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Chapter Eleven: When Feelings and Diary Collide

The lunch bell soon rang and I followed Seifer down the hall to the cafeteria. “So, Fuu and Rai won’t mind me hanging with you guys for today, right?” I asked, a little nervous. I had never really hung out with Fuu or Rai before.

“Naw, they won’t mind. As long as they know you’re with me you’ll be fine.” he shrugged and opened the doors as he led the way over to a table in one of the far back corners of the cafeteria. Fuu and Rai were already there and they both stopped talking and looked up as we got closer.

“What’s she doing here?” Rai asked with a suspicious glance.

“She’s going to hang out with us today.” Seifer said with finality and sat down; motioning for me to sit next to him. I slowly slipped into the seat beside him and slouched down as I pulled out my mp3 player.

“What happened to your whole gang?” Rai asked, staring at me attentively.

“They are out today.” I said giving him a quick glance then looking back at my hands.

“So why aren’t you with them?” Fuu asked coldly.

“Look, if you want me to go, I can go.” I said, looking between them.

“No, it’s okay. They’re always like this.” Seifer said taking a bite of his sandwich. I nodded and played my mp3 player, leaving one ear bud dangling so I could hear them talking.

“Yeah, no, it’s cool. You can hang with us.” Rai said, but I wasn’t sure if he meant it or not.

“Hey, are you hungry?” Seifer asked.

“No, I’m good... I ate something earlier.” I said playing with my necklace.

He looked at me for a minute then started talking to Rai about their next soccer practice, “Yeah, we could do with some more practice before our next game. Coach really drills us hard, though.” Seifer said with a smirk, “And speaking of soccer, who’s up for a little game?” he asked, looking at me. I looked back up at him and smiled.

“Yeah, I’m in!” Rai said excitedly; Fuu shook her head and rolled here eyes.

“I’m game.” I said and put away my mp3 player.

“Cool, let’s got find someone else to play to even things out.” he said getting up from the table. I got up and followed him, Rai and Fuu out of the cafeteria. Seifer walked around asking anyone he knew to play, a couple said yes and we all walked out to the field. It wasn’t too cold, so I took off my sweater and set it on the bench with my bag beside Fuu.

“So, who wants to be a captain?” Seifer asked, standing in the middle of a group of about six people including myself and Rai.

“I will.” Another guy said and stepped forward as he and Seifer picked teams.

We set up nets out of orange cones and got ready. It was me, Seifer and another guy named Denzel; the other team was Rai, Tasuki and Heero. I had never met the other three before, but I had seen them around the school. “Who’s the new girl?” Denzel asked pointing at me.

“Roxas’ sister.” I said looking straight into his eyes; they were hazel.

“Roxas? Who’s Roxas?” Heero asked quizzically.

“She’s Yuffie’s step sister, one of Cloud’s friends.” Seifer said rolling his eyes.

“You know Cloud?” Tasuki asked, arching an eyebrow.

I nodded. “Yeah, I know him, but did we come here to talk about who knows who or to play soccer?” I asked, bouncing the ball on my knee.

They shrugged and went to their sides. “You be in net, Leckie.” Seifer said pointing towards the net; I shrugged and slowly made my way towards the orange cones.

They soon started and I waited for them to come my way, which wasn’t going to be too soon because Seifer was pretty good. Finally the ball started coming towards my net. I got ready and braced myself. Rai had the ball but he passed it to Heero who passed it to Tasuki; who came in for the shot. They came running down the field full speed and Tasuki kicked it really hard. It zoomed towards the goal, towards me. I braced myself and caught it in the gut, falling backwards.

“You okay there?” Seifer asked, helping me up. “Nice save, by the way.” he said and gently took the ball.

“You okay? Did I hurt you?” Tasuki asked, walking up.

“No, I’m good.” I said taking a deep breath.

“Leckie!” I heard someone yell from across the field. I turned and saw Roxas, Sora and Axel; and they did not look happy. Even Sora had a frown on his usually happy face.

“Oh... um, hey guys, why are you here?” I asked, walking towards them a few steps.

“We came to find you because Riku said you had run off. We’re surprised to find you here, though.” Roxas said, glaring at me.

“What? I came back to school and played some soccer.” I said shrugging.

“BUT WHY WITH HIM?!” he yelled pointing at Seifer.

I shrank back into someone. I looked up to see Denzel behind me. “Hey, there’s no reason to yell at her. She was just playing a game.” he said, calmly staring at Roxas; who was fuming.

“So, you’ve gone off and found yourself a new group of friends, is that it?” he asked staring at me.

“Hey, Roxas, there’s no need to be mean.” Sora said, putting a hand on his shoulder and trying to calm him down.

“No, that’s not it at all. I came back because I was mad and I didn’t have anyone to hang out with.” It didn’t really matter what I said at that point, they would still be mad.

“Come on, we’re taking you home.” he said, taking my hand and leading the way to the parking lot.

“I need my stuff first.” I said, yanking my hand out of his and jogging over to the bench where Fuu was sitting. “See you later.” I said, and she responded with her usual quiet, blank expression.

I picked up my bag and sweater and walked over to Roxas, Sora and Axel. I turned and gave a quick wave to the guys on the field then sighed as I waited for what lay ahead.


I sat in the back of the car quietly as Sora drove his ’67 mustang down the busy highway. I sighed and looked out the window and watched as we turned down the road my house was on. No one said anything for the entire trip, and I was glad of it.

We slowly pulled into the driveway and came to a stop. I stepped out, walked towards the door and pushed it open slowly. “Is anyone home?” I asked, taking my shoes off and hanging up my coat.

“Leckie?!” asked an angry voice from atop the stairs. I looked up and saw Yuffie coming quickly down the stairs. She came so fast I had to back up and backed right up into Axel. “Where were you!? You can’t just walk off like that!” she yelled at me.

I glared back, I had had enough of being yelled at. “I went to school. You know, that place you go to get an education?” I retorted and tried to walk past her into the kitchen.

She glared, grabbed my arm and led me over to the couch and pushed me onto it. “Never do that again! You scared me, I didn’t know where you had gone!” she said, I could see the concern in her eyes. Axel and the others had crowded around and were staring at me.

“I told Riku I was going back to school.” I said leaning forwards a little bit, “But like any of you actually care what I say. I mean, all that matters is what I do, right? Who cares if I didn’t do it on purpose, or if I actually have friends other than you guys.” I said angrily as I stood up and walked to the kitchen door.

“What is that supposed to mean?” she asked with a confused expression.

“Oh, didn’t they tell you? Everyone is now allowed to be mad at me because I talk to Seifer. I mean, heaven forbid someone here actually show a speck of humanity! I have my own life, get used to it!” I yelled at them and walked through the kitchen as I started up the back stairs.

“Leckie, why are you being so...”

“Well, maybe because you don’t control my life. You don’t have a say in who my other friends are and you don’t control my personal life! This is so freakin stupid, I hate having things this way. I hate being mad at you guys but you make it inevitable.” I briskly ran up the stairs and went to my room. I swung the door halfway closed and sat on my bed. Then I picked up my diary and began reading.

Entry 10

    Today sucks just as bad as every other day has. I’m alone again in my room. Mom and dad went out for the night and Demyx is at a friend’s house. I hate this feeling, it swells within me and it won’t go away. All my friends complain about how they never have time alone; but I have too much. I’m always alone, no one’s here to see me cry. No one cares if I cry, and no one ever has. Am I forced to live out my life alone? Will this ever end?

I closed it and looked up as someone walked into my room slowly. “Mind if I come in?” asked Roxas quietly. I gave him a blank look and scooted over on my bed. He came and sat down on my office chair. “Look, you were right. I don’t have the right to intrude in your life in any way.”

I looked at him. “Why the sudden change of heart?” I asked, leaning back and crossing my legs.

He sighed and gave a sheepish grin, “Yuffie gave me this long lecture about how I shouldn’t butt into your life and how I can't control you because she’s already tried that.”

I laughed at that last part. “Yeah, well, you can try but you won’t succeed.” I grinned and got up and hugged him. “I love you, Roxas... even if you are a control freak.”

I laughed and ran out the door as he chased me. I hopped down the stairs and ran and hid behind the couch. “I will get you.” he said and came up, grabbed me and dropped me on the couch.

“Fine, but sooner or later...you...won’t be able to get...me.” I said as I rolled off the couch and followed him to the kitchen.

“Well, aren’t you just the queen of comebacks?" he said with a grin.

“Yeah, well, who ever said I was?” I asked and sat down at the table. “So, do we have to go to school tomorrow?" I asked, looking around the kitchen.

“Well yeah, tomorrow will be Wednesday and you can’t miss many more days of school.” Yuffie said opening the fridge and grabbing the juice.

“Well, why not? I mean, it’s not like I need a stupid education or anything anyways.” I smiled and propped my feet up on another chair.

“I hope you’re not serious about that. Regardless, you’re going to school tomorrow!” she said and yanked the chair away; my feet fell with a thunk on the floor.

“Hey, I was using that.” I said and slouched back on my chair.

“Not anymore.” she said and plopped down on it as she took huge gulp of her drink.

We sat there for a long time just talking and waiting for my parents to come home. Sora was in the middle of telling us this story of something stupid he did at the mall yesterday when we heard the door open. “Hey dad, how was work?” Yuffie asked as dad stepped through the entrance.

“It was... work.” he smiled warmly.

I got up from the table and gave him a hug, “Well, you know...” I said simply and walked back to my chair.

“Can you spell random?” asked Axel who was sitting across from me.

“Random is better than not random.” I grinned and rested my feet on the edge of his chair.

“Well, who’s up for a game of monopoly?” Dad asked, setting his briefcase down on the table and turning to everyone. Many people agreed, including me and we set it up on the coffee table in the living room. We played for at least an hour and a half; I was out long before everyone else, though. I sat at the foot of the couch and watched as Yuffie, Roxas and dad played the game for a much longer time.

“Wow, this is getting so boring.” I said as I hung upside down off the edge of the couch.

“Yeah, I’m thinking about just tipping the board game over and walking away.” Sora said as he sat beside me.

“Do it and die!” Yuffie said with a small smile, “I’m close to winning and I won’t have you mess it up.” she said pointing a finger at Sora.

“Come on, guys. This is stupid!” Axel said, slouching on the recliner.

“They are right, you know. Even I'm getting bored.” Roxas said with a tired sigh.

“Don’t even think about screwing this up.” Yuffie said, giving him a challenging look.

“Fine, he won’t mess it up; but I will.” I said and flipped the board over and quickly got up and ran to the door.

“You’re going to regret that!” Yuffie said as she followed me out the door and into the front yard.

“Ha, I told you I would get you back for making me sing karaoke!” I called and dodged her playful punches.

She soon had me in a head lock and pinned me down on the ground. “Say uncle!” she said and held me tightly.

“Never!” I said and struggled to get free.

Our play was unexpectedly interrupted by Demyx and Cloud riding up on Cloud’s bike. “Yuffie, don’t break my little sister!” Demyx called as he got off the bike.

“Yeah, Yuffie. Don’t break me.” I said and quickly twisted all my weight to one side and threw her off balance. I escaped narrowly. “Ladies and gentlemen, you saw it here first. I, Leckie, escaped the deadly clutches of the infamous ninja Yuffie. Not that she didn’t put up a good fight.” I smiled as she walked over and hugged me.

“Well now, isn’t it nice when we can all get along?” Demyx asked as he picked me up and carried me into the house.

“Yes, this will be good right here, man servant. Now, place me down gently.” I said in a fake British accent.

“Man servant?” he asked and dropped me on the couch.

“Hey, I said gently. Come on, I’m teaching you a very valuable trade here.” I said as I rolled off the couch and stood up.

“Trade, or just being bossy?” he smirked and rolled his eyes.

“Well both, kind of.” I smiled back and walked into the kitchen.

“Okay, so who here is very bored?” Axel asked, slumping in his chair and heaving a big sigh.

“I’m actually pretty good. Yuffie gave me a few new bruises and possibly a broken bone or two.” I said and winced as I sat down on the chair beside him. “What time is it?” I asked, looking around the crowded room.

“It’s about 4-ish.” Sora said looking at the microwave. “Why, got a date?” he asked with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes, “Nope. I am one hundred percent available, for both dating and the dance.” I sighed and rested my elbows on the table. Sora gave Roxas a look, who glanced at Yuffie. “What’s with all the looks?” I asked, staring at everyone.

“Nothing, let’s go to the mall.” Yuffie said as she pulled me to my feet.

I groaned loudly as I got up. “Careful, you may break something I will need later in life.”

I smiled a bit as I followed her to the door. “Why are we going to the mall? What could you possibly need that you don’t already have three of?” I asked as I slid my feet into my shoes.

She smirked at me and rolled her eyes as she walked out the door to Roxas’ car; he was reluctantly following behind us. I smiled and slid into the front seat, forcing Yuffie to sit in the back with Sora. Demyx, Cloud and the others decided to stay behind and do something else. We drove silently down the road, well mostly silent. Yuffie, Sora, Axel and Roxas continually talked and sang off key to the songs on the radio. I just laughed and watched out the window.


We walked around the mall for several hours. “I wish I had changed before we came, I’m still in my school uniform.” I said, smoothing out my blue plaid skirt.

“Well, it’s not like you’re in your pajamas or something so suck it up.” Yuffie said, grabbing my hand and pulling me into a store.

“What do you need from here? What could you possibly need?” Roxas asked looking around the store. Cosmetics, jewelry and many other shiny objects were resting on shelves all around the store. The store was a bright arrangement of rainbow like colors and was nearly blinding.

“Well, they can’t be selling sunglasses, right?” I asked, blinking as I entered the store.

“Actually, they do.” Yuffie said, browsing through the sunglasses briefly.

“Well, ain’t that just nifty. They blind them to make sure they buy their sunglasses.” I giggled as I walked over to what Sora was looking at.

“What do you think of this?” he asked, holding up a necklace with a green jewel dangling from the bottom.

“Well, I don’t know. Do you think it matches me eyes?” I asked smiling; fluttering my eyelashes.

“Not for you, it’s for Kairi.” he said with a sarcastic smile as he examined the necklace.

“I think it’s nice, it will match her eyes.” I said and looked at the other necklaces hanging on the wall.

“Hey Leckie, what about this?” Yuffie called from across the store.

I turned and looked at the chain necklace dangling from her fingers. “It’s nice, what’s it for?” I asked as I walked over and fingered it gently.

“It’s for the dance, silly. I’m going, too.” she said with a smile.

“Really? Cool, what are you dressing as?” I asked, turning and looking at the assortment of rings on the counter.

“You will have to wait and find out.” she smiled mischievously and went to go pay for the necklace. I shook my head and continued looking around the store. “Shall we go now?” she asked after she paid, a blue bag dangling loosely from her hands. I nodded and we followed her out of the store.

“Where’s Sora?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder.

“He’s paying for something.” I said with a slight giggle.

Yuffie looked at me oddly then waited for Sora. “Hurry up, Sora. We don’t have all day. In fact, we only have about three hours.” she said, looking at her watch.

“Why three hours?” I asked with a quizzical look.

“Well, you have school tomorrow and you need to rest.” she said, tapping her foot as we waited for Sora.

He finally walked out, shoving a small blue bag into his pocket. “We ready to go? We still have like eight other stores to hit before we go.” Yuffie said excitedly as she headed towards her next destination. I shrugged and we all slowly followed her.

She went to store after store, searching through everything in each store. There wasn’t one rack she hadn’t gone through. “Come on, Yuffie. I’m tired of this, can we please go home?” Axel begged, dragging his feet behind her.

“Awe. Come on, Axel. You can make it a few more decades.” I laughed, giving Yuffie a smirk.

She just rolled her eyes and gave me a duh face. “Fine, let’s go.” she said, followed by a chorus of cheer.

“Yeah, let’s go, little sister!” Roxas said happily as he hoisted me up onto his back and carried me out to the parking lot.

“Hey, how come no one gives me a piggy back?” Yuffie asked with a pout.

“Awe I’ll give you one!” I said. I got off Roxas’ back and let Yuffie climb on mine. I managed to carry her all the way to the car.

“Well, you’re stronger than I give you credit for.” she said, laughing until I dropped her. “Alright, I take it back, you suck.” she laughed as she got up.

I shrugged and slid into the back seat next to Axel who was in the middle between me and Sora. “Alright, home we go.” Yuffie said as she started the car and backed out of the mall parking lot. We drove down the highway listening to the radio. Axel and Sora took a shot at singing along to ‘How You Remind Me’ but didn’t quite succeed; although it was quite funny. The drive back home was about fifteen minutes and we were soon there.

It was about seven thirty and I was famished. I went to the kitchen to see what mom had made for dinner. There was a large bowl of pasta with a creamy chicken sauce. “Yeah, mom made pasta!” I said as I pulled it out of the fridge and stuck it in the microwave. “Who’s hungry?” I asked grabbing bowls from the cupboard.

“Count me in.” Axel said, plunking down at the table. Everyone else agreed.

“I thought I heard voices.” my mom said as she came down the kitchen stairs, “How was the mall?” she asked sitting next to Demyx.

“Ask Yuffie, she’s the only one who did any shopping. Oh, and Sora.” I said as I grabbed some forks and cups.

“What did you get, Yuffie?” she asked.

“I got basically everything.” she smirked, grabbed the juice from the fridge and began filling glasses.

“Yeah, we’re lucky. She actually left some of the store.” I giggled and quickly ducked her soft punch. Then I went to open the beeping microwave. I grabbed the dish and quickly regretted that decision as I placed it down on the counter and rubbed my burning hands together. “Freak, that hurt!” I said and ran some cold water over them.

“Well duh, it’s hot.” Sora said with a goofy grin as he grabbed some pot holders and took the bowl over to the table.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed a spoon out of a drawer as I followed him to the table. “Dig in, all.” I said as I took a sip of my juice.

We sat at the table for a while talking and rambling about nothing. “So, who's gunna help me clear the table?” I asked standing up. No one answered. “Well, don’t all volunteer at once.” I said sarcastically as I grabbed some bowls and brought them over to the sink and began loading the dishwasher.

“Fine, I’ll help.” Sora said reluctantly as he grabbed the rest of the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

“Okay, the big dish won’t fit and neither will those cups and bowls; I wash you dry?” I asked tossing him a towel. He shrugged and gave me a grin. Everyone else had left to go sit in the living room and watch TV so it was just me and Sora. “So, when are you going to give Kairi that necklace?” I asked while I scrubbed the inside of the pasta dish.

“I don’t know yet. Sometime soon, when the mood is right.”

I grinned, “You two are cute together.” I said with a giggle.

“So, has Riku given you anything yet?” Sora asked, grabbing the wet bowl from me to dry.

“Other than a headache?” I asked with a sarcastic tone. “Nothing.” He nodded his head and looked solemn. “I mean, seriously, when he asked me to go for a walk all he wanted to do was know what Seifer and I were talking about.” I glared down at the glass I was washing.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean for it to come out like that.” he said in a sympathetic tone.

“Yeah, well, he was pretty quick to get right to the point.” I said and handed him the glass.

“Well, either way, that’s over with so let’s just get these done and go do something.” he said while he put the glass away. I nodded and hurriedly washed the rest of the dishes.

We finally finished and walked out to the living room. “What’re you watching?” I asked, sitting next to Demyx.

“Whatever Axel chooses, we decided to let him pick the movie tonight.” he said rolling his eyes. I laughed and watched as Axel searched through the many movies my step parents had collected over the years.

“Oh, this one looks cool.” he said with a wide grin as he held up The Last Samurai.

“That is a good movie.” I said eagerly.

“Cool, then let’s watch it.” Demyx said leaning back into the couch.

“Who wants popcorn?” I asked, standing up and walking back into the kitchen.

I grabbed the microwave popcorn out of the cupboard and put it on for about three minutes. I grabbed a bowl and waited for it to pop. “Hurry up, Leckie!” Axel called impatiently from the living room.

“I’m going as fast as the microwave will let me.” I called back as I grabbed a drink from the fridge. As I was putting it back into the fridge the alarm on the microwave went off and it sounded like the door had opened. I grabbed the hot bag from the microwave and carefully poured it into its bowl. “Alright, who’s up for some pop...corn?” I asked but stopped as I saw Riku standing in the middle of the living room.

“Hey, what’s up?” he asked, walking over.

“Nothing since...well, since we went to the mall.” I said and tried to get past him but he stood in front of me.

“Hey, umm, can we talk?” he asked, gently grabbing the bowl from me and placing it on the coffee table. The whole room had gone silent.

“S-sure, where?” I asked looking at him.

He motioned towards the door and asked, “Wanna go for a walk?” I nodded and went to go put my shoes on.

I looked back at everyone; they stared back with faint smiles and hope in their eyes. I gave them a wide grin, “You all look like monkeys.” I said in a sing song voice as I put on Demyx’s sweater.

“Okay seriously, get your own sweater.” Demyx said with a sarcastic smile.

“I will, once I get some money. Cid has me laid off for a week or so.” I said and followed Riku out the door.

We walked down the sidewalk in silence for a while. I took a quick glance back at the house before we turned a corner; everyone had their faces pressed against the window. I giggled quietly as we rounded a corner and were out of sight of the house. “So, how are you?” I asked, trying to ease the silence.

He shrugged his shoulders. “I felt really bad when you stormed off in a huff earlier.” he said with a sad expression.

“I was not in a huff, I just walked in a huffy-ish manner.” I said blushing, which made him laugh.

“Look, I’m really sorry that I jumped on you like that. You’re allowed to have friends other than us and...yeah.” he said with a smile.

“Well, thank you for your permission. I will definantly take it to heart.” I said grinning. He gave me a you’re-a-freak look. I just laughed and jogged over to the park and began climbing the tower. Riku followed me up to the top.

I climbed up onto one of the posts standing high above the rest of the park and stood there looking out over the park. From the pole you could see for miles over Twilight Town, the tram station, the shopping center, town square. It was a breathtaking sight. The sun was slowly going down behind the woods that surrounded the outside of the town, casting a glow across the tree tops and over into the town; dancing across the roof tops and down onto the roads, slowly retreating back to dance again with the sun. “It’s breathtaking, isn’t it?” I asked, letting the cool fall breeze float across my face.

“Yeah, it’s almost like a painting; every beam a perfect brush stroke.” Riku said, standing behind me.

I turned and looked at him over my shoulder. “Yeah, like someone meant for this moment to be perfect.” I sighed and looked out over the town. “Don’t let the sun go down on a day so perfect. Let it last forever, perfect and unchanging. Let not time itself disrupt its peaceful slumber.” I said to myself, watching as pinks, oranges and reds danced their way away from the sun and splashed out across the town.

“What was that?” Riku asked, watching the horizon. I shrugged and slowly got off the tower; Riku right behind me. I landed on the ground and watched as the last few rays of the sun vanished from sight and darkness started to settle in. “Are we alright?” Riku asked, standing beside me.

“Yeah, we’re okay.” I said and looked into his blue eyes. They sparkled in the darkness. I couldn’t help but blush when he started to smile at me. I looked down at the ground then back at him, I felt him gently rap his fingers around mine and give my hand a light squeeze. I smiled and we turned and headed back to the house as the first few stars shyly began to show their faces in the ever darkening sky.

We slowly walked down the sidewalk, taking as long as possible. “I don’t want to leave tonight and have to go to tomorrow. Back to school, back to life, back to all the problems that come with it.” I sighed and watched the ground as we rounded the corner. Riku just nodded and said nothing. We stopped in front of the door to my house and just stood there.

“Well, I guess this is goodnight.” he said somewhat sadly.

“Yeah, until tomorrow.” I smiled and looked into his eyes. He slowly started to pull me closer and leaned in. I closed my eyes and waited; until we were interrupted by the door opening.

“Hey guys, what are you doing?” Demyx asked from the doorstep.

“Saying goodnight.” I sighed and looked back at Riku.

“Well, uh, goodnight Leckie.” he said as he gave my hand a quick squeeze then walked down the sidewalk.

“Bye.” I called softly after him, then turned and glared at Demyx. “Gee thanks, Demyx!” I snarled at him as I walked into the house.

“What?” he asked.

“He was about to kiss me until you came in.” I said exasperated and sat down on the couch.

“Yeah, well, you should thank him, Leckie. Dad was about to go in and break it up.” Yuffie said from the recliner.

“Why would anyone try to break “it” up?” I asked crossing my arms.

“I don’t know, go ask dad. Fathers always worry.” Yuffie giggled and wrapped her arms around me in a hug.

“Anyway, you’re just in time to see the second half of the movie.” Cloud said from on the floor, “So could we please watch it?” he asked annoyed.

“Alright, Cloud. We’re watching it.” Axel said hitting the play button on the remote.

The movie continued playing and we watched for hours. I finally went to bed at almost twelve, I flopped down on the bed and quickly drifted into sleep.

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