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Chapter XXXVIII: A Conversation with William Turner

Sora was surprised with Will Turner’s strength and endurance as the man sailed the tiny ship in which they were in for over ten hours. Sora and Kairi had slept soundly on the trip, but Will had not. He was more focused on finding Jack and the compass in order to free Elizabeth from Bennett’s custody. Sora and Kairi slept in the bunkers below the ship’s deck, while Will stayed up to steer the ship throughout the night. Sora spent the morning leaning by the railings on the side of the ship, watching the sunrise while Will continued to steer.

“Sora,” Will called from the bow of the ship. “What are you doing up so early?”

Sora ambled over to Will and resumed leaning on the railings. “I’m not a big fan of sleeping nowadays.”

“Something troublin’ you?” Will inquired.

A lot of things are on my mind, Sora told himself. But he said, “Nah. I’m okay.”

“Ah,” Will breathed in and out the morning air. “Don’t forget, I was a young man like you years back, Sora.”

“You’re not that old, Will,” Sora laughed. “You’re talking like you’re an old man.”

“All right, then. I was a younger man like you years back,” Will adjusted his words and chuckled. “Anyway, is this about that girlfriend of yours down in the bunks?”

Sora felt his face turn red. “She’s not my girlfriend!” he retorted. “Just a friend as of now.”

“As of now?” Will repeated and chuckled some more. “I see?”

“No, wait!” Sora stammered. “I… don’t know.”

“Aye,” Will said. “I did not know either when I first met Elizabeth.”

“How’d you meet her?” Sora asked curiously.

“That, Sora, is a long story,” Will answered.

“You kinda owe me one since I told you mine last night,” Sora countered humorously. Indeed Sora told Will a long story last night, starting from when he left Port Royal the first time up to the current point where he was in now.

“True, all right, I will give you a synopsis then,” said Will.

Rash noises screeched, clashed, and ripped through the misty air of the early morning. On the starboard side of the ship, a young boy could be seen inching cautiously behind the fighting. Young Will panicked, as he tried to find some cover, or at least some decent place to hide in. However, the majority of the pirate ship he was on was in ruins. His father was fighting, shooting, swashbuckling with other pirates. It was a fierce sight that confused Will.

All of a sudden, an elbow smacked him over the wooden railings that he was inching along on, knocking planks, bricks, along with him down into the blue sea. “Will!” the young boy could hear his father shouting from above. The waves splashed around him, dragging him out to sea.

An unknown amount of time passed before young Will found himself awake on what seemed like the poop deck of a ship. Again there were voices everywhere around him. Slipping in and out of consciousness, Will tried to raise his head and analyze his surroundings. Instead, he opened his eyes to a young girl about his age knelt down by him. She held his hand.

“My name is Elizabeth Swann,” she said.

“Will Turner,” young Will responded.

“I’m watching over you, Will,” said the young Elizabeth.

Young Will clutched Elizabeth’s hand, but slipped back into blackness before he could ask any questions.

“That’s some way to meet someone,” Sora remarked. “Me meeting Kairi was nowhere as exciting as that.”

“How did you two meet?” Will asked. Since there wasn’t anything else to do early in the morning, he might as well carry on with the conversation. “Unless you want to keep that private,” he joked.

Sora felt himself turn red yet again. “Eh, it wasn’t anything. My friend Riku and I lived on Destiny Islands all our lives. And when we were little, all of a sudden, this girl our age moves almost right next door to us… And that’s when I became friends with Kairi.”

“Hmm,” Will nodded. “Sometimes I wish I could have lived an easy, peaceful childhood like you did, Sora.”

“It can get boring,” Sora added. “I mean, there’s not much to do but go to school and sleep on the beach, relaxing with friends.”

“Relaxing with friends, huh,” Will repeated quietly. “I don’t remember a time when I relaxed with friends.”

“What about Elizabeth?” Sora asked.

Will raised his eyebrow. “What about her?”

“Didn’t you ever hang around with her when you two were little? You know, after you two met?”

“Quite naïve, Sora!” Will laughed. “A life in Port Royal is not easy. As that horrible Lord Beckett said before, ‘nobility reigns.’ And it did and still does, sadly. Elizabeth was of nobility, her father a governor, while I was a lowly working boy. I spent my childhood as an apprentice craftsman, making swords, daggers, and armory.”

For some reason that story struck Sora with intensity. “That’s messed up,” Sora muttered. “I was a normal boy too. Kairi, I could say, was of nobility too, I guess.”

“Really?” Will wondered. “That’s interesting, how so?”

“Her dad was the mayor. Kind of like Elizabeth, right? Her dad’s the governor, and Kairi’s dad’s the mayor,” Sora said animatedly.

“Quite interesting,” Will chuckled. “Though, lucky for you, you had the opportunity to make friends with Kairi early on in your childhood. I could never get close to Elizabeth. The only times I could was when I delivered packages to the Swann residence… mostly to Elizabeth’s father. I was limited to calling Elizabeth, ‘Miss Swann,’ throughout the early years.”

“If I had to call Kairi, ‘miss,’ I don’t think I could do it,” Sora joked. “What do you and Elizabeth do now?”

“We’re getting married,” Will said. “Well, we were about to until Beckett showed up with his loony marines.”

“Great timing, huh?” Sora joked again.

“Agreed,” said Will. A short silence followed before Will spoke again. “How about you and Kairi? Are you two close enough to get married in the future?”

Sora again felt his face turn red. Why is he talking to me about marriage? Sora heard himself mentally yelling. For goodness’ sake, I’m barely sixteen!

“It’s alright, Sora,” Will said. “I was only kidding with you. I don’t think I thought about marriage until… well, to think about it, not until recently maybe.”

Close call, Sora thought. Phew.

“You know, I keep hearing my name for some reason,” a voice called out nearby.

Kairi stepped out from the bunks below the ship and looked around the deck. She then fully came out and turned to the bow, where Sora stood stiffly and Will was snickering for some reason she did not know.

“Are you two talking about me while I was asleep?” Kairi scolded.

“Not at all,” Will said. “We were just having a good chat, Sora and I.”

“Oh,” Kairi said. Truthfully, she did not care whether or not they were talking about her or not. She learned not to care if people talked behind her back. It was the only effective way for any young person to get through high school, as Selphie and she theorized months before. Kairi strolled over to the bow where Sora and Will were and settled down by the railings. She noticed that Sora seemed outrageously shy, his face noticeably red. “Now I’m really curious! What were you two talking about, for real?”

Will smiled and Sora shook his head rapidly.

“Ah, you’ve bested me. I will tell you then. First, Sora asked me how Elizabeth and I met, so it was only fair I ask Sora how you and he met,” Will explained. “Then I might have gotten carried away and made him shy of you now. My apologies, Kairi.”

“Oh, no, that’s okay, Will,” Kairi said amusedly. “So, Sora?”

“Ahh, I’m… I’m okay, r-really, Kairi!” Sora sputtered hurriedly.

“Alright, Sora,” Kairi giggled.

“You’ve picked a good time to wake up, Kairi. We’ve reached an island. We’ll search here for Jack,” Will said, yanking the steering wheel of the ship, sliding it sideways onto the beach.

Sora and Kairi leaned a bit over the railing to get a better view of the island. It was lusciously green, with far more trees than that of Destiny Islands. As a matter of fact, the entire island seemed to be just a few feet of shoreline and just… trees. Sora began to feel very unenthusiastic in searching for Jack Sparrow in such a dense forest. Nonetheless, Will dropped the anchor and kicked down a wooden ramp for descent.

“Come along, you two,” he called. “You’ve offered your help, am I correct?”

Sora and Kairi nodded and trotted down the ramp onto the island.

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