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Chapter Six: Dress Up or Dress Down?

I woke up, groggy from the night. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. “Good morning sleeping beauty! How did you sleep last night?” Namine asked from inside the bathroom.

I looked around the room, a little bit dazed, “Okay I guess, how did you sleep?” She stuck her thumb out in a ‘good’ sign as she brushed her teeth. I stood up and stretched and walked over to the bathroom door.

Kairi walked in with Selphie behind her. “Get dressed, we’re going shopping!” Selphie said excitedly.

I looked over at the clock, “But it’s only ten. Let us at least eat breakfast first.” I said sitting back down on the bed.

“You don’t eat breakfast. So it doesn’t really matter. Now get dressed!” she ordered.

I shrugged my shoulders, “All my stuff is in my room.” I said leaning back.

Selphie walked over to Namine’s closet and started rummaging through it. “Hey, what’s going on?” Namine asked as she walked out of the bathroom, brush in hand.

“We’re getting stuff for Leckie to wear. We have to leave soon and she doesn’t have time to go back to her room.” Kairi said grabbing the clothes that Selphie handed her. Kairi tossed me the clothes and pulled me towards the bathroom.

“Remember to give them back alter!” Namine called as Kairi closed the door.

I quickly pulled on what they had grabbed from Namine’s closet. It was a pink ruffled miniskirt, a baby-blue tank top with a white hibiscus on the bottom and a white zip up sweater. I walked out and groaned. “Is this your’s Namine? I thought you didn’t like skirts?”

She nodded and pointed at Selphie. “She gave it to me, well forced it upon me.” She giggled and Selphie gave a pretend pout. Selphie had this habit of going into someone’s closet and taking whatever she thought to be ‘out of date’ and putting in a new item of clothing to replace it.

“But I hate skirts, you guys!” I whined as I grabbed a pair of Roxas’ jeans. "I don’t care if he gets mad at me, I’ll wash them and return them before he even knows they’re gone."

“Fine you don’t have to wear the skirt, but you have to keep the top on!” they said giving me the stare down.

I laughed and walked back into the bathroom. The tank top was pretty long so it wasn’t like weird looking with the jeans. I pulled on the jeans and brushed my teeth. I decided to leave my hair down and put on some mascara and eyeliner, cover up and a tiny bit of eye shadow. I also pulled some hair elastics’ around my wrist incase I got tired of having my hair down. I walked out and twirled to show everyone the others. Olette clapped her hands and grabbed my purse and handed it to me. Well it was actually more of a side back, the pouch part was very big and the straps went all the way down past my hip.

We all walked out of the room and down the stairs. We walked to Kairi’s car and all piled in. I never even bothered to ask as to why we were going. I climbed into the front beside Kairi, but without warning I was pulled out and shoved into the back. “Hey what was that for?” I asked leaning forward.

“Sorry, but you can’t sit up front. It will ruin everything.” Selphie said as she sat turned back around front and clicked her seat belt in.

I settled back, sitting next to Olette. I looked out the window and watched the scenery of Twilight Town zoom by in a fuzzy blur. I soon started to nod, as the melodic euphoria of the car’s engine hummed me to sleep. I slipped in and out of dream and reality. Soon I was completely woken up by a shake on the shoulder. “Get up!” called a voice. But I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep. Suddenly I started falling and was greeted quickly by hard, cold cement. I lay there for a few minutes at someone’s feet and looked around in a daze. I rolled onto my back and stared up into the clouds.

“Is she dead? Did you kill her Tidus?” Namie asked from somewhere around me.

“No, I ain’t dead. I’m still with the living.” I said sitting up and getting to me feet.

“My pants!” Roxas yelled as he looked at me.

I looked at him blankly for a moment, and then it finally hit me. “Oh, yeah, okay so about that. You see, they...” I pointed to Kairi and Selphie, “Wanted me to wear a skirt, but I didn’t want to. But you see they wouldn’t let me go back to my room to grab my jeans.”

Hayner scoffed, “You mean Demyx’s jeans.”

I looked at him and gave him an evil smirk. “Yes, Demyx’s jeans, so I grabbed yours, well because Namine’s wouldn’t fit me.” I stated crossing my arms across my chest. Roxas looked at me rolling his arms, along with everyone else. “Hey, at least I gave you back your sweater!” I said. “And quit looking at me like that, you look like a bat.” I said giggling and walked over to Olette and Selphie and we walked into the mall.

“So why exactly are we here?” I asked looking at a dress in a store window.

“We are here to-” Namine was cut short by Demyx walking up with Pence, Wakka, Sora and Axel.

“We’re here to buy you a dress.” Sora said handing me one of his multiple bags.

“A dress? A dress for what? And what is in all of these bags?” I asked looking in the one Sora handed me and pulled out a new soccer ball. “Ha! Sweet, we should play soccer later. Probably not with this ball, because it’s new, but we should that would be fun.” I said bouncing the ball on my knee.

“No soccer.” Namie said grabbing the ball. “You are going on a tom-boy free diet!” She stated tossing the ball to Wakka.

“WHAT!” I exclaimed, ‘diet’ did not sound good.

“And that means no skateboarding for at least two days. We are getting you ready for the dance. This means you have to act like a girl.” Selphie said hooking her arm with mine. She and the rest of the girls started to lead me to a dress store.

“Help me!” I hissed as they took me into the store.

They looked around for hours. Searching through rack after rack. Making me try on dress after dress. Most of the guys had ditched and only Sora, Tidus, Axel and Demyx remained. I groaned as Namine handed me another dress and pushed me towards the changing stall. I came out and stood before them in the dress, making a face.

“That one’s actually pretty cute. I think we may have a winner.”

They all nodded and stared at me. I turned and looked at the full length mirror. I was wearing a tiny black dress that went past my knees. It had thin straps with a black ruffle across the chest. I smiled a little.

“I think she likes it.” Axel said, smiling as he watched me in front of the mirror.

“Huh? It’s just a dress you guys, goodness.” I went back into the stall and changed back into my clothes.

I walked out and handed Kairi the dress. We walked up to the till and they actually bought the dress for me. I was happy and gave them all a hug as we left the store.

We walked around some more. “Hey guys, what character can I be with this dress? I mean, the theme for the dance is fantasy stuff, right?” I asked, looking around the group.

“Hmm, you’re right. What can she be for the dance?” Olette asked looking around the group.

“Eh, don’t worry. You can be a Goth princess.” Wakka said with a laugh. Everyone else joined in.

I stopped walking and thought about that for a moment. “That’s actually a good idea.” I said with a smile.

“Huh, but I was just kidding.” Wakka said with a puzzled expression.

I walked over and patted him on the head, “But it was a sweet idea.” I said turning and walking to the door, planning what my costume would look like. The rest of the group followed me out and we drove back to the dorms.


I stood in front of the full length mirror in my room and examined the mask I had made for the dance. Kairi and Olette sat on my bed and watched me try multiple hairdos and makeup designs. “Okay, that’s not how you do a Goth princess!” Olette said, standing up and taking the mask and putting it on the dresser top.

“Alright, mistress of the Gothic perfection; how do you do a Goth princess?” I asked, putting my hands on my hips.

“Like this.”

She grabbed the eye liner and mascara and got to work. She told me to close my eyes and to sit down on the office chair. I sat there for a long while, whilst she did my hair and make up. “Owe!” I gave a yelp when she tugged too hard on my hair. “That part’s attached.” I said with a smile.

“Sorry, but it’s hard to get the right flair.”

Soon she was done and let me up to look in the mirror. She had done the black supper heavy around my eyes, which really made them stand out and look a little bit creepy. For my hair I had two pig tails on the top of my head; with the rest hanging down.

“I was thinking that we could dye your hair black for the dance.” Kairi stated, examining how my hair was done.

I turned back to the mirror and looked at it again. “Hmm, now all I need is my Goth prince.” I said with a giggle.

There was a knock at the door and I walked over to answer. Riku and Sora were there, and jumped a bit at my current state. “I thought Halloween was over.” Sora said sarcastically.

“Then why haven’t you taken off your mask?” I asked with a smirk.

“OOOOH! SNAP!” Kairi snapped her fingers in his face as she walked up to the door. “Can we help you gentlemen?” she asked nonchalant.

“Yeah, we’re going to the movies. Do you girls wanna come?” Riku asked, twirling his car keys around his index finger.

“I’d love to go see a movie but I’ve got English homework.” I said, leaning against the door frame.

“Oh, too bad.” Sora said with fake sympathy.

“The rest of you up to a movie?” they asked looking around the room.

Olette and Kairi nodded then looked at me. “What? I have no problem with it. I’ll be writing, anyways, so you’ll probably be ignored 96% of the time.” I said with a grin. “Plus I’ve got to buy some dye for tomorrow night.” I sat down on my bed. It was Friday, and we had had this really weird weekend. Thursday was a half day and it was now Friday evening. The dance was at seven. So I had all day to get ready.

“Okay then. We’ll see you later, I guess.” They all waved good bye and walked down the hall.

I closed the door and started writing. We had to do a narrative story. Mine was about a high school girl and her friends. Big shocker there. She was a musician and she was trying to get a gig for her and her band. I started to get frustrated because I had a major case of writers block.

I stood up and grabbed my school sweater off of the hook on my door. It had a big ‘T’ on the top left hand. I opened the door and walked into the hallway. It was a little bit weird because people I passed gave me strange looks. Then I remembered that I had that whole Goth/Emo look going on. I laughed and kept walking. I came to the main entrance and noticed oddly large posters hung all over the walls. I walked over and read one. “WHAT!?” I gasped. I tore the poster off of the wall and ran up the stairs to Namine’s room.


I burst through the door of Namine’s room. “Namine! You won’t believe this!” I said holding up the poster.

“Namie. Namine’s in there.” Namie pointed towards the bathroom.

“Oh sorry, you guys look way too much alike.” I said and smiled sheepishly. Namie and Namine could almost be twins, they looked so much alike. The only difference was that Namine had blue eyes and Namie had green eyes. “Look at this, they can not do this!” I said and handed her the poster.

“WHAT?! But the dance was scheduled for tomorrow. Why is it being cancelled?” Namie asked, standing up.

“What’s been cancelled?” Namine asked, walking out of the bathroom rubbing her wet hair with a towel.

“They’ve canceled the dance!” Namie said, handing her the poster.

"What?! Why?” Namine asked, taking it from her.

“It says that the DJ's had a family thing and won’t be back until Thursday. So they’ve postponed it because they’ve already paid him.” I groaned and flopped down on the bed. “Well, it’s not all bad. It gives me extra time to get asked.” I said with a sigh.

“You mean no one's asked you yet?” Namie asked, looking at me with a huge shocked expression on her face.

“No.” I whimpered and laid my arms over my face.

“I thought that someone would have asked you.”

I sat up and looked at her. “Well, I was asked but I never really gave him an answer.” I said blushing.

“Really? Who asked you?” She stared intently at me.

“Well, Seifer asked me to the dance, but I don’t know if I want to go with him.” I said and lay back down.

“Seifer asked you to the dance? But I thought that he and Roxas were like mortal enemies?” I nodded and stared at the ceiling. “Well, are you going to go out with him?” she asked.

Namine just stood by the bathroom door, not saying anything. I shrugged and curled up under the sheets on Namine’s bed. “Hmmmm, so cozy!” I said closing my eyes.

“You know, you spend more time here then in your own bed.” she said bouncing the bed.

“I know. But your bed's just so comfy!” I said snuggling in.

“Well, I’ve got to sleep tonight and Roxas will be back in a bit, so...” she said pulling off the covers.

I looked at the clock on the table between the beds, “But it’s only nine thirty.” I said climbing out.

“Yeah, I know, but I’m really tired. So unless you want to hang out here all night, good night!” she said and climbed in and went to sleep.

Namie and I silently slipped out of the room and down the hall to the student lounge. We watched some TV until eleven thirty. Then we went our separate ways and went to bed. I turned on the fan and crawled into my bed. I lay there for a while just pre-dreaming. My birthday was tomorrow but I never made a huge deal about it. I liked to grow older but, then again, I didn’t really want to. I was nearly asleep when I heard the door open; I figured it was just Hirai and I went to sleep.


I woke up, blinking at the brightness of the sun streaming into my room. It was Sunday. I sat up drowsily and rubbed my eyes. I looked around my room. I blinked more and stared around in shock. My room was full of balloons. I thought I was still dreaming and closed my eyes and opened them again. I definantly wasn’t dreaming, my room was full of balloons.

“Hey, where did all of these come from?” I asked Hirai who was walking out of the bathroom.

“I’m pretty sure they're for you. Happy birthday, by the way.” she said, grabbing her purse and walking out.

“Thanks.” I called after her.

I threw my legs over the edge of my bed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for the day. I came back out and got dressed. I looked through my closet for something to wear but everything was gone. All that was left was a blue mini skirt, a white tank top and a pink zip up hoodie. I sighed and figured it was the work of Selphie. I grabbed the clothes, put them on, and quickly brushed and straightened my shoulder length hair. I went to put on my skate shoes but they were gone, too. All that was there was a pair of white flats that had a tiny bit of a heel and a thin black strap that went over the top. I sighed again, these shoes weren’t even mine. Again, the stealthy work of Selphie. I put them on and hurried out the door.

I walked down the stairs and out of the dorm to the main building. I walked across the gravel path and into the building towards the cafeteria. “Hey!” Greeted familiar voices as I walked over to the usual table.

I sat down on the end of the table next to Kairi. “How did you sleep there, princess?” she said smiling.

I grinned and looked around the table. “Not so great. During the night I was attacked by a band of horrible plastic balloon people.” I grinned and stood up.

“Where you going?” Selphie asked, looking up from her cereal.

“To get something to eat.” I said and started to walk. I stopped as fake gasps erupted form everyone at the table.

“You’re actually going to eat something?” Hayner asked with fake surprise.

“Relax, guys. I’m just going to eat an orange.” I said with a smile and walked over and bought an orange. I came back and sat back down beside Kairi, “So, do you guys have any idea why the horrible balloon people would be attacking me at weird hours of the night?” I asked, taking the peel of my orange. Everyone looked at each other but said nothing. I smiled and shoved the last few pieces of orange in my mouth. “And how all I have in my closet were these clothes? My shoes went missing and now all that’s left are these which, by the way, aren’t even mine.” Still no one replied but smiled. I stood up and threw out my orange peel. “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but-” I was cut short.

“But you're not going anywhere without us today!” Selphie said, standing up and walking over to me. “We have got to go the Library to do some research.” She hooked her arm in mine.

“Oh, alright.” I said, trying not to let on to my disappointment.

“Yeah, then we can go to the mall and do some sock shopping.” Namie said with a grin. I gave her a weird look and nodded. I guess Hirai must have done all of that other stuff for me. At least someone remembered my birthday.

“Shall we go then?” Olette asked, standing up from the table.

“Yeah, I’ll give you guys a ride.” Tidus said standing up.

“I’ll come, too.” Roxas said and Sora joined him.

“Cool, then let’s go.” I said and walked towards the door.

At the student parking I walked towards Tidus’ car, but before I could climb in I heard someone call me name. I turned to see Seifer walking up behind me followed by Fuu and Rai. “Leckie, wait!” he called and stopped in front of me and the rest of the gang. “You never gave me an answer about the dance.” He said coolly.

I gave him a you-actually-expected-one-right-away look and answered, “Well, I don’t know.” I said looking him in the eye.

“What about the dance?” Sora and Roxas asked, stepping up beside me.

“I asked her to the dance, saved her the time of asking me.” He remarked in a very snobbed up, better then everyone tone.

Sora clenched his jaw and Roxas tightened his hands in to tight fists. Now that just made me mad, I gave him a hard stare and slowly walked towards him. “Oh, you saved me the time of asking you?! You actually thought that I wanted to go to the dance with you?! You have a lot of nerve coming here, Seifer! How dare you talk to me that way!” I yelled and shoved him hard on the shoulder.

He stumbled back a few feet. He soon regained his footing and looked at me. “Well, after that I’m not sure I want to go with you. Considered yourself dumped!” he retorted.

“Oh no, no, no. You didn’t dump me, you can’t dump someone you never had! Get lost, Seifer. You make me sick!” I yelled and turned around and walked towards the car. He looked dumbfounded as he and his crew walked away. “That actually felt good.” I said with a slight giggle and climbed into the car.

“I didn’t know that Seifer asked you to the dance.” Sora said, getting in beside me.

“Yeah well, he wouldn’t have been going to the dance with anyone if he kept being a huge jerk.” I laughed and pumped up the radio. Sum 41 blasted through the speakers as we drove down the highways of Twilight Town.

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