good ending

jikan no fuchi wo samayoi

I have been waiting an eternity...
Just for this very moment...
Meaninglessly hurting one another...
The disappearing life-forms...

The words
   that became deleted...
The thoughts
   that became buried...
The pool of cells
   that slowly evaporated...
The echoes of consciousness
   that slowly fade...

Love to hate...
Hate to love...
Why are we born?
Why do we die?

The "survival of the fittest"?
What is there to be achieved from
harming one another...
killing one another...

The "eggs" that we call planets...
And the innumerable "spermatozoa"
which gather around these
that we call life-forms...

When one of those countless seeds
inseminates a planet,
a new universe is born.

But until that occurs,
hundreds of millions of years will pass,
and innumerable life forms will be born,
then die...

That is the be-all and end-all.
Everything exists for that one moment,
all so that the universe can evolve
into the next dimension...

Does that make us all just pawns?
Are each of our short lives
nothing but a cheap sacrifice
just so the one chosen life-form
can be born?

No. That is not the case!
Each and every one of us
has a chance of becoming
that one chosen life-form
which inseminates a planet.
Yes, it could be "you"...

Genes and environment...
Each of us tries to do his best
under the limited conditions
we are each dealt.

Each life-form that attempts to
eke out a decent life for itself
forms a link in the golden chain
that leads to the creation of
a new universe

If one link is missing,
there will be no future

There is no such thing as
a useless life-form...
No such thing as a pawn!

Every single thing
in the whole of nature
is perhaps just dreaming
a dream of "life"...

All of them are so
perhaps nothing more than
a dream dreamt by the planet
before it is born

Oh, but yes...
Eventually all dreams
will return to Zurvan...
to the sea of dreams...

Don't go yet, Serge...!!!
...It's alright.
Everything is alright now.

Time which has been divided,
will be unified again now.

The time for farewells has come...
You will lose all memory of
this whole adventure
and return to your own time

But this time, you will be able
to live your own life!

"Bye bye Serge! Next time
we meet, I'll be a lot bigger!"

We alone do not have the power
to heal the world's woes,
or to solve all its mysteries.

And yet, even then...
It was bloody good
knowing ya, mate!
Thanks for being born
"you", Serge!

I guess now's the time to say,
"see ya later, mate!"

I'll find ya...
Sometime, somewhere...
I'm bloody sure of it!

No matter the time period,
no matter the world ya live in,
I'll find ya!

I'm sure...
I am sure of it...