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Chapter XIX: Magic Refresher Course

“Now, Sora. You have four basic magic spells at your disposal, can you name them?”

“Um. Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Cure?”

“Good. Which ones are you the most familiar with?”

“Fire and Cure, I think, but?”

“But you do know certain situations call for different elements, agreed?”

“Yeah. But?”

“Have a test run with Fire. Aim carefully now so you won’t burn down my house!”

Sora shot a bolt of flame at various objects around the room. Merlin decided to increase the difficulty by adding more speed and evasiveness to the objects, causing Sora to accidentally set a corner of the room on fire.

“My, my, that’s one great inferno cooking that side of the room, eh?”

“Sorry, Merlin.”

“Now there’s no need for apologies. This is the perfect opportunity to call for a spell that will extinguish the fire. What spell can put out that fire?”


“The power of ice will do nicely, but what is the classic element that people always use to put out fires?”

“Umm… w-water…?”

“Correct! I will now teach you how to combine the new spell of Water with Blizzard. It can be quite an impressive combination of magic.”

With a flick of his wand, a strong stream of water spewed out of Merlin’s wand, pouring onto the conflagration. Immediately the fire died out.

“That is the Water spell. I want you to hit some of the objects here with Water. Then I want you to cast Blizzard immediately after you summon Water. Try it, see what happens.”

Sora yelled out the Water spell. Nothing came out.

“Sora, like Fire, imagine the elements pulsing through your body. Your home is on the islands, correct? Imagine the waves, feel the cold splashes.”

Sora closed his eyes and imagined the great waves on Destiny Islands. He imagined the cool feeling of the seawater splashing onto his feet.


Instantly, a high-pressured, rocketing gush of water blasted from the Keyblade and blasted a compilation of plates and cups into scattered pieces of broken glass and ceramics. The force was great enough to send Sora flying back a few feet.

“Very, very impressive, Sora. An astonishing start! Now, do the same thing to that closet, and follow up immediately with the power of ice.”

It was a far more difficult task than it actually sounded. Two consecutive magic spells typically required proficient responses to the powers of the elements. One moment Sora must focus entirely on the force of water and in a split second he must shift to focus on ice. After several sloppy or close, but nonetheless failed attempts, Merlin offered some helpful advice.

“Ice is a derivative of water, is it not? Basically, if you want to cast Blizzard right after Water, you must think of Blizzard being nothing more than a repetition of the Water spell, just… frozen.”

Merlin demonstrated by rapidly firing streams of water and then following up with blasts of ice crystals. He hit many floating objects with deadly accuracy. Each of the soaked objects were the immediately frozen solid by the shards of ice.

Sora nodded; it made perfect sense to him. He began channeling the Water spell. As soon as he released the torrent of water, he focused on water again, this time feeling the element of ice at the same time. He imagined he was at the top of the mountain summits of the Land of Dragons, where snow and ice covered the entire landscape. He released his second blast of water, but it becoming an ice missile instead. The Blizzard spell worked amazingly in combination with the Water spell, just like Merlin said it would. The Water spell drenched the targeted closet and the follow-up Blizzard spell encased the closet in an ice prison. Sora was satisfied with the result.

“See how dandy the two spells can be when worked one after the other? And there are many styles in which you can combine Water and Blizzard, which you can find out by experimentation.”

“It’s still pretty hard.”

“Of course it is! This is your first time using the Water spell, isn’t it? Don’t worry about it, Sora, you will get used to it with some practice. Now, let’s move on to the next series of spells, shall we?”

“I’m ready.”

“Good. Thunder. One of the strongest elements there is; a very deadly spell. I’m certain you are familiar with Thunder?”

“Uh, I-I think so.”

“Good! These objects will spin around you. I want you to hit every single one with the Thunder spell.”

Sora assumed a fighter stance as Merlin sent huge fleets of cups, bowls, plates, closets, wardrobes, cupboards, tables, and chairs flying around him. There’s so many! Sora muttered to himself. The flying objects virtually encased Sora in a ball of household objects. Sora could not even see Merlin anymore. Sora tried to cast a few series of Thunder spells that only destroyed a few appliances.

“Are you all right in there, Sora?”

“There’s too many, Merlin!”

“Thunder is not a condensed power like Fire! It is only deadly because it can hit numerous targets at a time. Now, how strong do you think Thunder will be if it is actually condensed?”

Very strong?”

“Yes, very strong! Now, tell me, Sora, which advanced element can help you with condensing?”

Sora thought for a moment, though the spinning objects around him were beyond aggravating.

“Magnet?” Sora asked finally.

“You don’t sound certain, Sora. Do you believe it is the forces of magnetic fields? Experiment!”

Sora closed his eyes and imagined pressure building around him. He pointed his Keyblade directly above him and forced the pressuring energy out of the Keyblade and through the circumscribing household objects. A glob of bright energy appeared near the ceiling and all the objects were gradually sucked into or around the glob. Sora smiled and unleashed a powerful discharge of lightning. The Thunder spell condensed upon the magnetic glob and disintegrated every object. Sora panted with his liberation from his household-objects-prison.

Merlin chuckled. “So, it was the Magnet and Thunder combination!”

“Yeah, it was. Phew?that was really weird, being stuck under so many flying household objects.”

“I understand. Ahem! Well, let’s move on to our final spells for tonight. We'll start with the intermediate spell, Reflect, first.”

“I know Reflect pretty well.”

“Then I will test you on your Reflect spell’s capabilities. Be ready.”

Merlin again shot off countless household objects and appliances at Sora, who stood his ground and cast off the Reflect spell several times, countering the crashing objects. However, the difficulty of the drill became higher and higher as Merlin sent more and more objects flying at Sora, with some as large and dense as refrigerators. A single poor timing could result in serious injuries.


Sora flew back as a dishwasher pummeled onto his back and sent him flying forward and crashing into a pile of broken plastic, glass, and ceramics.

“I pray that you will not have anything as large and heavy as a dishwasher crashing onto you on your journeys. But there will be times when you just cannot counter absolutely everything thrown at you. You must have a backup.”

Sora muttered the Cure spell and kicked off the dishwasher.

“This will be your final test for tonight, Sora. I will throw as many objects, large and small, at you as I can. Do all you can do with the magic spells at your disposal. Remember, the more familiar you are with a certain element, the stronger that element will be.”

So came the final test of the night, as Sora was forced to combine the powers of Fire, Water, Blizzard, Thunder, Magnet, Reflect, and Cure to break the incoming objects or defend himself from the incoming objects. Once in a while, some physical combat was necessary in countering the larger appliances. Sora easily passed Merlin’s little exam and was dismissed.

“You progress at an remarkable pace, Sora. This magic lesson, I hope, helped reinforce you knowledge on magic. Get some rest, and we will review tomorrow morning. After that, it will be your duty to pass all the knowledge onto Kairi. She needs the magic abilities as much as you do. All Keyblade-wielders such as yourself need the knowledge of magic.”

Sora nodded. “It did help. Thank you. I’ll see you in the morning, Merlin.”

“Good night, Sora.”

Sora turned and proceeded back down to the first floor. The living room was dark and he could hear Mickey, Donald, and Goofy snoring in their deep sleep. Sora fumbled around for a clock or a watch, something with the time. He eventually approached the bottom of the staircase leading to the second floor, which had an antique clock hanging nearby. Sora was somewhat shocked to find out that it was well past midnight. He spent almost six hours practicing magic spells. Just by finding out the time, Sora suddenly felt a wave of fatigue. The long hours spent on magic did take its toll.

He slowly sauntered up the winding staircase and approached Kairi’s room. Without hesitating, he carefully and gently turned the doorknob.

Unlocked? Sora wondered. He pushed open the door carefully with equal gentleness as not to wake up a sleeping Kairi. He silently walked into the great room. It would be completely dark if it weren’t for the moonlight shining through the windows. Sora felt the need to ensure Kairi’s safety, so he approached the bed.

Kairi was sleeping soundly. Her eyes fluttered every so often, probably in response to the moonlight shining on her face. Sora turned to the window and pulled together the fancy drapery to block out the light. Sora turned back to Kairi and pulled the blankets a little closer around Kairi’s body. Serenity filled the room?and even with the existing Heartless threats that could be anywhere at any time, a rare tranquil peace filled Sora’s mind. With a final glance at the sleeping Kairi, Sora slowly made his way to a couch at the opposite side of the room and decided to act as a sentry and to sleep there for the night.

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