoke and looked around. "Huh...?"

"That's not fair! Seifer never even hit Sora! He didn't win!" Kairi retorted.

"Disqualification," Fuu said simply.

Kairi made a fist. "I told you, there's something wrong here! It shouldn't count!"

"Yeah! Something's wrong with Sora!" Donald agreed.

"Hey, Seifer won fair and square, y'know?!"

"I'm gonna y'know your head in about five seconds..." Riku muttered.

Seifer smirked. "Don't worry, Rai, they're all just a bunch of sore losers."

"You wanna run that by me again?!" Riku exclaimed angrily.

Fuu backed up a little. "Backfire."

Seifer only laughed. "It doesn't matter, since I'm still the toughest guy in Twilight Town. I beat that lamer, and now-"

"Don't ever call Sora that again..." Kairi said through clenched teeth.

"Or what?" Kairi, who was on the ground beside Sora, flipped around and knocked Seifer off the ground with her legs. Everyone stared in shock.

"Y-you can't do that, y'know?!"

"Shut up."

Everyone in the gang, except for the quiet Vivi, ran the other way. Vivi did something unexpected and winked at them. Then he went with the rest of the group.

Sora looked at Kairi, still stunned. "Kairi, since when would you do something like that?!"

Kairi smiled. "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do." She got to her feet and brushed herself.

Sora also got up and Riku glanced at her. "Well, if that's the case, then we've gotta let you fight more often." Kairi giggled.

"Hey! Sora!" a girl called. They turned around to see a blonde-haired boy, a brunette girl and another boy with dark red hair running toward them. They all noticed Kairi standing next to Sora. "KAIRI!" they all exclaimed at the same time.

"You're okay!" the red-headed guy said. Kairi nodded.

Sora turned to Riku. "Riku, these are some of my friends, Hayner, Pence and Olette." He looked at them. "Guys, this is my friend, Riku."

"Oh, so you're Riku. Sora's mentioned you before," Pence, the red-head boy, stated.

"Is it true you were the one giving Sora the clues?" Hayner, the blonde guy, asked.

"Yep. Sora and I've been best friends for a long time. And we met Kairi eight years ago."

Olette, the girl, smiled. "Well, any friends of Sora's are friends of ours."

‘Sora, you know Hayner, Pence and Olette?!' Roxas questioned with excitement.


‘Well, I don't think you knew this, but they were my best friends.'

‘Really? That's neat.'

‘Actually, if you visit the other Twilight Town, you can ask them about me and they'll tell you everything.' There were really two Twilight Towns: one was the real one; which Sora and his friends were in now; and the other one was the one Roxas lived in. But Ansem the Wise had created it with data, so it wasn't technically an actual world.

"Have there been any Heartless or Nobodies?" Donald asked.

"Actually," Hayner started to say, "a bunch of those white things came and attacked us a few days ago. We didn't exactly know what to do, but then this guy showed up and made them all disappear without even moving a finger."

Sora found that amazing. "He didn't do anything? Are you sure he didn't mutter a spell or something like that?"

"Yeah, he didn't do anything at all. He just said, ‘go away' and they all vanished."

‘Wow. I wonder who that was.'

"He had a black cloak on, so we couldn't see his face."

The gang was shocked. "The Organization!" they all shouted. They knew that immediately because everyone in Organization XIII wore black cloaks.

Sora didn't understand why someone from Organization XIII would do that, since they were the people in charge of the Nobodies. ‘Maybe... maybe it was Axel!' Sora was getting more excited by the moment. Axel had become his friend, and he knew if he saw him now, it would seem like a miracle. ‘Maybe he didn't fade back into darkness!'

"Well, I hope you guys are more careful," Donald stated.

Olette looked at Sora and Kairi. "So, are you guys gonna do anything special?"

"What do you mean?" Sora asked.

Olette just smiled. "Nothing."

Sora didn't understand completely what was going on. He didn't know why everyone seemed to be hiding something from him every time they mentioned him and Kairi. He didn't ponder on the subject for long, because then he heard a familiar voice.

"Everyone, be careful. The person you're up against is much stronger than Organization XIII." Everyone heard it, but no one knew where the person was.

‘Was that Axel?' Sora thought.

"He's out to get you guys. Got it memorized?" The voice faded away.

‘It is Axel!' Sora knew it was him because Axel always said, 'Got it memorized?' Sora felt extremely excited. "Kairi, it's Axel!"

"You mean that guy..." She looked at him with a strange look on her face. "But I thought he was evil. I thought he wanted to turn you into a Heartless...?"

"He did, but he also gave up his life to help us defeat a bunch of Nobodies. So, I guess he's okay."

Riku looked ready to ask something. "Sora, why did he do that?"

"Really, I don't know. He said he wanted to see Roxas."

"Of course," Riku said. "He thought if he did that, Roxas would appear in your place. He wanted to meet his best friend."

"Roxas was Axel's best friend?"

"Yeah, when he was in Organization XIII. But Roxas quit."

‘Man, Roxas has gone through a lot, too.' Sora glanced ahead. "Well, the bad thing is, though, not only is Axel back, but the rest of Organization XIII's back, too."

"And they're all after us for revenge," Riku proclaimed.

"That stinks," Pence stated.

Sora nodded. "But, we can do it. We beat ‘em the first time, we can beat ‘em now. They might be stronger, but so are we, and we'll be able to defeat Organization XIII in the end. And that Chaser guy, Hyrono."

Kairi smiled. "As long as we're together."

Sora remembered something. "Guys, we really have to go now. There's more worlds, and-"

"Don't worry, we know," Hayner said.

They waved and said their good-byes and the five heroes were off again. They all had a feeling that, in the end, they would win no matter what. And that was exactly what Sora planned on. One thing he didn't understand, though, were his new feelings for Kairi. The gang got into the Gummi Ship and set off for Beast's Castle.

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