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Chapter LIV: Intermission: To Olympus

The Celsius eventually came by to pick Sora and Kairi up. Just a few hours ago, the two of them relaxed along with Pacha, and Kuzco with his entire royal pack. There were drinks, food, and music. If only Sora and Kairi were free and not on active duty, they would be able to stay and enjoy the time under the sun. Nonetheless, when the Celsius landed nearby, Sora and Kairi knew they had to leave.

When they boarded the Gummi Ship, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were waiting onboard, each manning their own respective stations. That left Sora and Kairi in the passenger seats with nothing to do. When asked if they were ready, Sora and Kairi bid farewell to the friends they made in these tropical lands before the Celsius gently closed its doors and lifted into the air. The amazed residents of the sunny kingdom gasped at the technology none of them have every imagined before as the Gummi Ship blasted off into the sky, disappearing from their sights in a matter of moments.

“Are you two okay?” Mickey asked as soon as the Celsius began drifting freely in the void. “Sorry we left you two alone for such a long time. I thought Sora could handle everything?”

“But I can!” Sora protested. “And so can Kairi. See? We’re both fine.”

Mickey smiled.

“You’re right, Sora,” the king agreed with a chuckle.

“So,” Sora spoke after a few seconds of silence. “Where did you guys go while we were down there?”

Donald and Goofy glanced at each other and then looked at Sora. Sora motioned his hands as if asking them to say something.

“We stopped by Halloween Town,” Mickey said for Donald and Goofy. “We know your friend Jack’s there, but we stopped by first to check if everything’s okay there.”

“Don’t worry, Sora,” Goofy added when he took note of Sora’s crestfallen expression. “Everything’s okay there!”

“And if anything does happen?heavens forbid?we’ll go right back there to fix everything up!” Mickey said cheerfully.

“Who’s Jack?” Kairi whispered in Sora’s ear.

“He’s this really tall skeleton man,” Sora whispered back. When he noted Kairi’s skeptical and somewhat fretful look, Sora felt the need to clarify some more. “He has a really big heart, though. And he’s not scary at all, if that’s how you picture him. Maybe you’ll be able to meet him at some point.”

Kairi shifted a bit and swallowed uneasily.

“Trust me, he’s a good guy,” Sora tried to reassure her. He turned to ask Mickey, “Did you guys go anywhere else?”

“We’re set to go to Agrabah, how’s that sound?” Donald answered. “Or… Olympus!”

“Both those worlds have Heartless running about,” Mickey said cautiously. “For certain. It’s your call, Sora!”

Sora thought about the choices carefully. In the years before, he would have randomly picked a world and made the departure without much consideration. On the other hand, with careful contemplation, Sora decided that passing through Olympus first would be the greatest option, due to the fact that the great ally, Hercules, awaited there. However, if Agrabah happened to be in greater peril than Olympus, then Agrabah must be saved first.

“King Mickey, which world is closer? And which world is in more trouble?” Sora asked.

Mickey looked to Goofy, who was sitting in the navigation station. Goofy glanced at the screen, which listed the worlds that have been mapped out in the void. After losing his patience in less than ten seconds, Donald stiffly walked over to the navigation station and pointed down on the screen.

“We’re that dot!” Donald sputtered. “And that dot there is Olympus! And that dot all the way over there is Agrabah!”

“Hyuck, I get it now!” Goofy exclaimed.

“Ohh…” Donald groaned as he stiffly walked back to his weapons station.

“So, we’re closer to Olympus…” Sora said to himself.

“We don’t know which world’s got the biggest Heartless threats, though,” Mickey stated. “We can see the darkness surroundin’ the worlds, that’s how we know if there are any problems.”

If the knowledge of which world being in the greatest peril cannot be obtained, then the only logical solution that Sora could imagine was to pass through the nearest world: Olympus.

“Olympus, then,” Sora said at last. “Let’s visit the Coliseum.”

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