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Chapter XLI: The Flying Dutchman

Davy Jones was perhaps the most feared captain of the seas. A supernatural commandeer of his deadly cursed crew of the notorious ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman. Literally invincible, Davy Jones cannot be destroyed or even harmed in any way. But the ruler of the seas does have one weakness. And in order to exploit Davy Jones’ one weakness, Jack Sparrow goes on his search for a mysterious key.

On board the Black Pearl, Sora could tell there was some sort of stress bothering Jack. Perhaps it was because of this Davy Jones. Sora knew nothing of Davy Jones, but Will seemed to know at least a tidbit more than Sora did.

“Not much,” Will responded after Jack asked him how much he knew about Davy Jones.

“Yeah, it’s gonna save Elizabeth,” Jack said, referring to the key.

“Who is this… Davy Jones?” Sora asked.

“He’s a monster,” said Will. “A terrible abomination?”

“He’s this, how do you say, scary feller that I owe my soul to, that’s it,” Jack butted in.

“Your soul?” Sora sputtered. “For what?”

“Oh, for raisin’ the Pearl from the depths,” Jack explained. “Thirteen years have passed, savvy?”

“You’re going to have to give a little more info than that, Jack,” said Sora.

“Bugger,” Jack spat. “I don’t have to. You can ask Jones yourself.”

Sora and Kairi were clueless and had no idea what was happening or what Jack was talking about until the both of them realized that another ship was speeding towards the Black Pearl. Jack continued to shout and scramble all over the deck of the Black pearl.

“All hands! Up, men, up! Make ready for impact! Gibbs! Gibbs!” Jack yelled. “Do not load the cannons! If need be… argh, just nothin’ stupid!

“What is going on, Sora?” Kairi asked cautiously.

Both Sora and she got out of the pirates’ ways and dodged to a corner on the deck. The sky was noticeably darker and the air more humid.

“I have no idea, Kairi,” Sora answered. “If you’re completely lost, that’s okay, because I am too.”

Kairi couldn’t hold back a smile. In a moment, the clouds became unusually dense, thus releases torrents of rain. Thunder boomed, but Jack’s voice could still be heard in the background, shouting out random, unnecessary orders to his crew.

“Here, mate,” Jack said to Sora, handing him a telescope. “Be on the lookout for the Flying Dutchman.”

“The what?” Sora asked.

“Normally, I would… bah, here, lemme show you?” Jack said, grabbing back the telescope. “Oh.”

Jack was somewhat stunned, as he dropped the telescope to the ground, but Sora and Kairi were completely caught by surprise. The creature before them, a robust humanoid topping well over six feet, equipped with a face full of tentacles, a giant lobster claw on his left hand, and a single leg resembling those of common crustaceans. He stared at Jack, ignoring everyone else. At the same time, Sora looked around the Black Pearl and noticed an entire crew of half human, half sea creature beings suddenly and silently teleported themselves onto the Black Pearl. It was a shock indeed, and it left Sora and Kairi speechless.

“You have a debt to pay. You’ve been captain of the Black Pearl for thirteen years?” Davy Jones grumbled in Jack’s face.

So that’s Davy Jones, Sora thought. The captain of the Flying Dutchman appeared more frightening then the majority of the Heartless and Nobodies Sora faced on his past journeys.

“Technically, I was only captain for two years, then I was viciously mutinied upon,” Jack responded bravely to Davy Jones.

“Then you were a poor captain, but a captain nonetheless!” Davy Jones retorted. “Have you not introduced yourself all these years as Captain Jack Sparrow?”

Jack pulled Will over to him. “You have my payment. One soul to serve on your ship is already over here.” Will’s eyes bulged, ready to explode in protest.

“One soul is not equal to another,” said Davy Jones. He squinted at Will’s face, which seemed to have relaxed a bit, now that Will knew that Davy Jones did not want anything to do with him.

“Sora, this guy is really creeping me out,” Kairi whimpered.

“I know,” Sora whispered back. “I still have no idea what’s going on.”

“Aha!” Jack exclaimed, releasing his hold on Will. “So we've established my proposal is sound in principle, now we're just haggling over price.”

“Price? Pfft!” Davy Jones sputtered. He turned to Sora and Kairi, who were both half-hiding themselves from view.

Just how many souls do you think my soul is worth?” Jack asked, trying to get Davy Jones’ attention again.

“One hundred souls,” Davy Jones snarled. “You’ve got yourself three daysss-uh.”

“You’re a diamond, mate,” Jack said gleefully. “So?”

“I keep the boy and the girl,” Davy Jones interrupted, yanking up Sora and Kairi with great force and strength. “A good-faith payment. That leaves you only ninety-eight more souls to go. Ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ah, and maybe this boy here, too! Ninety-seven, Sparrow.”

Davy Jones used the tentacles on his face and seized Will. Sora, Kairi, and Will were all held onto tightly, their muscles all rendered useless. The evil pirate captain cackled maniacally.

“That lad, Sora! Don’t you know? He’s heroic, a real lifesaver at times. And… and… perhaps he’s worth more than a soul. Come now, mate, you know it, two or three? And… Have you not met Will Turner? He's noble, also heroic, terrific soprano. Worth at least four... maybe three and a half. And did I happen to mention... he's in love. With a girl. Due to be married. Betrothed. Dividing ‘im from ‘er and ‘er from ‘im... would only be half as cruel as actually allowing them be joined in holy matrimony. Aye?”

Jack was seriously struggling to find some way to negotiate with Davy Jones, but to no avail.

“I keep the boys and the girl. Ninety-seven soulsss-uh. But I wonder, Sparrow, can you live with this? Can you condemn innocent ones?friendsss-uh?to lifetimes of servitude, in your name while you roam free?”

“Yep!” Jack exclaimed, surprising Sora, Kairi, and Will. “I’m good with it?”

“Three days,” Davy Jones murmured sinisterly, slipping away. “Three days.”

Sora still could not believe that Jack would just give up his friends as easily as he just did. Sora began to doubt if Jack ever considered Sora and Will his friends. Kairi was an exception since Jack had not met or even heard about Kairi before. Still, giving up three lives to a horrific pirate that was neither human nor beast? Sora could not comprehend it. Before he knew it, Kairi, Will, and he were on board the notorious Flying Dutchman.


When Riku saw a bright object flashing through the night sky, he was ecstatic, but at the same time elusive. The object in the sky could either be the Highwind or the Celsius, holding either Sora and Kairi, or Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. It would be great to know if his friends were safe, but knowing the costs of siding with the powers of darkness, Riku remained resolute in avoiding encounters with his friends.

Where is the keyhole to this world? Riku kept asking himself. Normally, when the Keyblade nears a keyhole, it will automatically trigger itself to lock the world from darkness. But countless hours had passed and Riku had yet to find himself even remotely close to the keyhole.

Temporarily giving up on his search for the keyhole, Riku decided to attend to another matter: finding and dealing with Syx. Their previous encounter ended with neither side victorious. Riku decided this time he will be the hunter.

Tearing open a dark portal, Riku departed for another unknown world, in hopes of being able to find Syx.


Immediately upon being taken to the Flying Dutchman, Sora, Kairi, and Will were assigned duties, mostly consisting of manual labor. All sorts of hideous deformities surrounded the three of them. Basically every crewmember had some sort of aquatic feature attached to him, ranging from giant mussel shells to barnacle skeletons to squirming tentacles. The sights made Kairi fastidious, obstructing her from doing any work. Trying his best to assist, Sora took on raising the sails at a double pace, in order for Kairi to rest. A few feet away, Will pulled a long, thick rope along with several others of the Flying Dutchman crew. It was excruciating work. In only a few minutes of working, Sora felt blisters developing all over his hands from pushing and yanking ropes, cords, and the like.

“Heave! Heave! Heave! Heave!” the working crewmembers chanted as they pulled on ropes.

“Haul that lil’ lass to her feet!” a great bosun bellowed, seeing Kairi was idle.

Instantly, the chants stopped, the organ playing ominously in the background stopped, and all attention on the deck of the Flying Dutchman turned to Kairi.

“Five lashes to remind you… to stay on ‘em!” the bosun roared, pointing at the ropes attached to the sails.

Sora leapt in front of the bosun before the whip was drawn. The bosun gritted his sharp fish teeth and snarled.

“Impeding me in my duties. You’ll share the punishment!”

“I’ll take it all,” Sora muttered. Kairi gasped and held onto Sora’s outstretched arms from behind.

“Will ye now?” Davy Jones’ voice sounded from the cabin. The pirate captain slowly made his way to where the commotion was. “And what would prompt such an act of charity?”

Sora kept a firm and emotionless face as he shifted his glare from the bosun and over to Davy Jones.

“I asked a question, boy. What would prompt such an act of charity?” Davy Jones repeated as he bent down, his foul face inching closer to Sora’s.

“What would?” Davy Jones hissed, his breath passing by Sora’s face, making the Keyblade master wince. “Heh. Ha! Ha ha! Bosun!”

“It’s because I care about her,” Sora answered quietly.

“Eh?” Davy Jones said, turning back and bent down to face Sora. “I heard you not. Care to repeat your wordsss-uh?

“It’s because,” Sora hissed spitefully. “I care about her… captain.

Davy Jones became silent, as he stood erect again. He snorted and departed on his way back to his cabin.

“What fortuitous circumstance be this! Five lashes be owed. I believe it is,” Davy Jones ultimately said after a long, silent pause. He glanced over his back and stared at Sora maliciously. “You will feel the sting?by your own hands, boy. Bosun!”

Kairi had tears trickling down her face as the bosun handed Sora the whip.

“Five lashes!” the bosun snarled.

“You have got to be dreaming,” Sora shouted as he snatched the whip and flogged the bosun across the face, sending particles of shells, scales, water, and blood flying into the night air.

The bosun screeched in agony as Sora sent another lash, thrashing the bosun furiously.

“If you think I would hurt Kairi as easily as that…” Sora panted quietly at the bosun, who laid motionless on the ship’s wooden deck. “There’s no way… that I would ever, ever.”

Kairi had her eyes shut the entire time. But she felt no pain in the violence, feeling no painful ships crashing onto her back. She opened her eyes and saw Sora’s back, rising and falling from breaths mixed of exhaustion, anger, and stimulation. At Sora’s feet was an unmoving bosun and in Sora’s hand was a long whip. The Flying Dutchman’s crew had quietly gone back to their assigned duties, their chants slowly returning as the words,” Heave! Heave!” and the ominous chords of the organ in the background could be heard once again.

Sora dropped the whip and fell on his knees and hands. Kairi came rushing to his side, soon followed by Will afterwards. Sora’s eyes were open, signifying full alertness, to Kairi’s relief. Will helped Sora off the wet deck and allowed him to lean on a pillar.

“What is happening to me,” Sora whispered. “I was never that… angry before…”

“Then you do care for Kairi,” said Will. “Or else you would not have shown the emotions you have.”

Sora smiled and gazed at Kairi, who still had a teardrop in her eye.

“Thank you, Sora,” Kairi whispered. “For saving me again.”

Sora gave Kairi another awkward smile, relaxing a bit. “No problem, Kairi.”

“Come on now,” Will beckoned. “Let’s head down to the interior while no one’s watching.”

Slowly, Sora stumbled his way to equilibrium as Will lead Kairi and him down a flight of empty stairs into the interior of the Flying Dutchman. It was damp and dark, but at least there was a single lit lamp. And at least it felt safer than it felt up on the deck full of deformed crewmen. Resting on a small, wooden stool, Sora closed his eyes and leaned on the wall behind him and slipped into sleep.

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