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Chapter Three: A Fighting Change

Chemistry was my next class. But I’m not going to get into all of that; it was a pretty bad class. The teacher yelled at me for nearly making a bomb or something like that. Soon lunch came and I walked down to the cafeteria to meet up with the others. They were all sitting in the usual spot, big surprise there. I walked over and handed Roxas his sweater, “Here, when are you going to the skate park?” I asked sitting down on the end beside him.

He took it and shoved the rest of his sandwich into his mouth before he answered, “In about…five minutes. After you eat something, I know you never ate that orange.” He said, handing me a ham and cheese sandwich.

I took it and took a big bite out of it, “There, you happy? Now lets go!” I said grabbing his arm and dragging him to the door.

“Hey wait up! We’re coming to!” Hayner and Riku said, running to catch up. We walked out the door and down the gravel path to the skate park across the street. I ate over half the sandwich and threw out the rest.

“Hey, you didn’t finish that!” Roxas said, looking at me in shock.

I shrugged and said, “I ate most of it; don’t worry so much, I snack a lot.” I grinned and sat on the bench beside the skate park.

Roxas, Hayner and Riku dove right into the park and started doing a bunch or tricks. Hayner after a while came and sat down beside me. “Wanna have a go?” he asked, handing me his board.

I smiled and took off my bag and set it down beside the bench and jumped on the board and started skating around the park. I tried to do this one move where, you go up a ramp, (A/N: I actually know nothing about skateboarding.) and you grab the bottom of the board while in mid air. The landing didn't work out so great; I ended up sliding down the rest of the way on my knees.

“Hey, you okay there?” Roxas asked as he and Riku rolled up beside me.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said as I picked myself off of the ground.

“Sweet, then if you’re okay let's keep going.”

We hung out there a little longer, and I eventually gave Hayner back his board and he skateboarded for the rest of the time. We headed back after like forty-five minutes; mainly because lunch was only and hour. We walked back to the school talking about movies and these new skateboards that Riku and Hayner saw in the skate shop. They actually wanted to know if I could get them a discount on it. I laughed and told them I’d do my best.


The last bell rang, signaling the end of school. Kairi, Namine, Roxas and I walked over to our lockers, which were all located near each others, and quickly put our stuff away. Seifer came walking up followed by his crew. Fuu and Rai always seemed to be around him. Seifer walked up beside me and began opening his locker.

“Hey.” I said as I slid my text book onto the shelf of my locker.

“Hey.” he replied with a smile. Rai and Fuu just stood there. Rai was a muscular guy who had dark brown hair and always wore muscle shirts. Fuu on the other hand was quiet with dark clothing and had jet silver-white hair.

Roxas jammed his stuff into his locker, glairing and mumbling under his breath. He and Seifer didn’t like each other very much. I could never figure out why, though. Seifer was actually nice, when you took the time to talk to him. Kairi and Namine quietly put their stuff away, they knew what was about to happen.

“Hey, did you watch the soccer game yesterday?” Seifer asked me.

I shook my head and said, “I was trying to get the school to organize a girl’s soccer team. But they won’t unless they can get Coach Hiakrai to coach the team, and we’re not having much luck with that either.” I sighed.

“Huh, that sucks. Well, we could use you on our team that’s for sure. It would help make up for the lack of good players.” he said and gave Roxas a dirty look.

Roxas glared back and said, “Yeah, you'd make up for the screwing up Seifer does all the time.” he snapped back.

Seifer slammed his locker shut, which made me jump a little. If I didn’t do something now, we would have a real problem on our hands. I quickly shoved the rest of my stuff in my locker and turned to them, they were getting ready to fight. I ran and stepped in between them, just as Seifer was pulling back to start something. I stood in front of Roxas and faced him; I reached up and put my hand over his fist. “Come on guys, let’s not start something here.”

They both glared. “Fine! He ain’t worth my time, anyway!” He spat and he and his crew walked away.

I turned to Roxas and glared at him, “You had to go and say something, didn’t you?!” I asked angrily.

He looked at me a little shocked, “What, are you on his side now?!”

I sighed and said, “I’m not on anyone’s side, which is the problem, I’m in the middle! If you got into a fight I would have to decide between my friend and my brother!” I snapped back at him.

He started getting madder, “You mean you would choose him over your own brother?! You know what? I don’t even care, I’ve had enough!” He turned and walked away.

I stood there and watched him go, my stomach turned in knots. I hated being mad at him, and even more having him mad at me. Kairi and Namine stood beside me and watched him walk down the hallway. “Come on, we’ve got to meet the others in the parking lot.”

Namine turned to her and asked, “Where are you going?”

“To the mall. You want to come?” she offered. Namine nodded and they turned and walked to the door. I slowly turned and followed.

We got to the parking lot. Tidus, Hayner and Riku were standing beside Tidus’ car. “We ready?” Hayner asked smiling. Everyone nodded, except me. “Then let’s go!” he said and everyone began getting into the car.

I stood there and said, “You know what, guys? I don’t feel too great; I think I’ll just stay here.” I said.

“Why? What’s up?” Tidus asked from inside the car.

“Nothing, just don’t feel up to the mall tonight. You go, though.” I said and forced a smile.

“Okay, see you later!” he said and started the car. I backed away and waved as they left.

I turned and walked to the dorm building. I needed to talk to Roxas; I couldn’t let this go without fixing it. I quickly walked in and I took the stairs by two to the second floor. I stopped in front of room 203, Roxas and Namine’s room. I slowly raised my hand and knocked.

Roxas opened the door, he had his mp3 player in his had and his head phones around his neck. He stood there and just looked at me. “H-hi.” I said and looked downward.

“Hi, what do you want?” he asked coldly.

“I, um, needed to talk to you.” I said softly.

He opened the door wider and motioned for me to come in. I quietly walked in and sat down on Namine’s bed. He closed the door and placed his mp3 player on the table between his bed and Namine’s. He sat down on his bed and stared at me. His stern gaze made me fidget. “So?” he asked me.

“Okay, um about earlier, I’m…sorry for getting mad and yelling at you. You’re my brother and I should have treated you with more respect. And…I’m sorry.” I looked at his sapphire orbs, they weren’t happy as they usually were, they were sad and angry.

“Yeah, you should be sorry.” he snapped at me. I stared at him in shock, I didn’t get why he was being so cruel. “Why do you have to choose between me and Seifer?! Why do you even have to choose?!” I opened my mouth but nothing came out. “Why would you go choose him over me?! Your own brother?!”

I looked at him; I could feel my eyes well up, “Roxas, I never said I would choose him. I said I would have to. And I didn’t want to have to do that because, of course, I would choose you. You’re my brother, why wouldn’t I choose you? But that would mean hurting him, and I didn’t want to do that!”

His expression started to soften as he looked at me. I could feel tears now streaming down my face. He came over and sat down beside me and put one arm around me. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he whispered as he held me tightly. “I never meant to yell at you like that. I was just mad, but I never meant to go off on you like that.”

I sat up and looked at him, “Forgiven?” I asked with a grin.

“Yeah, forgiven. Am I?”

I laughed and stood up, “Hmm, not sure, it’s a tough decision.” I smirked. He smiled and stood up. “Of course you’re forgiven!” I laughed and hugged him.

“So, what do you want to do?” he asked smiling.

“Don’t you need to get a dress or something for the dance?”

I shook my head and said, “Nope, because I ain’t going.”

He gasped and looked at me. “What? Not going?! But why?”

I laughed at his dramatization, “Because I don’t have enough money for a dress, and I don’t have a date, and it’s the day after tomorrow.” I said and walked to the door. “Come on, let’s go get something to eat, I’m starved.” He smiled and followed. “You’re buying!” I said. He laughed and we walked out to his car.

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