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Organization XIII

[Axel]Name: Axel
Alias: Number VIII

He commands fire and carries a uniquely-shaped weapon. Axel has proven to be an odd duck of sorts within the Organization, lashing out against treachery, yet stirring trouble with his betrayals all the while. He claims he and Sora share some sort of bond, but Sora can't imagine what that might be.


[Demyx]Name: Demyx
Alias: Number IX

He used a type of instrument called a "sitar" to control water...but he wasn't very good at fighting. Demyx was under orders to "liberate Sora's true disposition" while surveying the world of Olympus. He was eventually defeated by Sora.


[Larxene]Name: Larxene
Alias: Number XII

Larxene conspired with Marluxia to turn on the Organization. She was unfeeling and loved nothing more than to bring other people down, but she met her demise when that malice came full circle.


[Lexaeus]Name: Lexaeus
Alias: Number V

Lexaeus rejected Marluxia's bid to dominate the Organization, and formulated his own plans - but the plans failed and he met his end. He once brandished a giant tomahawk.


[Luxord]Name: Luxord
Alias: Number X

Luxord is a gambler who can manipulate time. Having shaken Sora and his companions with wily words, Luxord entertained himself by drawing them into a game-like battle. In Port Royal, Luxord used Heartless and the cursed medallions to conduct experiments on the Organization's behalf and collect hearts.


[Marluxia]Name: Marluxia
Alias: Number XI

He plotted an Organization rebellion and tried to seize the power of the Keyblade. Axel's betrayal led to his destruction.


[Roxas]Name: Roxas
Alias: Number XIII

Roxas is a Keyblade wielder and denizen of darkness. He vanished with a satisfied look after battling Sora - but Sora was the only one who could see him in the first place.


[Saix]Name: Saix
Alias: Number VII

He was in pursuit of the renegade Axel, but for some reason seemed more concerned about Sora's well-being. Saix has no heart, but knows all too well how to injure one. No doubt his poise belies a more savage nature.


[Vexen]Name: Vexen
Alias: Number IV

Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion were among Organization XIII's founding members, and there was no love lost between them and neophytes like Marluxia. Vexen opposed Marluxia's plans to take over the Organization, and was consequently destroyed by Axel.


[Xaldin]Name: Xaldin
Alias: Number III

He sought the Beast's Heartless and Nobody in order to acquire Kingdom Hearts. He was a master of wind who wielded six lances - but he met his end at the hands of Sora.


[Xemnas]Name: Xemnas
Alias: Number I

He is the leader of Organization XIII. In truth, he is the Nobody of Xehanort, who was apprenticed to Ansem the Wise. In secret, Xehanort studied the doors and the hearts of all worlds, ultimately stealing his master's name, Ansem. When Xehanort became a Heartless, his Nobody Xemnas came into being. Xemnas is using Sora, collecting the hearts released every time a Heartless falls to his Keyblade.


[Xigbar]Name: Xigbar
Alias: Number II

[coming soon]


[Zexion]Name: Zexion
Alias: Number VI

Zexion disliked dirtying his own hands, and relied on his wits to dispose of any rivals - but it was one of his own schemes that wound up destroying him.

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