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Chapter Two: Chocolate and the Song

Selphie searched around Purdy’s for and hour, literally, searching for the perfect box of chocolates. “Hey guys, we’re going to go down to A.E Outfitters, m’kay?” Sora asked.

I nodded and called after Sora, Kairi, Pence, Hayner and Olette walked away, “Meet you guys back at the dorm!” They all called good-bye as the left.

"Speaking of shopping, I think I’m going to go down to Bootlegger.” Namie said.

“I’ll join you!” Tidus said.

“See you guys later!” Riku, Wakka and I said in unison.

“Hey, sorry to ditch guys but I got science homework to finish. I’ll meet you back at the dorm.” Wakka said and walked towards the exit.

Riku stood beside me as we watched Selphie carefully examine each box of chocolates. “So do you think she’ll go for the cheep, or am I completely in a hole here?” I asked, watching Selphie scurry about the small store. I looked up at him; he had a Who-do-you-think-we’re-talking-about look on his face, “Right stupid question.” I said looking back.

Selphie walked up with a box of chocolates in her hand. “Found the perfect box!” she said cheerfully and handed them to me. They were small little squares of mint dark chocolate with white chocolate drizzled on top.

After I had paid for the candy, we wandered around for a little longer. “Hey, why don’t we go to Garage to get you a necklace?” I suggested. Selphie agreed and Riku gave a playful groan and followed us into the store.

“This ones sooooo pretty!” she exclaimed and held out a tiny silver heart with angel wings on it attached to a tiny silver chain. We walked out of Garage after paying and wandered around.

Selphie glanced at her watch and said, “Crap. Sorry guys, I’ve got to go. I need to finish some homework for tomorrow.” She waved and walked towards the door.

“Bye!” we called after her.

Riku and I decided to sit at one of the tables at the food court and rest for a while. “So do you have enough money for the dance?” he asked.

I sighed and replied, “No, but I never had enough to begin with. I got fired from Booster Juice because the smoothie machine threw up and the manager blamed me for it.”

He laughed and asked, “Oh yeah, wasn’t that the time you came back to the dorms and smelt of bananas and pineapple?” I blushed and nodded, that moment wasn’t one of my better ones. Riku laughed harder, “Sorry not funny.” He laughed, trying to hold it back.

“Done yet?” I asked him. He nodded and sat there, looking at me. “So yeah, the board shop doesn’t pay that much for a part time job either, so I’m stuck. I may not even go to the dance. It’s one of those weird themes isn’t it?” I said trying to remember what the principle had said the theme was going to be this year. I don’t usually pay attention during assembly.

“Its fantasy characters or something like that, well it was either that or a ‘70’s theme. And I didn’t vote, so this is what the majority chose.” Riku said rolling his eyes.

I laughed and asked, “What? You haven’t asked your princess to the dance yet?” I asked.

He blushed and looked at his watch, “Wow, it’s like eight, we should probably go.” He said getting up. I followed him to the mall exit. “Hey do you need a ride?” he asked, holding the door open for me.

“Actually, I could. My ride ditched and took his girlfriend home.” I giggled and followed him to his car.

The drive wasn’t that long, and before I knew it we were there. Riku walked me to my room and we parted for the night. I walked in and flicked on the light.

“Hey turn off the light!” Hirai, my room mate called from her bed.

“Oh, sorry.” I said and turned it off and walked to the bathroom. Hirai was a year or two older then me, so she wasn’t in any of my classes. I quickly washed off my makeup and changed into my sleep wear and went to bed.


It was Thursday, and two days before the dance. My alarm was going off like crazy, but I closed my eyes and went tried to go back to sleep. “Hey! Get up Leckie! Come on, it’s time for school!” Hirai said throwing a pillow at me.

I groaned and got up and walked to the bathroom. I quickly showered and brushed my teeth. I quickly put on some mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. I was too lazy to try my hair, so I left it partly wet, and put on a black toque. I walked out of the bathroom; Hirai had already left for her first class. I stole a quick glance at the clock beside my bed, it read 8:35. “Crap, I’ve still need to go to my locker!” I said to my self and grabbed my uniform that was beside my bed and put it on, grabbed my book back and ran out the door. The uniforms for Twilight Town High, for the girls, are a white blouse with a navy blue tie. Navy blue skirts with blue knee-high stockings and black dress shoes.

I burst through the dormitory doors and out across the foot ball field. It was getting pretty cold out, and I stupidly forgot my sweater on my bed. I ran into the main building and walked to the cafeteria. Roxas, Kairi and the rest of the gang were sitting at the usual spot. I found it odd that they always sat with the guys on one half of the table and the girls on the other. I didn’t care about that much and sat down on the end beside Tidus.

“It’s freaking cold out there!” I said, rubbing my cold arms.

“Are you hungry? Want some cereal?” Roxas asked, shaking a mini box of sugar coated stuff.

I made a face and shook my head, “No thanks, I’m not hungry.” I said shivering.

“Come on Leckie, you’ve got to eat something! I mean we’re all scared you’re anorexic or something. You like never eat!” Selphie exclaimed from beside Kairi.

I smirked and replied, “Correction, I do eat, I just don’t eat breakfast!” They all rolled their eyes.

“At least eat some fruit or something!” Roxas said.

I grinned, “Fine! I’ll eat an orange!” I said grabbing the mandarin orange off his tray and stood up. “Oh, can I borrow your sweater? I forgot mine in my room.” I asked Roxas, giving him puppy eyes.

“Awe, how could you say no to a face like that?” Olette asked giggling.

He sighed and handed me his black zip up hoodie. “Hey, but I need that back at lunch, I’m going to the skate park.”

I nodded, “I’ll join you, I haven’t got any plans.” He agreed to meet me at the dormitory main doors. I waved good-bye to everyone and left the cafeteria, shoving the orange in my bag, and pulling on Roxas’ sweater. I walked down the partially crowded hallways to my locker. I set my bag down and began unlocking it. I was grabbing my binder out of my locker, I had history class first; it was a subject I actually sort of enjoyed.

“Hey!” said a male’s voice beside me that made me jump.

“Seifer, you scared the crap out of me.” I said smiling. For some reason Roxas and Seifer don’t like each other. But I don’t know why. Seifer’s actually nice, one you get to know him.

“Oh, sorry about that.” he said stifling a laugh. “It’s history, right?” he asked opening the locker next to mine. I nodded and grabbed my notebook from the top shelf of my small locker.

“Ugh, I have chemistry today. I suck so badly at it. I swear I will make the lab blow up sooner or later.”

He laughed and closed his locker. “Good luck with that.” he said as he walked to the history room.

“I’ll need it.” I said after he left. The first bell rang and I closed my locker, and knelt down to put my stuff into my locker. I crammed my binder in and closed my bag and grabbed my notebook and briskly walked towards class.

“Leckie!” someone called from behind me; I turned and saw the principle. He stopped in front of me, “I was wondering if you had seen a black book anywhere?” he asked fiddling with his large, wire rimmed glasses. I shook my head, starting to get anxious, because the second bell had rung; signaling that classes were starting. “Too bad, you see it has the numbers of all of… well, of important people.”

I shook my head again, “Sorry sir, I haven’t, but I’ll keep my eyes open for it. But I must go because I’m late.” I said pointing to over my shoulder.

“Oh yes, here I’ll give you a note so you won't get detention.” he said grabbing a piece of paper and a pencil out of his navy blue pants and quickly scribbling something down. He held it out o me and said for me to hurry to class. I thanked him and quickly walked to class.

I entered and Mrs. Satirukia stopped talking and looked over at me, along with the rest of the class. “Ah, Miss. Sirika, nice of you to join us.” she said in a starchy kind of way.

“Sorry, Mr. Shinkaria wanted to talk to me.” I said handing her the slip of paper.

She took it and read it over, then said, “Very well, take a seat and we will continue.” She turned back to the board and continued writing with her chalk.

I looked around the class room; the only spot left was between Hayner and Tidus. I walked over and put down my bag and slid into the seat. “Why did the principle want to talk to you?” Hayner whispered writing down the notes the teacher was writing.

I shrugged and said, “I don’t know, something about a book or something; nothing really important.” I grabbed a pink and black notebook out of my bag and wrote down the stuff that was on the board.

I was concentrating on the history lesson. I was day dreaming about it actually, kind of role playing out what might have happened; when I felt a tap on my back. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Olette slip me a note. I reached behind me and grabbed it and opened it in my lap. It read: “Do you have a date for the dance yet?” I grinned and started writing. Tidus read it over and gave me a well-do-you look. I closed the note and passed it back to Olette.

I looked back at Tidus and shook my head and mouthed, “Do you?” He shook his head and went on writing.

Olette passed the note back, this time is said: “Wanna go to the mall after school?” I wrote yes and suggested we invite the others and added don’t pass back because it was four minutes till class was over; and slipped it back. I saw her nod as the bell rang. I collected up my stuff and walked out the door.

I met up with Olette outside the door, “So, when do we want to go? We can’t be out too late though, because I’ve got homework.” I said shouldering my bag into the right place, it was so heavy.

She nodded and said, “Yeah, me too. How about from four till…five thirty, six-ish?” she suggested.

“What is this we are talking about?” Hayner said as he and Tidus walked up.

“We’re going to the mall after school, wanna come?” I offered, moving my bag around on my shoulder and trying to keep Roxas’ sweater from falling off.

“Sweet, I need to buy some new strings for my guitar.” Hayner said nudging Tidus. “How about you buddy? You gunna come?”

Tidus smiled and said, “Defiantly, I don’t want stay here all by myself.” he laughed.

We all agreed to meet at the student parking at three forty-five. I waved and walked to my locker as we parted ways to go to our separate classes. It was second period and I had choir class. Wasn’t my favorite class, but it was an easy class. I shoved all of my books into my locker, but as I did I felt my notebook slip out. I bent down to grab it, but as I did, it wasn’t on the floor. I looked up to see a smiling Riku holding it out to me.

“Ha, thanks, I said and gingerly took it from him.

“What’s in that anyways?” he asked, leaning against the lockers.

I blushed slightly and said, “Um, it’s a story that I’m writing.” I said and carefully put it in my locker, making sure it wouldn’t get squashed under any text books.

“What about?” he inquired.

“Uhhhh…” I stuttered, but sighed when I heard the bell ring. “Sorry, I’ve got to go. But, hey, want to come to the mall with me, Olette, Hayner and Tidus?” I offered, hoping I didn’t sound too desperate to spend time with him.

“Sure, when should I meet you guys?” he asked, grabbing his bag up off the ground.

“At three forty-five in the parking lot.” He nodded and with a wave walked to his next class. “Bye!” I called after him and grabbed my bag and walked to room #124.

Everyone was sitting in black chairs in front of a dark brown podium. Namine and Kairi were sitting in the third row. I waved and walked over, sitting down beside Namine. “Hey, did you go over the songs?”

I grinned sheepishly and said, “No, but I went over that duet one, ‘Where are you’ I think it’s called. It’s a pretty cute song. But I didn’t have a partner, so it sounded kind of odd.”

Kairi giggled, “Why didn’t you ask Riku?”

I blushed, “Shut up!” I snapped back. But she only laughed harder.

Namine looked confused, “What’s this about?” she asked quizzically.

“I’ll tell you later.” Kairi said and stopped laughing because the teacher walked in.

She tapped the podium with a pencil and said, “Quiet students, and we’ll begin.” she said, rather autocratically. Almost as if we should be honored to be in her presence; but she was really a nice person. “So, who has studied some of the songs?” she inquired, raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow. Everything about her whole attire seemed to be perfect. Her suite was dark navy blue, to match the uniform the students wore. It consisted of a knee length skirt, with a tiny bit of flair, a crisp white blouse and a navy blue blazer. Her hair was also perfect, not a single hair out of place. Around half of the students raised their hands, including me, Kairi and Namine. She looked around the room and pointed to me and said, “Miss. Sirika why don’t you and...“ She was cut short by Roxas’ walking in. “Ah, Mr. Hikari, if you two could give us a demonstration of ‘Where are you’?” she asked, handing me a sheet of music.

“What am I doing?” Roxas asked, clueless.

“You and I have to sing.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Sing?!” he asked back.

“Uh, yeah, what else would we do in a music class?” I asked sarcastically.

I walked up the front and grabbed the music from the teacher, Roxas beside me. She started playing the soft melody on the piano, Roxas began singing.

(I know you are out there baby...somewhere)
There is someone out there for me (I know there is somebody out there)
I know she is waiting so patiently (Yeah) can you tell me her name? (Somebody tell me her name)
This life-long search is gonna drive me insane
How does she laugh? How does she cry? What's the color of her eyes?
Does she even realize I'm here?
Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? Where is this beautiful girl?
Who is she? Who is she? Who is gonna complete my world?
Where is she? Where is she? Where is this beautiful girl?
Who is she? Who is she? Who is gonna complete my world?
Dadadadadada dadadada dadadadadada (Where are you?)

I'm staring out at the sky (I see you, baby)
Praying that he will walk in my life
Where is the man of my dreams (Right here) yea-yeah
I'll wait forever, how silly it seems
How does he laugh? How does he cry? What's the color of his eyes?
Does he even realize I'm here?
Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is this beautiful guy?
Who is he? Who is he? Who is gonna take me so high?
Where is he? Where is he? Where is this beautiful guy?
Who is he? Who is he? Who is gonna take me so high?
Dadadadadada dadadada dadadadadada (Where are you?)

There is someone out there for me (There is someone out there for me)
I know she is waiting so patiently (So patient)
Can you tell me her name (Can you tell me his name?)
This life-long search is gonna drive me insane (That's right)

How does he laugh? How does he cry? What is the color of his eyes?
Does he even realize I'm here?

Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? Where is this beautiful girl?
Who is she? Who is she? Who is gonna complete my world?

Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is this beautiful guy?
Who is he? Who is he? Who is gonna take me so high?

Dadadadadada dadadada (Yeah) dadadadadada (I know you're out there)
Dadadadadada dadadada (Yeah) dadadadadada

Where are you? I'm going to look all over the world baby
'Cuz I know you are out there
I know this might sound crazy, but I think I love you
Dadadadadada (That's right) dadadada dadadadadada
Dadadadadada dadadada (Yeah) dadadadadada
Where are you?

When we had finished, we were followed by a chorus of applause. I stood there looking at Roxas, who was smiling and looking back at me.

The teacher stood up and said, “Mr. Hikari, that was an outstanding performance. You and Leckie make an amazing couple.” I couldn’t help but giggle at that last compliment, though I knew what she meant. “Now then, who would like to go next?” she asked, looking around the room.

Roxas and I went to sit down as two other students went up to sing. I sat down beside Kairi and Roxas beside Namine. “That was amazing, guys! Leckie, I never knew you could sing like that! I mean, I knew you could sing. I mean, come on, you start randomly singing all the time, but that was amazing!” she went on and on.

I blushed a bit and grinned sheepishly. “Thanks, but you should really compliment Roxas. I mean, he’s the only guy I can sing with. Everyone else is like to…different?” They all laughed as we settled back and watched the rest of the class perform.

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