prelude to the final battle

toki wa ai mo itami mo fukaku dakitome

"So you finally made it, Serge... When did this story tale all begin...?

Was it ten years ago, when you almost drowned here? Or was it fourteen years ago, when you were wounded by that panther demon that attacked you resulting in you being carried to Chronopolis where you came into contact with FATE and the Frozen Flame...? Or perhaps it was even 2400 years in the future, when the Time Crash hurled Chronopolis back to prehistoric times? Or even it could have been 12000 B.C., when an ancient magical kingdom met its end after trying to use Lavos...? Each is close to being correct...And yet, at the same time, so far from the right answer!

The true beginning was during the destruction of the ancient kingdom of Zeal! As the palace collapsed around her, Princess Schala was sucked into a dimensional vertex along with the Lavos Mammon Machine. Schala and Lavos became unified into one even more powerful entity that would evolve into the Devourer of Time.

Filled with the hatred and sadness of Lavos, half of Schala's mind became set on destroying all of existence. Yet at the same time, the other half of her mind desired to save the universe and be rescued herself. As Schala fell through the time gate in this condition, she heard your crying echoing through time...

That is when her story and yours began to intertwine. It is also when the past and the future began to intersect, and when the world became divided into two... Led by the pitiful crying the young Serge made as the panther demon's poison took hold of him, Princess Schala traveled ten thousand years in time to try and make contact with this dimension! This caused a raging magnetic storm that resulted in FATE's system malfunction, which led Serge to the Frozen Flame.

Yes Serge...
The sound of your crying touched the heart of Princess Schala... Before the destructive mind-set could become dominant, she cloned herself and sent her copy into this dimension. Schala left her baby daughter-clone with her ancient pendant, possessing magical powers. This was to safeguard her daughter-clone in life-and-death situations. The pendant would rewind time a little, sending her daughter-clone into a safer point in the immediate past.

That's right...
Kid is Schala's daughter-clone!"

"You're wrong! I'm me! I ain't no Schala's daughter or clone!"

"......... Yes, that's right Kid! If that's how you feel I think Princess Schala would have wanted it to be that way, too!"


"And now, about Project Kid...the time control project Belthasar planned out. The whole project existed to lead you to this one, special point in time! The founding of Chronopolis, the Time Crash, and the battle between FATE and the Dragon Gods... It was all coordinated so that you would get your hands on the Chrono Cross and come to this place!

Of course, Kid was not to know anything about this whole plan until later, when all this will finish. Further in the future, Kid is meant to travel back ten years in time from now to save Serge from drowning. And then, Kid was also meant to call Serge into the other world as he spoke with Leena here on Opassa Beach!

You're our last hope...
Our final chance...
Only you, who came into contact with Schala, and Kid, Schala's clone daughter, can do it!

In the darkness that exists on the other side of time, Schala has been intergrated with the Devourer of Time! Please Serge! Release Princess Schala from the binds of that monster and her own hatred! Show us, the life-forms that exist on this planet, what our new future will be..."


"Where even angels lose their way...

Ten years ago you died at this very spot. There's no mistake. You drowned. The truth is, this world, in which you are still alive, is the irregularity... This is the false reality!

Ten years ago, it was Lynx who tried to kill you at this beach. After Promethus broke the link between FATE and the Flame, FATE tried to eliminate any obstacle that stood in its way! In the meantime, the 6 Dragon Gods had sent Harle forth to try and gain possession of the Flame.

Harle made contact with FATE's biological incarnation, Lynx, and tricked him into temporarily joining forces. The elimination of the Prometheus circuit's lock on from the Frozen Flame was everyone's top priority!

Lynx and Harle abducted Lucca, who alone could release the Prometheus lock that guarded the Flame... But the whole attempt ended in failure. Then, they just waited for you to appear instead! You see, FATE calculated that you would one day cross the dimensions and try to make contact with the Flame.

I don't know how to break this to you, but... Lynx was actually your father, Wazuki! Drawing closer to the Flame caused him to become unstable, and the image of you dying in terror changed him completely! Finally, after having his psyche totally eroded, he lost his soul and was easily integrated by FATE... FATE turned Wazuki into a biological interface, modelling him after your worst fear at the time - a panther. Although Wazuki managed to escape from Chronopolis with you, he later completely succumbed to FATE.

Humans are such fragile, disjointed, imperfect things.
Love and hate...
Life and death...

Perhaps even FATE itself dreamed of using the Flame to someday reincarnate itself into a new species. It's quite sad, really... It's like when you gaze into the Flame, the Flame gazes back at you."

Note from Buruma: Marle is also in the area and will speak with you. However, Marle's dialogue is just a much shorter summary of everything Lucca has just said. I don't see any reason to include Marle's dialogue at this time.