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Chapter XLIII: Steal the Key and Abandon Ship!

It was the dead of night, well past midnight as the luminescent full moon glowed brightly in the sky. The crew of the Flying Dutchman made their way into the bunkers for the night’s rest, though some stayed on the deck, but slumped over in sleep nonetheless. Sora, Kairi, and Will were wide awake. This silent night was their night for action. If there was a perfect opportunity to claim Davy Jones’ prized key, it was now.

The captain’s cabin, located at the stern of the ship, was locked. But if there’s any reason for the Keyblade’s existence besides slaying Heartless and locking the keyholes of the worlds, it was to open various locks. Sora gently tapped the locked keyhole of the cabin’s door, hearing it unlock with a small click.

“I wonder if I can just open the Deadman’s Chest with the Keyblade,” Sora wondered out loud.

“Shh,” Will said, silencing Sora. “Your sword is not of this world. A mythical chest, such as the Deadman’s Chest, I doubt can be opened with a different key.”

“You’re probably right,” Sora whispered in a quick response before pushing open the captain’s cabin door.

It was gloomily dark in Davy Jones’ room, perhaps due to the lacking of any windows. The only unique object in the room was a giant organ, encrusted with shells, urchins, corals, and marine creature parts. Davy Jones was hunched over in his seat, his head hovering a few inches away from the organ keyboard. Sora, Kairi, and Will crept into the room without making any sounds, fearful of the pirate captain’s possible waking.

Luckily for them, Davy Jones was snoring in his deep slumber. As Sora boldly stepped closed to Davy Jones, he felt gushes of smelly mists sprayed towards him from the pirate captain’s cephalopodan siphons. Every long exhale sprayed more odorous mists towards Sora, disgusting the young Keyblade master. Every once in a while, the tentacles on Davy Jones’ face would twitch or merely snake around. Though it did not seem like much, the slithering did irritate Kairi, who turned away from the pirate captain, unable to look on anymore.

Sora got far enough as a foot away from Davy Jones’ face. He tried to look around for any objects that could move the pesky tentacles out of his way. There were at least a dozen slimy tentacles flopped in front of Davy Jones. The key Will needed to trade for Jack’s compass in turn needed to trade for Elizabeth’s freedom was deep in Davy Jones’ vest. There was no possible way of making a grab for the key without waking up the evil pirate captain.

Will spotted a couple of quill pens nearby. They were light and quite long and sturdy, suitable props for handling Davy Jones’ hindering tentacles. Will picked up one pen and handed another one to Sora, who took the pen with a peculiar look to his face. Will shrugged and used his pen to lift up on of Davy Jones’ tentacles. Sora nodded and did the same.

A little less graceful, Sora accidentally dropped the tentacle he was lifting. The tentacle fell onto an organ key, emitting an echoing note. Davy Jones muttered something, his tentacles probing and slithering in random directions, but his eyes remained closed. One tentacle grazed over a locket, activating a peaceful lullaby. Slowly, the pirate captain began to snore again as he eased up, relaxing to the simple melodies. Both Sora and Will were frozen in place, both expecting Davy Jones to wake up. Seeing that no harm was done, Sora and Will resumed their mission, both being extra careful in their work.

Kairi stood by the door, periodically glancing out onto the deck to check if any crewmen were awake and about. Periodically, she would also check Sora and Will’s progress in the removal of the key. Even though the surroundings were obviously filthy, dreary, and absolutely not fitting for a girl like Kairi, the night itself was serene enough. Kairi began to hum, out of boredom or simply out of the enjoyment of the clear moonlight.

I wanna be with you now,

Let’s shorten the distance between the two of us.

We can still make it on time,

We can start over…”

Sora listened to Kairi’s voice as he carefully lifted a wad of tentacles with a single raise of his pen, revealing the prized key. Quickly, he used his pinky to pick off the key and allowed Will to fill the empty slot with the cloth-drawing of the key. Gently placing the slippery tentacles back in their original resting spots, Sora motioned for Will and Kairi to leave the captain’s cabin.

Will silently jogged out of the room in silence while Sora took Kairi’s arm and led her out of the room. They closed the door behind him with Sora locking it with his Keyblade.

“Do you think he’s gonna notice?” Kairi asked Sora.

“Yeah, I bet. I mean, the key opens a chest that contains his heart. How weird is that, by the way? Being separate from your heart?” Sora responded in a comical tone.

And then Sora realized something. Kairi realized the same thing. If Davy Jones does not have a heart…

“We have to get off this ship,” Sora said, changing his tone immediately. Will nodded.

“I was thinking of the same thing,” Will agreed. “Oh yes, where’s the key?”

Sora tossed Will the key to the Deadman’s Chest.

“What do you suggest, Will?” Sora asked.

Will rubbed his thin mustache in wonder. Then he chuckled to himself. “What would you two say to abandoning ship?”

Sora’s face lit up. “Abandoning ship? Like people out at sea always do when there’s trouble?” he eagerly asked.

Sora’s acting like a little boy again, Kairi noted to herself, smiling at the same time.

“Yes. We abandon ship,” Will whispered.

“Wait,” Kairi interrupted. “Aren’t there any lifeboats around here?”

“No, Kairi,” Sora said, stifling a laugh. “Abandon ship, like… jump!”

Kairi gasped in horror. “Jump!” she retorted. “Remember the last time you made me jump? Off that humongous tree at home? You broke your ankle in the process and scared me half to death! What makes you think that I’m going to jump this time?”

Sora looked over the railings on the side of the Flying Dutchman. The seawater wasn’t too far down, perhaps only a thirty-foot drop. It sounded like a lot, but if one dived correctly, no injuries would be sustained.

“Kairi,” Sora snickered quietly. “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of heights.”

“No…” Kairi quickly countered. “I just?don’t like jumping off of cliffs and stuff…”

She sighed. There was no use arguing with Sora. Besides, she really wanted to get off this ship of living nightmares.

“Here,” Sora said, offering Kairi his hand. “We’ll jump together.”

Kairi whined for a moment before grasping onto Sora’s hand. Sora nodded at Will, who nodded back. Will stepped onto the railing and dove headfirst down the side of the Flying Dutchman and into the dark seawater. Kairi let out a panicky puff of breath at Will’s erratic dive and buried her head in Sora’s shoulder.

“C’mon, Kairi, it’s our turn,” Sora said quietly.

“Sora, please, I don’t?” Kairi began to whimper.

Sora grabbed a loose plank and tossed it into the sea, where Will clung onto it. Sora threw a couple of more wooden planks into the sea.

“We’ll float around on the planks. It won’t be too bad, I promise.”

Kairi let out another whimper and shoved her head back into Sora’s shoulder. Sora grabbed Kairi and quickly hopped onto the railing. Kairi yelped.

“Psst!” Will hissed from below. “Not too loud, you two. You don’t want to wake the crew!”

“Soraaa?Ahh!” Kairi screamed.

Sora held Kairi around the waist as he dove headfirst towards the sea. Out of terror, Kairi had both her arms strapped around Sora’s neck, choking the poor Keyblade-wielder. The two of them made a not-so-elegant splash in the water.

The frightened yelp, the high-pitched scream, and the loud splash in the sea combined together in a matter of seconds were enough to wake a few crewmembers that were sleeping on the deck. Maccus, the first mate of the Flying Dutchman, the hammerheaded crewman, was alerted of the situation by some of the other waking crewmembers.

“The three that the captain ‘rought in have gone overboard,” one crewman reported.

“They’ve not gone overboard,” Maccus sneered as he spotted Sora, Kairi, and Will swimming into the distance. “They’ve abandoned ship.”

Maccus pushed a few crewmen out of his way and stormed towards Davy Jones’ cabin.

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